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Concept2 vs. WaterRower Rowing Machine

Rowing is an excellent way to get fit without compromising on comfort. Indeed, thanks to being low-impact, rowing machines can be used by beginners and veterans and are guaranteed to help you lose a lot of weight in just a few weeks. One hour on the rower can help you burn up to 500 calories on light intensity and 900 calories on high. Best of all, these machines come with a plethora of features designed to render your workout much more enjoyable.

Nowadays, the market is brimming with several types of rowing machines designed to improve the efficacy of your training session. Both the Concept2 and the WaterRower are two excellent brands that present users with a wide range of amenities to select from. Considering the numerous features that accompany these globally-acclaimed companies, making a choice can be quite tough for beginners. So, here are some of the main pros and cons of each brand to help you decide which one you would rather go for.


concept2 rowersConcept2 machines are especially known for their strong sense of community and support designed to motivate athletes to put in extra effort. For example, every February, athletes can take part in the World Indoor Rowing Championships right from the comfort of their very own homes. Best of all, athletes can even race other users or simply train with them through the interactive display console. The LCD screen also provides you with several fitness-related data such as calories burned, distance covered, number of rowing strokes and other such information.

Some of the company’s most popular models include Model D, Model E and Dynamic. These products are quite lightweight and compact, which can be quite practical for people with limited floor space. Concept2 Rowers are usually protected by a limited 2-year warranty on the parts and 5 years on the frame. Made from steel and aluminum, these products can normally last for several decades or maybe even years, with proper maintenance. Price-wise, Concept2 machines tend to be slightly more affordable than WaterRowers.


waterrower rowersWith over 24 years of experience, WaterRower is one of the most well-established fitness companies on the market. They are especially reputed for their solid, ethically produced machines that are crafted from replenishable Appalachian forests. Their ergonomically-shaped products are also aesthetically pleasing and guaranteed to enhance just about any decor. Best of all, WaterRower machines come with a water tank that very closely mimics the sensation of rowing across an actual stretch of water.

More importantly, however, the water tank is also designed to engage more muscles into the workout, which means that you’ll be able to easily enhance your stamina and metabolism. Athletes can easily adjust their level of intensity by adding or removing water from the tank. Users can also plug the display console in their computers to access even more features. Most WaterRower machines are protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year, but this can be extended to 3 years upon registration. Some of the company’s most popular products include the Natural, Oxbridge and A1 Home.