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Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Exerpeutic 2000
exerpeutic 2000
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68300 lbs- 1 year limited

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The Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Recumbent Bike is priced between $300 and $400, making it entirely suited to anyone who’s on a limited budget. This is also one of the rare items that can sustain a maximum user weight of 300 pounds- something that can come in quite handy to overweight or obese users who are trying to lose weight. Indeed, it can also sustain heavy-duty use with very little to no repercussion on the frame. For this reason, this bike is often seen in training bases and gyms.

exerpeutic 2000 high capacityAs its name suggests, this bike is fully programmable, providing you with a wide range of options designed to speed up your weight loss. With this machine, you will also be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of cycling which include, but are not limited to, an improved cardiovascular and lung performance as well as a lesser risk of type two diabetes, certain forms of cancer, strokes, obesity and the likes. Because of its recumbent feature, this product also allows you to work out without feeling any additional strain or ache since you’re literally lying back as you pedal.

Features and Specifications

With the Exerpeutic 2000, athletes will be able to benefit from a wide range of features to help them get the most out of their training. The console, for example, is wide enough to be read from a distance and will help you keep a close watch on most of your fitness data like your speed, time, RPM, resistance level, distance covered, number of calories burned and pulse. The monitor also includes a unique scan feature that changes the data displayed on your screen every six seconds.

Athletes can also use the console to navigate through the bike’s four user’s settings, six training modes and no less than six preset programs. The main program functions include, but are not limited to, interval, plateau, hill, manual, valley and climbing. This will allow you to add some extra variety to your training session while preventing your body from adjusting to the same motions. Consequently, this will keep your metabolism going, enabling you to burn more calories in less time. You can even enjoy the 8 magnetic resistance levels to find your own pace. However, it’s worth mentioning that while this may come in handy to beginners, more advanced athletes claimed that the eight levels of resistance were not challenging enough for them, in which case a more advanced model such as the Exerpeutic 4000 or the Schwinn 270 would be a better option.

exerpeutic 2000 monitorIf you would like to keep an eye on your recovery time, you will be glad to learn that the apparatus also includes heart rate sensors that are aptly positioned in the handrails grips. This machine also comes with the following specifications:

  • Dimensions: 54 x 22 x 34 inches
  • Machine Weight: 63 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Programs: 6

Ease of Use

The Exerpeutic 2000 is quite easy to use, especially because of the included instructions manual. However, it does come with six preset programs- something that beginners might find difficult to navigate through at first. Fortunately, though, the bike comes with a cord and adapter that can be plugged in any room of the house. It is also equipped with a silent feature that easily allows you to work out while you watch a film or listen to some music.

Comfort Level

As far as comfort is concerned, very few users had anything to complain about. For example, this bike is equipped with Exerpeutic’s unique “Air Soft” saddle that’s reputed for its exceptional level of comfort. Indeed, the seat is ergonomically contoured to very easily adjust to various body shapes, which limits the risks of common cycling injury such as slipped discs or other similar lower-back conditions. The seat on this machine is also considered as one of the thickest saddles in the industry at no less than 3.5 inches.

exerpeutic 2000 seatIt even comes with individual air chambers designed to evenly distribute the athlete’s weight across the seat. Unlike lower-quality machines, this model is also equipped with a PVC weave cushion to prevent saddle soreness- something that will certainly act as a major motivating factor. This feature also keeps the seat cool during the entire duration of your training session. In typical recumbent fashion, the product also comes with padded and contoured armrests that have been conceived to provide you with adequate elbow support.

The pedals are also wide enough to accommodate various shoe sizes. They’re equipped with super-firm straps that will keep your ankles into place, no matter how vigorously you’re pedaling.

Assembly and Parts

You will need to join the different parts together since the machine arrives completely disassembled. This, however, is quite easy to do, especially since users receive all the various accessories and tools required for this step. It also comes with an illustrated set up booklet that most customers found easy to understand and follow. The assembly process takes around thirty minutes to one hour.


This particular model received very little negative feedbacks on most major websites. A couple of users- especially the more advanced ones- reported that the eight levels of resistance were not challenging enough. One person found the assembly process to be tedious but this was an isolated incident. A bunch of people complained about the fact that the LCD screen was not backlit, which can be a problem if you’re using the machine in a dark room. All in all, this apparatus received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

exerpeutic 2000 transport wheelsOverall

The machine’s fairly affordable price, coupled with its numerous features are two of the main factors why this machine is so popular in the health and fitness market. Unlike lower-quality gym equipment, you will be able to use this bike on a daily basis without any risk of wear and tear. In fact, it has been shown to help users burn approximately 1000 calories per hour while helping you tone up stubborn areas.

The Exerpeutic 2000 Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike comes with a limited one year warranty.