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Life Fitness Club Series Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike

Life Fitness Club Series

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19 2048 x 24 x 54400 lbsLifetime frame
3 years parts
1 year labor

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The Life Fitness Club Series Upright Lifecycle is one of the most intuitive and advanced exercise bikes on the market. With an array of  features conceived to enhance your workout and make it more enjoyable, this particular machine is extremely user friendly and can be easily operated even by beginners. A club-quality piece of equipment, this bike provides several extra elements destined to keep discomfort at bay while motivating athletes to train for long periods of time.

With added convenience features such as a water bottle holder, integrated controls and a charging dock, it should come as no surprise that this particular upright bike is very often seen in gyms, health clubs or even training fitness club series monitor

Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 54”
  • Product weight: 107lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 11kgs
  • Maximum user weight: 400lbs
  • Power requirements: Self powered
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Number of programs: 19

Since this upright bike is completely self-powered, it can very easily be placed in any room, even if no power outlets are installed. In fact, this handy feature even allows you to drag your bike on a balcony or in your backyard. The extra mobility also facilitates storage because this model is not limited to only one area.

The upright bike is equipped with a whopping 20 resistance levels, making it suitable for users of various ages, weight and fitness capacity. This diverse tension system is also designed to increase your stamina and prevent your body from reaching the dreaded athlete’s plateau whereby the muscles get used to the same movements and stop burning as many calories as before. The 20 tension settings can also very easily increase the athlete’s metabolism, hence encouraging your body to burn extra calories even when you’re not actually training.

With this exercise bike, you will also be able to make the most out of 19 workout programs which include Manual, Random, Hill, EZ Incline/Resistance, Extreme Heart Rate, Heart Rate Hill, Cardio, Fat Burn, among various others. A series of special workouts designed to mimic popular biking terrains around the world are also built-in, including Kilimanjaro, Foothills, Cascades and the likes. Heart patients can safely use the powerless chest strap to keep a close watch on their workouts and exercise in all safety.

This model features a widescreen, easy-to-read display console which delivers exercise-related readouts such as calories and calories per hour, distance climbed, pace, distance covered, speed, heart rate, elapsed and other such fitness club series

Ease of Use and Comfort

This upright bike is easily one of the most comfortable machines that I ever used. For example, the seat is enhanced by Life Fitness’ exclusive “Comfort Curve Plus with Relief Groove” system which drastically limits the risks of aches or pains after the workout. The pedals are also weighted for extra support and boast of firm straps that can easily latch on to any shoe size.

Because of the deluxe forearm support and padded, ergonomic handlebars, users will be able to avoid blisters and soreness on their hands. Best of all, the handlebars are angled in a racing style position, which again limits the risks of injury. Athletes who need music to workout will be glad to learn that the bike also comes with an iPod dock. Alternatively, if you want some quiet time to indulge in some reading, you can also prop your book or magazine up in the machine’s built-in reading rack. Two cup holders as well as a dual accessory tray are also included to help you avoid constant workout interruptions.

Assembly and Parts

Unlike most other gym equipment, this particular product comes nearly fully assembled, which largely limits the time that you will have to spend on this particular step. Users only have to attach a couple of parts together, a task which is largely facilitated by the highly detailed instructions manual. All the necessary knobs, wrenches, screws and other tools are included in the boxed packaging which largely facilitates your work. In fact, I only needed around 15 to 20 minutes to join together the few disassembled pieces.


The only drawbacks reported to this particular piece of equipment were related to the seat. In spite of the special ergonomic design, a couple of customers found the seat to become a little uncomfortable towards the end of their workouts, especially if they indulged in longer training sessions. Otherwise, an overwhelming majority of users were quite satisfied with this upright bike.

A High-tech Upright Bike

All in all, the Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike is a heavy duty model that also offers convenience features that can make all the difference by making your workouts more enjoyable. Although this model is on the more expensive side, it does come with more features than the Sole B94, thus it’s a good investment for those that can afford it.

With just one or two drawbacks, this exercise bike easily trumps over other products especially in terms of its versatility, features and comfort. Cycling is known for its immense cardiovascular benefits and this bike certainly does provide an assortment of features designed to motivate users to use the machine instead of stowing it away. In fact, biking for an hour can burn anywhere between 200 and 1000 calories, depending on your resistance setting, gender and weight.

This product is readily available on Amazon. It is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years on parts, lifetime on frame and 1 year on labor.

About the Company

A leading supplier of fitness equipment destined for home and commercial use, Life Fitness specializes in cutting-edge technology to help users very easily keep track of their progress while creating quite an enjoyable environment for their workout sessions. This company is also known for its commitment to quality, hence producing machines that can very easily last for life. Because of this, we also took the time to review the – also top quality model – Life Fitness C3.