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LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

Max. Speed
LifeSpan TR 1200i
lifespan tr 1200i
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20 x 56"1711 MPH300 lbsLifetime frame & motor
3-year parts
1-year labor

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If you’re looking for a professional-grade treadmill, you might want to check out the LifeSpan TR 1200i. Indeed, this particular machine is packed with various types of features that will add some extra comfort and intensity to your regular training session. With this treadmill, you can very easily avoid the hassle of having to dress up and drag yourself to the gym since it allows you to train without even stepping out of your front door. The TR 1200i is also exceptionally sturdy, making it perfect for obese or overweight users. In spite of its solid frame, however this model has a relatively compact footprint, allowing you to place it in any desired room of the house. The unit is also extremely easy to store, thanks to the folding option.

With the LifeSpan TR 1200i you can expect a deficit of around 800 to 1000 calories per hour with the exact amount depending on your age, gender, incline level and speed. Fairly spacious, the item is also extremely easy to use- which is an added advantage for budding athletes who want to work on their stamina and metabolism. This particular model costs between $1000 and $2000 and while it is admittedly on the more expensive side, it will undoubtedly help you attain your weight loss goals in no time at all.

TR-1200i-1-280Product Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Preset Programs: 17
  • Motor Horsepower: 2.5 HP
  • Maximum Speed: 11 MPH
  • Running Surface: 20 x 56 inches
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Dimensions: 70 x 33 x 55 inches
  • Weight: 204 pounds

With the LifeSpan TR 1200i, users can enjoy an excellent selection of training programs to provide you with intense fitness challenges. The 17 training programs are especially focused on general health enhancement, weight loss and stamina training. Athletes can also benefit from two customizable programs and two MyZone heart rate control programs. Therefore, you can personalize your session and train according to your own pace stamina and metabolism. Best of all, the machine even features a MyZone Interval Program, whereby the machine alternates between high and low intensities. According to fitness experts, this type of workout is recommended for anyone who wants to lose a lot of weight in just a few months. This particular program even enables users to manually enter their own maximum and minimum heart rate.

Thanks to this model, athletes will also enjoy the unique LifeSpan Intelli-Step feature that automatically tracks the number of steps that you take. This data is entered in the widescreen display console that allows you to keep an eye on the number of calories burned, incline level, time, distance covered, speed and the likes. This data can even be synced to the customer’s online account using nothing more than a regular USB drive. This can act as a motivating factor as it allows you to see how much you’re progressing. The screen is equipped with silicone and oversized buttons to enable you to switch through programs and adjust your speed or incline at the mere flick of a button. As far as the inclines are concerned, the platform can be raised up to 15 levels.

lifespan tr 1200i consoleThe TR 1200i is enhanced by a 2.5 CHP motor which is versatile enough to suit walkers, joggers or runners. As far as speed is concerned, this machine can easily go up to 11 MPH, which is quite a refreshing change from the regular 10 MPH that are found in most other treadmills. To boost your motivation, the unit also comes with a headphone jack, speakers and even a handy iPod port.

Size and Safety

The two-ply belt is cushioned and comfortable enough to provide adequate support while protecting your knees and ankles from impact. In fact, the cushioned deck is even supported by shock absorbers. Measuring 20 x 56 inches, the belt is wide and long enough to sustain vigorous jogging and walking. However, it may not be entirely suited for high-intensity running. For your comfort, additional buttons are located on the handlebars. In fact, the handles are thick, sturdy and textured enough to provide you with a firm grip if you like to hold on to them during more vigorous training sessions.

For added safety, this product comes with a unique Intelli-Guard to protect you in case of any incident. For example, the treadmill automatically switches to pause mode if there’s no tactile contact between the belt and your feet for over 20 seconds. This can be quite a handy feature for anyone who has children because you’ll easily be able to leave the machine unattended. More importantly, like its name suggests, it also comes with a foldable option that offers easy storage.

lifespan fitness tr 1200iAssembly and Parts

Quite a few users found the boxed packaging to be extremely heavy. However, in spite of this small issue, most people found the assembly process to be extremely easy. Unlike with other home equipment, the bolts and screws have already been set into place across the main frame so you don’t need to unscrew them prior to assembly. Customers even receive a detailed and illustrated assembly manual that largely facilitates this step for them. The tools and accessories are all included in the packaging, which consequently saves you quite a few trips to the hardware store. All in all, this model should take around half an hour to put together.


While this machine is packed with features, there have been some drawbacks reported by users. For example, some people complained about the lack of a fan, which considerably lowered their level of motivation since they constantly had to pause their training to cool down. The machine is slightly on the noisy side as well, something that can be annoying if you like to listen to music or watch movies while you train. Other than these few drawbacks, the product was mostly well-received on most major websites.


With several awards to its name, this treadmill is certainly worth every cent. Guaranteed to provide you with an efficient and fluid stride, the unit can help you lose up to 10 pounds in just a few weeks. The LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill is protected by a warranty of one year on labor, three years on parts and lifetime on motor and frame.