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Best Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews, Top 10 & Comparison

Present in practically every gym and exercise class, indoor cycling bikes – wrongly known as spinning bikes (see below for explanation) – have been widely popularized by fitness gurus and celebrities, and for good reason.

Having said that, the unfortunate truth is that not every one of us can afford to sustain excessive gym fees, which is exactly why purchasing your own machine can be quite an investment in the long run. Since the market presents quite an extended variety of machines with different features, it’s crucial to take the proper time to browse through various products until you find one that suits your personal preferences, budget and fitness levels.

Best By Price RangeComparison Chart

Users should also take into consideration the various features, weight capacity and ease of use of each product before buying it. After all, there’s no point in buying a high-end machine enhanced by cutting-edge technology if you don’t know how to operate it. Also, if you’re severely restricted by your budget, bear in mind that there are a few lesser-known brands which offer a variety of good-quality bikes at fairly affordable prices. So with the aim of helping you choose the best model for your particular needs, we put together our top-ten list, as well as the best models by price.

Top 10 Indoor Cycling Bikes

Sunny SF-B901 Pro
sunny pro
Read Review40 lbs48 x 20 x 46108 lbs275 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts
Keiser M3 Plus
keiser m3
Read Review/51 x 26 x 57125 lbs300 lbs10 years frame
3 years mechanical
3 years electronics
Sole Fitness SB700
sole sb700
Read Review48 lbs42 x 21 x 40140 lbs300 lbsLifetime frame
3 years parts
3 years electronics
1 year labor
Sunny SF-B1001
sunny sf-b1001
Read Review30 lbs46 x 20 x 4385 lbs220 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts
Diamondback 510lc
diamondback fitness 510ic
Read Review32 lbs42 x 23 x 46126 lbs300 lbsLifetime frame
3 years parts
3 years electronics
1 year labor
Schwinn AC Plus
schwinn ac
Read Review37 lbs50 x 21 x 51112 lbs350 lbs10 years frame
2 years mechanical
1 year labor
Sunny SF-B1203
sunny sf-b1203
Read Review22 lbs32 x 22 x 4561 lbs240 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts
Sunny Belt Drive
sf-b1002c indoor cycle
Read Review49 lbs50 x 20 x 45115 lbs275 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts
Schwinn IC2
Schwinn IC2 Black
Read Review31 lbs45 x 23 x 4983 lbs250 lbs5 years frame
1 year parts
3 months wear
90 days labor
Sunny SF-B1110
sunny sf-b1110
Read Review44 lbs46 x 20 x 48118 lbs265 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts

Spinning Bike or Indoor Cycling Bike?

When referring to a stationary bike that comes with a weighted flywheel and allows the user to stand up and pedal we usually think of a “spinning bike”. However, the correct term to refer to any such stationary bike – be it Keiser M3, Sole SB700 or Reebok 510 – is actually indoor cycling bike, while the term spinning bike is exclusive to Mad Dogg Athletics’ bikes. So to avoid any confusion we’re going to stick to the term indoor cycling bike, and use spinning bike only when talking about a Mad Dogg Athletics’ product.

On a similar note, although commonly known as “spinning”, the correct term for exercising on an indoor cycle with focus on endurance and high intensity/strength intervals is actually indoor cycling, and the term Spinning®, which was created and copyrighted by Mad Dogg Athletics, is reserved for their specific workout program as well as their spinning bikes.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Considered as one of the most efficient workouts for rapid weight loss and muscular built-up, indoor cycling has also been shown to largely improve lung and cardio capacity. Indeed, according to health experts, individuals of all ages and fitness levels should indulge in a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day to keep a plethora of illnesses and ailments at bay. Cycling is actually one of the most recommended cardiovascular exercises because it encourages blood oxygenation and fluidity while preventing conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and in some cases, cancer.proform spx

Best of all, with indoor cycling, you will never be limited by the ever-changing weather. While outdoors cycling can help you breathe in some fresh air and explore the countryside, it can be difficult to cycle during storms, rainfalls or blazing sunshine which, in retrospect, can cut back on your weekly workouts. On the other hand, athletes can easily indulge in spinning class every day by just investing on a Spinning® DVD. In fact, to make the workout even more enjoyable, you can even place your bike in front of a television and lose yourself in a movie as you pedal away.

