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FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar, White

FitDesk FDX 2.0
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/828 x 16 x 45250 lbs1 year limited

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The FitDesk FDX 2.0 is an extremely versatile upright bike that allows users a great deal of freedom to indulge in other activities while they’re working out. Exceptionally easy to store, the bike is equipped with several features designed to enhance your metabolism, stamina and overall health.

Equipped with an attached desk designed to allow the users to read, watch a movie on their tablets or even type away on their laptops, the upright bike certainly does provide a plethora of motivating factors to make sure that you never skip training.

Ease of Use and Comfortfitdesk 2.0 monitor

Users who normally complain of multiple aches and strains after their workout will be glad to learn that this bike is among the most comfortable models on the market. Built with comfort in mind, this ergonomic exercise bike even comes with a back-rest and adjustable seat to protect your back during the entire duration of your training session. Lower back ache is an issue which cyclists normally complain of, but this certainly won’t be a problem with this particular model. The backrest is also designed to provide a safe and effective workout for old people as well as novice athletes.

The desktop table comes with a special upper body support system with massage rollers to provide greater comfort to athletes who want to type on their laptop as they work out. This system can be customized for athletes of various heights.

As far as storage goes, I have to say that I was quite pleased with the handy Quick-Lock folding frame that largely minimizes the machine’s footprint, making it easy for users to stow it away until the next training session. Since the base is fitted with transport wheels, you will be able to easily move it to any desired room.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Shipping weight: 54lbs
  • Product dimensions: 28 x 16 x 45”
  • Desk dimensions: 16 x 19”
  • Recommended user height: 4’10 to over 6’
  • Maximum user capacity: 250lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Materials used: Steel and Aluminum
  • Storage: Quick Lock Folding Frame

The most striking feature with this product is the wide and ergonomic desk which has been attached to keep you entertained while you workout. The desktop is fully adjustable and even comes with a textured, non-slip surface to keep your electronic items and other gadgets safe. It is wide enough to easily accommodate your laptop, tablet, book, water bottle and other such items. More importantly, the desktop remains completely stable, even during more vigorous workouts.fdx 2.0 desk bike

The FitDesk FDX 2.0 is also equipped with an oversized resistance meter which keeps track of handy exercise-related data including time, calories and mileage. The display is large enough to be read without pausing your training. Thanks to the magnetic resistance, users will be able to enjoy a completely smooth and silent workout which is completely devoid of the incessant purring and other mechanical noises that accompany lower-quality fitness machines.

Instead of the plastic gear box components which are found in other models, this particular product boasts of aluminum and steel parts, hence enhancing its performance and longevity. These two materials also give a highly realistic pedaling motion, a feature which is largely enhanced by the balanced flywheel system. The frame is heavily powder-coated to absorb any excess vibrations and unnecessary movements which might ultimately hinder your workout or the desktop. The bike is also known for its unique “Precision Sealed” Bearings which are also designed to deliver a realistic sensation of riding on smooth outdoors terrains.

Assembly and Parts

Unlike most other fitness equipment, this product arrives partially assembled. The boxed packaging includes all the basic bolts, tools and nuts required to put the main components together. All users have to do is add the pedals, seat, feet, drawer, massage bar, desk as well as the meter. The bike does come with a booklet which provides step-by-step instructions. According to the booklet, users may require around half an hour to put the parts together but I only needed 10 minutes, give or take.


One user complained that his boxed set lacked all the necessary tools to put the bike together but this only happened with one customer. Another person claimed that handle bars were loose and fell off with any energetic workout. This was later found to be related to a poor assembly process. A few other users also bemoaned the fact that the display console was severely limited in terms of the information displayed because it lacked features such as heart rate, speed and the likes.

About the company

This model is brought by FitDesk Fitness, a leading supplier in the Health and Fitness industry known for its club-quality products that do not merely deliver effective workouts, but also make training more enjoyable. Other than upright bikes, the company also provides a variety of other products such as tabletop standing desks for treadmills, recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers and the likes. Most of their equipment are designed for multitasking and come with an attached desk.

The Perfect Choice For Busy Individualsfitdesk upright bike

Overall, this product is designed to motivate you to workout, no matter how busy you are. Thanks to the highly stable and solid desktop, you will even be able to train in the office as you type away on your laptop or simply catch up with friends on social media sites without having to modify your exercise routine. Veterans are undoubtedly going to appreciate the smooth pedals which are designed to mimic the sensation of outdoors biking. Best of all, both experienced and less experienced athletes will be able to make the most out of the 8 resistance settings to engage in a fully customizable workout.

All in all, we consider this model the ideal exercise bike for those that have a busy schedule and can’t afford to spend 30 minutes exclusively exercising. However, apart from its desktop, the bike doesn’t offer more than the much cheaper models Exerpeutic 1200 and Stamina 5325, but on the contrary, comes with a limiting 250 pounds of user capacity, which isn’t the case with the models mentioned before. In fact, if you don’t feel like you’re going to use the desk on a regular basis, then you might be better off with the Schwinn AD2, which will provide you with a full-body workout for the same price.

The FitDesk FDX2.0 is protected by 1 year manufacturer warranty and is easily available on Amazon and the FitDesk website.