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Benefits of Exercising on a Rowing Machine

stamina air rowerGlobally acclaimed for their exceptional level of comfort, rowing machines are brimming with features designed to render your workout more enjoyable, while allowing you to burn a substantial amount of calories. Best of all, these machines are certainly motivating, which can be an added bonus on lazy days. Readily available in most fitness stores, rowers are not at all difficult to operate and can be used by inexperienced athletes. With a life expectancy that normally spreads across decades, they are also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

One of the major benefits of exercising on rowing machines is that, in most cases, it produces a smooth glide which largely mimics the sensation of rowing on an actual stretch of water. This does not only encourage you to add extra minutes to your workout, but it also puts your body through calm and relaxing motions that can easily help you combat everyday stress. In fact, some rowers even come with an actual water tank to maximize the realistic sensation.

Low Impact Exercise

Users will be glad to learn that rowing machines are among the lowest-impact equipment available on the market. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy its numerous benefits with absolutely no risk of injury, strain, or any of the other exercise-related aches which are quite common with other pieces of fitness equipment. Since the machine takes your body weight off the joints and knees, even elderly, overweight or obese people will be able to use it in all safety. This is also quite helpful for any veteran athlete recovering from certain types of injuries.

Full Body Workout

Rowing machines are also known for providing all-body workouts that engage most major muscle groups of your body, including the upper portion which is quite often neglected. From the shoulders to the upper and lower arms, abdominal areas, thighs, calves and glutes, users can certainly expect a rapid weight-loss in these regions. The constant rowing, pulling and pushing motions can also help you tone up common problem areas such as the waist and hips. Therefore, with this machine, you can easily lose up to 900 calories per hour. Of course, the exact amount of calories depend on a couple of factors such as your age, fitness level, gender and weight.

Rowers usually come with a plethora of feature and accessories designed to render your workout much more enjoyable and motivating. For example, as far as comfort is concerned, users can benefit from padded seats and textured oars, allowing for an easy grip. In certain cases, rowers also come with oversized footrests to suit various shoe sizes, as is the case with the Concept2 Model D. Of course, it is a given that most machines will come with a display console to allow you to keep an eye on data such as calories burned, distance covered, time elapsed, number of strokes and other such information. More advanced designs even include extra amenities in the likes of USB ports, interactive programs, preset programs and even a special race option that allows you to compete with other rowers using the same model.