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Buying Guide to Upright Bikes: How to Choose the Right Bike?

schwinn a10 uprightPresent in practically every gym and training bases, upright stationary bikes undoubtedly offer a wide array of health benefits. From rapid weight loss to maintaining a spectacular level of good health, these machines also offer the advantage of working the entire body without putting any excessive strain on the joints. Nowadays, many people chose to invest in their own bikes in order to avoid limitations caused by the weather or excessively high gym fees.

Before buying an upright bike, however, there are quite a few factors to consider. After all, the last thing that you want is to invest in a machine only to find it quite unsuitable for your body or lifestyle in the long run. Instead of motivating users to exercise, an uncomfortable or poor-quality piece of equipment will only end up gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the house.

A perfectly-selected bike, however, can be quite an investment because most models are designed to last for decades- if not for life- with the proper care and maintenance. Best of all, these products can very easily yield a deficit of up to 1000 calories per hour, with the exact amount depending on the user’s weight, gender and resistance levels. So, read on to familiarize yourself with the most important things to consider before investing in this highly efficient and reliable machine.

First Consider Your Available Space

Upright bikes come in a variety of sizes, which can be quite an advantage to anyone who lives in smaller spaces. However, bear in mind that the machine’s footprint size is more important than the frame size: indeed, a bike can be large and comfortable with a wide frame but still maintain a smallish footprint which claims very little floor space. People who are short on space can also go for foldable bikes such as the Exerpeutic 1200, as these can even be propped up against a wall or stowed under the bed when not in use.exerpeutic upright bike

On the other hand, if you do have some space to spare, then by all means, don’t hesitate to go for a larger model. These very often boast of oversized seats and pedals which are designed to enhance the athlete’s comfort, hence encouraging you to workout for longer hours. Larger machines are also known for their stable frames that do not budge, no matter how energetically you cycle.

Still, it’s important to know that large machines do not often come with a foldable option. Instead, they are usually equipped with a set of transport wheels to help you easily carry it to any room of the house.

Analyze Your Budget

There was certainly a time when home fitness equipment were only available to the elite. Fortunately, though, these machines have become more and more affordable and nowadays, most people can easily purchase one. The market is brimming with a vast array of bikes, hence allowing users to find one that perfectly complements their budget.

Still, don’t forget that you do get what you pay for: An inexpensive bike might be a good short-term fix to rapid fat blasting but don’t expect it to last forever. On the other hand, more expensive ones can very often last for life. The machine’s features also play an important role on the price. Budget bikes, for example, come with very basic features such as a simple LCD screen and around 10 resistance levels. This stands in stark contrast to more expensive models which usually boast of a widescreen console with racing options, built-in fans, iPod deck, reading desk, cup holder and around 20 to 28 resistance levels.

More expensive models require less maintenance than their cheaper counterparts and are also equipped to sustain a heavier user weight capacity, which can be an added advantage to any person who is obese or overweight.

Those who are on a restricted budget can of course go for inexpensive machines, since they have also been shown to yield fantastic results. Just don’t expect stellar, club-quality features from them and make sure that the machine provides basic display readouts such as calories burned, workout time and distance covered.

Take a Look at the Brands

Another very important factor to consider when purchasing your upright bike is of course, its brand name. While it is always recommended to go for well-known and professional-grade equipment, the market does have lesser-known bikes which deliver equally efficient workouts to promote weight loss.

Users should also keep in mind that the company’s aftersales service should remain another determining factor in their choice. By the same token, it’s best to go for products that are covered by a warranty of 2-3 years or more.

Here are just a few of the most recommended models from the most important brands as well as their primary features:

life fitness c3Life Fitness C3 Go Upright Lifecycle: While this is among the most expensive brands on the market, with its C3 model Life Fitness is bringing an upright bike that is practically brimming with a plethora of features designed to motivate you and help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. From the deluxe and thickly cushioned seat to the impressive number of resistance levels, this is one product which is guaranteed to last for several decades.

schwinn 170Schwinn 170 Upright Bike: From the highly reputed Schwinn Fitness brand, which is known for its top-notch technology models, the 170 model certainly doesn’t disappoint. At a fairly affordable price, under the $400 mark, this product boasts of two LCD window systems that render no less than 13 data-related readouts. Users will be able to select between 29 programs and 4 customized user settings. The seat is moderately comfortable, even if you might need a week or two to adjust to it. All in all, this is the perfect bike for anyone who wants to experience club-quality features without having to spend too much.

marcy Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike: Among the most inexpensive products on the market, and from a brand that is characterized for its affordable models, this bike may not deliver as many features as the previous two but it is still equipped with all the basic systems. Best of all, it is also quite comfortable to use, which prevents users from constantly getting off the machine to stretch their legs. This particular item is also perfect for any athlete who wants to indulge in spin training sessions.

Think About the Features You Need

The last, albeit most important thing to consider before investing in an upright bike is of course, its list of features. This basically varies according to the number of times that you’re planning on using the bike per week. For instance, users who want to workout every day should preferably go for a machine which offers more than 15 resistance levels because their bodies will quickly adapt to the different tension settings. However, if you’re only planning on using the bike once or twice a week, you can easily stick to a product of around 10 or less tension levels.sole fitness b94

Pay particular attention to the number of people who plan on using the bike as well. Each bike has its own capacity and a product with a 250 pounds maximum user weight may not be suited to everyone. According to fitness gurus, it is recommended to go for bikes with user capacity of around 300 pounds for household containing 3 or more athletes, even if none of them are overweight.

Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t neglect your expertise level as well: very often, novice users rush out to buy an expensive and complicated bike only to find out that they have no idea how to operate it. If you’re never used a fitness machine before, experts recommend that you go for a very basic and inexpensive bike which you can later be replaced by a more advanced model.