Unlike other cardio workouts, indoor cycling also has the added advantage of engaging your entire body into the workout, including the upper arms and shoulders. Absolutely no synchronization of movements or complicated motions are necessary. Thanks to the resistance knob which comes with most models, users can quickly adjust their resistance levels without constantly having to interrupt their session. With models such as the Spinner Blade, athletes can expect a deficit of 400 to 1200 calories per workout, with the exact figure depending on your gender, age and overall health condition. Several studies have also shown that regular cardio workouts can have a positive effect on the athlete’s muscular strength and stamina. It also improves the user’s metabolism, thus promoting calorie-burning and weight loss even when you’re not training.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Cycle

The main issues which users should consider before purchasing an indoor cycle are:

Adjustability: Since not everyone is of the same height, it is extremely important to take into consideration the seat and handlebars adjustability. Basic models normally come with a simple, vertically adjustable seat but more advanced designs can also have both an aft and fore saddle and handlebar. This option can be quite helpful to large households since each user can adjust the bike to his or her body type.diamondback 510lc

Flywheel Weight: Too many users often neglect to include the flywheel weight in their list of things to look out for when investing in an exercise bike. However, even the most advanced model can become problematic in the long run if the flywheel is not sturdy enough. The flywheel can be considered as the one object which provides a realistic outdoors biking sensation by mimicking the same forward momentum. This, in return, weights the bike down and prevents it from moving or wobbling as soon as you indulge in more energetic movements. Therefore, it’s better to opt for a heavier flywheel of 30lbs or more. Lighter models will only result in an unbalanced and jerky cycling motion that will end up burning virtually no calories.

Special Features: Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean that you should be thirsty, sweaty and in pain. Indeed, in an age where people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of regular cardio activity, machines are becoming increasingly comfortable and ergonomically built to keep aches and burns at bay. A comfortable indoor cycle will also motivate you to be more regular about your exercise sessions. So, be sure to look out for machines that are equipped with cup holders, padded seats, non-slip features, MP3 or iPod docks, water bottle holders and the likes. Don’t neglect the importance of a computer display console as well: these gadgets are designed to help users keep track of their speed, calories burned, distance, time goals, RPM and heart rate.

Pricing: The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for your bike is that you basically get what you pay for. There certainly is a wide array of cheap models on the market and while these do offer the basic functions, they are quite light and more suited to beginners or anyone who doesn’t plan on working every day. On the other hand, if you’re no novice to these machines, it would be best to opt for a more expensive, albeit sturdier model. These will normally come with more advanced features, including a wide range of tension settings that you can adapt according to your own personal fitness level.

Best Indoor Cycling Bikes for Sale by Price

The main advantage with indoor cycling bikes is that they usually come in a wide variety of prices, hence making these machines quite suitable for various budgets. Indeed, users can expect to spend anything from 200$ to 2000$ to acquire an indoor cycle. Since each bike is equipped with a particular set of features, athletes will have the luxury of choosing a machine that perfectly blends in with their lifestyles, expectations and of course, budget.

So, to help you make a more appropriate choice, here’s a list of the best indoor cycles by their price ranges:

Price Range: $150-300

Our Choice: Sunny Health & Fitness Pro

sunny proThe best of the budget-friendly indoor cycles for sale at the moment, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is renowned for its exceptionally smooth chain drive mechanism which provides quite a sleek and silent workout. This particular indoor cycle is also known for its heavy-duty crank as well as adjustable handlebars and seat that easily molds itself to your body shape. Measuring 20 x 46.5 x 48.5 inches, this piece of gym equipment is quite easy to store away thanks to the transport wheels. This also yields quite an easy mobility while allowing users to train in any desired room of the house.

The Sunny Pro is enhanced by an adjustable resistance system with tension levels to suit various fitness capacities. This varied resistance levels will prevent your body from adjusting to the same workouts, hence enabling you to burn more calories. Because of its solid steel frame, this bike remains completely stable, no matter how vigorously you work out. It can very easily accommodate a maximum user weight of 275 pounds, which makes it quite suitable for overweight individuals. In typical indoor cycling fashion, this apparatus comfortably allows athletes to stand up while they pedal, hence helping them to train their upper legs and hips as well.

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Our Choice: Sunny Health & Fitness Premier

sunny premierSituated between the $300 to $400 mark, the Sunny Health and Fitness Premier offers quite an impressive list of features, especially considering its fairly affordable price.

Boasting of a sturdy plastic and steel frame, this is the type of indoor cycling bike which is quite suited to both inexperienced and veteran athletes, notably because of the different tension levels which it offers. Indeed, users can very easily adjust the tension level by turning an ergonomically-shaped knob without having to interrupt their workouts. The pedals are equipped with firm toe-straps, which can be quite an advantage to athletes who like to stand up during their training session.

