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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer

Flywheel Weight
Diamondback Fitness 510Ic
diamondback fitness 510ic
Check today's discounted price
32 lbs42 x 23 x 46126 lbs300 lbsLifetime frame
3 years parts
3 years electronics
1 year labor

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The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic is a high-tech indoor that presents the user with an impressive plethora of features designed for comfort and convenience. While it might not be the cheapest spin bike out there, the Diamondback 510Ic is definitely worth every cent thanks to its innovative features that you’re not likely to find on many models. From its up to 16 levels of resistance to its built-in programs, which are a novelty for a spin bike, this indoor cycle offers a great value for the money. Indeed this model is designed to help you enjoy intense and varied spin classes without even stepping out of the house. Shaped for studio experience, this particular model is also conceived to realistically simulate an outdoors biking sensation.

About the Company

An award-winning company, Diamondback Fitness manufactures a plethora of professional-quality machines that are all geared towards rapid albeit sustainable weight loss. With several of their items rated “Best Buy” by several organizations, including Consumer Magazine, this company aims to help customers to enjoy club-quality exercise sessions.diamondback 510ic lcd

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 48 x 24 x 40”
  • Product weight: 118lbs
  • Maximum user capacity: 300lbs
  • Resistance levels: 16
  • Cardiovascular programs: 4
  • Workout programs: 14
  • Heart rate sensors: Yes
  • Adjustability: Seat and Handlebars
  • Display: Blue backlit LED monitor console
  • Materials: Heavy-duty gauge steel frame
  • Water bottle Holder: Yes

Product Features and User Comfort

As a top-end spin bike, the Diamondback 510Ic comes with a set of nice features, of which the most important is its up to 16 resistance levels that can be adjusted to the user’s particular fitness level. By the same token, athletes can select between 14 workout programs that mimic just about any type of terrain from mountain to hills and everything in between. Additionally, heart patients will certainly relish in the 4 cardiovascular programs that will help them keep a close eye on their heart rates and enjoy a completely safe training session.

The indoor cycle is even equipped with a handy blue backlit LCD screen that displays your fitness-related data such as distance covered, calories burned, time, cadence and heart rate. The Diamondback 510Ic also boasts of ultra-sensitive heart monitor placed on the handlebars, which comes especially handy for those that like to keep track of their heart rate changes as they workout or that want to stay within a target heart rate. The console is also quite wide which means that you can easily view it without pausing your workout or straining your neck. However, the most striking feature is the battery-free display option: indeed, your pedaling motions will generate enough energy to power up the console, hence leaving you free from endless cables and power outlets.diamondback 510ic seat

This model is also known as being one of the most comfortable on the market since both the handlebars and the saddle are thickly padded to keep any discomfort at bay. For additional comfort, athletes can also adjust the seat vertically and horizontally, according to their individual height, and the handlebars on the fore/aft position to adjust to different arms and torso lengths.

The Diamondback 510Ic is an exceptionally heavy model, which means that it remains completely steady even during the most energetic workouts. This feature is enhanced by the heavy-duty 31 pounds flywheel which provides excellent momentum, hence enabling you to quickly tone up any problem area. Because of the flywheel, athletes can also experience an exceptionally smooth riding motion which is completely devoid of any mechanical whirring noise.

Lastly, since this machine can accommodate an impressive maximum user weight of 300 pounds, it can easily be used by obese or overweight people. The weight capacity also enhances the machine’s longevity and durability, which means that your machine can last for several decades- if not for life- with the proper care.

Assembly and Parts

Personally, I had absolutely no trouble in putting the Diamondback 510Ic together. In fact, since most of primary parts were already set up, I only needed around twenty to thirty minutes to assemble this product. To make things even easier, the boxed packaging also came with a handy instructions booklet and all the required tools, parts and accessories.diamondback 510ic


Very few drawbacks were reported with this product. One user had an issue with the delivery process whereby his item arrived in a damaged condition but this was due to a problem with the shipping company and not Diamondback. Other than that, the spin bike received quite an overwhelming amount of positive response which is a testimony to its exceptional quality.

A Solid Investment for Serious Athletes

Despite being slightly more expensive than the average spin bike, the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer remains a solid investment for those that take their workouts seriously, and want to enjoy of the latest technology.

However, when it come to other options, for the same price you could get the Sole SB700, which comes with a heavier flywheel, or even better, for a lower price you could get the Reebok 510 which comes with the same features plus a heavier flywheel. On the other side, if maximum capacity is important to you, it’s also worth taking a look at the Exerpeutic LX9, which for a lower price offers a higher maximum capacity than the Diamondback 510Ic.

With an impressive array of gym-quality features and a very solid frame, the Diamondback 510Ic is readily available on the Amazon website and is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of a lifetime on the frame (expectancy of 5 years), 3 years on electronics and parts and 1 year on labor.