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Benefits of Spinning

benefits of spinningOne of the rare activities that combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise in the same motions, spinning can very easily provide a deficit of up to 1000 calories per hour. This kind of exercise is recommended to anyone who wants to lose weight or quickly tone up any problem areas, and can also help you maintain joint fluidity, which can delay issues such as arthritis in elderly people. More importantly, however, spin bikes are easily available in several price ranges, from cheap models such as the Sunny Pro, to top-end models like the Keiser M3 Plus. Purchasing your own machine will also help you avoid gym fees and the normal weather issues which outdoors bikers usually have to face.

Among the numerous benefits of spinning, fitness experts often point out how this particular machine- unlike regular stationary bikes- can easily allow you to stand up as you cycle. Indeed, while multi-positioning exercise is not usually recommended on upright bikes, since their pedals aren’t normally reinforced, it’s been shown that standing up during your workouts not only builds strength in the lower legs and calves but it also draws every single muscle of your body into training, hence maximizing weight-loss. This also improves your stamina, giving you enough strength to gradually elongate your training sessions.

What You Can Expect

Spin bikes often come fully-equipped, with several models sporting features such as textured handlebars, and in some cases, display consoles. Some even help you keep track of various fitness-related data such as calories burned, number of pedal strokes, distance covered and the likes. Spin bikes often sport reinforced frames that remain completely steady, no matter how energetically you cycle. Thanks to the reinforced frame, they can also sustain heavier user weight capacities.

Maintaining a proper position can also improve your muscle strength and encourage fat burning in the glutes, stomach, hips, waist and other such problem areas. This is enhanced by the heavier flywheels that spin bikes normally come with: indeed, studies have shown that the heavier the flywheel, the more effort you’ll put into your training session. Most spin bikes do come with a tension knob, allowing users to adjust the difficulty of their training. This can easily improve your metabolism, which means that you’ll burn quite a lot of calories even when you’re not technically working out. The tension knob also allows users to gain full control over their exercise sessions and enjoy a highly effective workout without pushing themselves. This can be very advantageous to new users who tend to feel overwhelmed by the frantic paces set by professional spin classes. You can learn more about the particular features of each spin bike model by clicking here.

Other than rapid weight-loss, this activity also brings quite a drastic improvement to your overall heart and lung capacity. In fact, since this exercise allows for interval training, it easily brings your heart rate up and back to normal again, which improves blood oxygenation. Not unlike swimming, spinning workouts can also build increased lung endurance.

Lastly, like most workouts, spinning has been shown to extensively aid in eradicating stress from your everyday life, while boosting the happy hormones that are normally secreted by vigorous exercises. This can have quite a positive influence on your everyday life and motivate you to train for longer periods of time.