This particular product is also enhanced by a 44lbs flywheel to draw your entire body into the workout, hence training all the major muscle groups in your body. Users will be able to make the most out of the heavy-duty crank and chain-drive mechanism which ensures smooth and virtually quiet cycling motions. As far as the downsides go, the main problem which customers had with this particular product was related to the rather tough saddle, but this is quite a common occurrence with most exercise bikes. Still, because of its budget-friendly price and features, this indoor cycle is recommended to users who want to invest in a basic albeit efficient machine.

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Price Range: $300-400

Our Choice: BFSB5 Indoor Cycling Bike

bfsb5With a price tag that lies between $300 and $400, the BFSB5 Chain Drive is well worth its cost. Presenting an extended array of club-quality features, this particular indoor cycling bike will help you avoid overly excessive gym fees. With a user capacity of 275lbs, the machine boasts of a smooth chain drive system as well as a 40lbs flywheel to engage the entire body into training. Ergonomically shaped and easy to use, this is the type of versatile bike which can easily suit any interior, notably because of its compact two by four footprint. The pedals are quite sturdy and stable, two elements that are always largely appreciated by any athletes who like to stand up as they train.

The handlebars can be adjusted to each user’s height, which makes this particular bike quite suited to taller individuals. They are also thickly textured and padded to provide a firm grip, even if your hands get all sweaty. If you live in a cramped space, rest assured that storing this bike will not be a problem: indeed, the base is equipped with a series of fluid transport wheels which allow you to easily carry it anywhere. Not only does this feature facilitate storage, but it also adds some versatility to your training by enabling you to workout in any room of the house or even in the great outdoors.

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Price Range: $400-600

Our Choice: Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle

spinner fitThe Spinner Fit is priced between $400 and $600, and is often deemed as being one of the more budget-friendly spin bikes for sale, especially considering the professional built and features which this spinning bike offers. With a club-level quality and sturdy built, this spin bike is considered as one of the most reliable on the market. Measuring 44 x 18 x 38 inches, this machine can very easily sustain up to 250 pounds of user weight, which makes it quite suitable for most users. Best of all, this model is shaped to offer you a highly realistic sensation of outdoors biking, something which veteran cyclists will probably relish in.

The heavily weight flywheel produces enough momentum to keep your pedals completely steady while they move, even during more energetic training sessions. Athletes will therefore be able to enjoy a completely safe spinning class without any risk of straining or injuring your muscles. The flywheel is also designed to produce fluid and smooth motions with every pedal stroke. Most importantly, this spinning bike is equipped with several non-slip functions to enhance your comfort. For example, the handlebars are fully patented and textured, hence keeping blisters at bay while preventing your hands from slipping. With this exercise bike, users will also receive a series of workout DVDs to boost up their training and offer new challenges.

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Price Range: $600-1000

Our Choice: Sole Fitness SB700 Light Commercial

sole sb700A fairly expensive bike that lies within the $800 to $1400 price range, the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Light Commercial is still worth every penny. With barely any drawbacks to its name, this is the type of machine which is seen in nearly every gym and fitness center, particularly because of its exceptional built quality. It also comes with several features designed to enhance your workout and comfort. For instance, this product boasts of a thickly padded seat, textured handlebars, cup holder and MP3 port. The Sole SB700 is also equipped with a widescreen and backlit LCD screen to display data-related readouts in the likes of calories burned, distance covered, RPM, speed and workout time.

This item even includes a wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate, something which can come in quite handy to heart patients. The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to once again enhance your comfort and make your workout even more enjoyable. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the bike can easily sustain overweight or obese athletes. As far as the drawbacks go, the only reported issue was with the assembly process, whereby customers claimed to have had a hard time putting the parts together. Otherwise, this is the type of machine that certainly lives up to its price and solid reputation.

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Price Range: $1000+

Our Choice: Keiser M3 Plus

keiser m3Undoubtedly one of the most expensive and professional indoor cycles for sale at the moment, the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle 2014 lies within a price range of $1500 to $2000. However, while the price can be quite eye-popping, this indoor cycle is easily worth every cent because it features a stunning quality which is only enhanced by the use of cutting-edge technology. One of the most advanced models on the market, this item is richly equipped with no less than 24 levels of magnetic resistance that can easily suit both novice and experienced athletes. This type of resistance will also optimize fat-burning since it mimics the sensations and motions of outdoors biking. Through this bike, users will even be able to select their terrain of choice including hill climbing or downhill sprint courses.

In stark contrast to other models, this item does not provide any sudden pulsating or shuddering effect when the tension level is adjusted. This is largely due to its impact-minimizing and smooth braking systems that prevent the bike from moving. Thanks to its minimalist yet streamlined design, the indoor cycle does not claim much floor space and can be moved around using the included transport wheels. It can easily sustain up to 300 lbs of user weight.

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