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Confidence Fitness Folding Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Confidence Fitness Rower
confidence fitness side view
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Magnetic71 x 21 x 1865 lbs250 lbs5 years frame
90 days parts

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A practical, space-saving and extremely affordable equipment, the Confidence Fitness Folding Rowing Machine a good starting point for anyone who wishes to lose weight or simply maintain a good level of fitness. Oriented towards beginners, this rower is designed to gradually ease your body into the workout and enable you to adjust to the movements while you build up your stamina.

As any other rower, this model is highly recommended to anyone with a knee or joint injury because it provides a low-impact workout which will not add any unnecessary strain on your body. Most importantly, its space-saving feature, as well as its virtually silent magnetic resistance make this model a good investment for those that wish to exercise but don’t have much available space, or don’t wish to bother the family member with a rower’s noise.

Assembly and Parts

Since this rower comes in several separate pieces, the assembly process can be quite hard for inexperienced users. Fortunately, though, it does come with all the tools required to assemble the pieces, including an Allen wrench. The boxed packaging also contains an instructions manual but several users have found it quite hard to understand. On the plus side, the company’s customer service quickly resolved these issues over the phone. According to the manual, users will normally need around thirty minutes to assemble this product but it personally took me around one hour.

Product Specifications and Featuresconfidence fitness rower

  • Materials used: Steel and aluminum
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Storage: Folding
  • User capacity: 250lbs
  • Product dimensions: 71 x 21 x 18”
  • Resistance level: Up to 8
  • Storage space: 31”x 18” x 40”
  • Machine weight: 65lbs

Surprisingly, this affordable model comes with a magnetic resistance, which is characteristic of the more expensive models and considered as the best kind after the water one. Indeed, this type of resistance, apart from being noise-free, is also quite efficient as it offers a steady amount of challenge since the moment you start rowing, without having to go through an adjustment period as happens with hydraulic machines.

Because it is oriented towards the inexperienced user, this rower offers just 8 resistance levels, which you can adjust manually through an easy-to-handle knob. The eighth resistance setting is powerful enough to provide a challenging workout for beginners though it might not be enough for more experienced users.

This model also features a very basic display console which acts as a motivator and keeps track of your progress by monitoring fitness-related data such as the distance you’ve covered, calories burned as well as the number of rowing strokes. Also, while the console is not on the overly big side, it is large enough to be read from a distance without pausing your workout.

Ease of Use and Comfort

The one thing that I really appreciated with this rower was its sleek and fluid glide. This model comes with a pole that is smooth enough to provide a quiet training session without any annoying squeaking or grinding noise, hence allowing the user to enjoy a relaxing workout or to watch a film while exercising. It is, however, important to occasionally oil the chain to maintain this quiet feature.confidence fitness monitor

The Confidence Fitness rower has been built to withstand wears and tears and features quite a solid pair of textured foot pedals. These are large enough to accommodate even the largest size of shoes. Both the pedals and the handle are equipped with a non-slip feature which provides a firm grip even if your feet and fingers get sweaty. Now on the bad side, while the seat is slightly padded, it’s certainly not the most comfortable out there.

What we did like about this rower is its extremely light weight which makes it quite easy to move into another room. A handy equipment for anyone leaving in cramped spaces, this rowing machine can easily be folded up and stacked against any solid surface for storage. To fold or release the rower, all you have to do is remove or replace the pin and knob. Users will be happy to learn that, in spite of its light build; the rower doesn’t wobble during use and can sustain intense and lengthy workouts.


The main drawbacks stem from the assembly part. Indeed, quite a few novice users reported to have had a hard time putting the parts together. Most of them found the manual hard to follow and had to contact the after-sales team for further instructions. However, more experienced users could assembly the parts in around an hour.

Is it worth the buy?

In spite of the less-than-easy assembly process, we consider this model a good investment as an initiation rower, particularly if you’re on a limited budget, as it will allow you to gradually build up strength and stamina and be ready for a more advanced model.

On the other hand, we want to mention that while this rower would be ideal for those that plan on doing the occasional workout, if you’re planning on taking it seriously then you should consider splurging a bit more and getting a rower with a sturdier frame. We would also recommend checking out the Sunny Rower and the Stamina Orbital, which are on the same price range and still manage to offer a quality build.

The Confidence Fitness rower is available in black and silver, and is protected by a 5 year warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts.