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Benefits of Riding an Upright Bike

benefits of upright bikesIt is scientifically acknowledged that regular physical exercise can drastically improve your health while adding some extra years to your life. In fact, countless studies have shown that people who regularly indulge in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day do not only live longer, but they also enjoy a superior quality of life. These people rarely have to face medical issues such as heart conditions, obesity, diabetes and thinning bone density. Indeed, regular training sessions can radically improve your bones, muscles, lung and cardiovascular capacity.

With a plethora of fitness machines on the market, it can be quite hard for some people to settle on one. However, investing in your own machine is still considerably cheaper than joining a gym, especially if you’re on a restricted budget. Upright bikes are among the most popular- and effective- gym machines on the market, especially because they’re so readily available and affordable. More importantly, these products can provide you with a blend of aerobic and anaerobic motions to properly oxygenate the blood and strengthen your muscles. With an upright bike, athletes can also bring a significant improvement to their stamina which will allow them to easily elongate their workouts and consequently burn more calories. Best of all, this kind of bike can also improve their metabolism which means that your body will burn fat and carbs at a much faster rate. Read our upright bike reviews by clicking here.

According to fitness experts, upright bikes can help you burn around 500 calories on low to medium resistance and around 1000 calories on a higher tension level. The exact figure does depend on various factors which include your overall fitness level, selected resistance level, gender, age and weight. Still, even novice users who train on lowest intensity can be sure to experience a rapid and significant improvement to their weight-loss regimen. Since it trains most muscle groups of your body- including the arms, waist and shoulders- an upright bike will actually help you lose around 10 pounds or more in just a few months.

One of the major advantages that upright bikes, such as the Schwinn 170 and 150, have over other fitness machines is that this kind of stationary bike is extremely low-impact and comfortable. By this token, upright bikes do take most of your body weight off your joints and knees, allowing obese and elderly users to use them. This also lessens the aches and soreness that you might experience after your trainings session. In fact, your weight is evenly distributed among the pedals, handlebars and saddle, which means that the machine remains stable- no matter how energetically you train. Since these bikes are also equipped with flywheels, they draw your entire body into the motions, ensuring that you lose fat in all problem areas. Riding an upright bike is also much more advantageous than outdoors cycling since it allows you to avoid the incessant restraints imposed by weather conditions.

Overall, upright bikes are certainly recommended to anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain a proper level of health. When you’re buying your machine, be sure to select one that comes with a padded seat and textured handlebars for extra comfort.