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Is Riding A Recumbent Bike Good Exercise?

recumbent bikeWhen recumbent bikes first started to appear on the fitness market, people were understandably quite wary of it. Indeed, sitting comfortably in a recumbent position as you pedal without any strain or ache seemed too good to be true and the first models were met with quite a potent dose of skepticism. However, time and research have shown that recumbent bikes provide a virtually full-body exercise which is just as good as upright or spin ones, but with added features and comfort. Nowadays, there’s hardly any place for doubt especially considering the fact that an hour on the recumbent bike can help you lose up to 900 calories, with the exact amount depending on your age, gender and weight.

Not only is riding a recumbent bike good exercise for people of various ages and fitness levels, but it also helps you workout in all safety. Indeed, while regular upright bikes are among the leading causes of lower back strains, whiplashes or even dislocated shoulder bones because of poor positioning and leaning over the handlebars, recumbent bikes such as the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle give users the chance of working out with total safety and comfort. Best of all, recumbent machines will help you burn more or less the same number of calories as regular ones, with less chances of injury.

These machines also provide excellent training because they draw nearly all major muscle groups of the body into the workout. For example, this is one piece of equipment that largely engages the hips into the movements and this aspect can help with weight loss because hips are often considered as one of the most fat-friendly parts of the human body. Other than weight loss, exercising the hip bones stimulates several other areas of the body, which can be largely beneficial to old people or anyone suffering from bone disorders such as arthritis. You can read more about benefits by clicking here.

These types of machines can also be considered as fabulous exercise since they mimic the motions that you would be engaging in during more strenuous outdoors activities such as hill climbing. This also works the muscles in your thighs, glutes, calves and abdomen. In fact, according to doctors and fitness experts, regular use of a recumbent bike will not merely help you lose weight but it can also prevent several medical issues such as diabetes, strokes, heart-attacks, deep vein thrombosis, high-blood pressure and the likes. The machine also provides aerobic and strength training which serve to largely improve your cardiovascular and lung capacity.

Lastly, riding a recumbent bike is an exceptionally effective way to keep fit because it often comes with motivating features that will encourage you to use the machine even on lazier days. Their display consoles, for example, will help you easily keep track of the number of calories burned as well as the distance you’ve covered and number of minutes that you’ve been working out. Most of them also come with other amenities such as a handy water bottle holder, USB port, desk for your books or laptop, MP3 or iPod dock and other such features designed to help you beat lazy days and cycle your way to a fitter body. Now with all this said, you would think that this kind of stationary bikes would be on the more expensive side. However, the good news is that there some very affordable models, such as the best-seller Exerpeutic 900XL, that still manage to offer some really nice features such as being foldable and having a high maximum capacity.