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Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill

Max. Speed
Merit Fitness 715T
merit fitness 715t
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18 x 47"410 MPH250 lbsLifetime frame
1-year motor
90-day parts & labor

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The perfect treadmill for anyone who’s on a limited budget, the Merit Fitness 715T Plus boasts of gym-quality features to help you lose weight in a safe and sustainable manner. Indeed, with this particular machine, users can very easily expect to lose up to 1000 calories per hour on high intensity. In fact, users have claimed to have been able to lose around 20 pounds in a matter of weeks after regular use of the machine. Quite a few novice users hesitate at the thought of using a treadmill, simply because they’ve never operated one before. And while it is true to say that these machines tend to be complicated to manage, the 715T Plus is exceptionally easy to use, which makes it perfect for inexperienced athletes.

With this particular model users will be able to enjoy of a variety of amenities designed to render your training session much more comfortable. For example, it comes with a cushioned deck and cushioned handlebars to keep you comfortable and motivated while you run. Best of all, the 715T Plus is compact enough to easily fit in any room of your house, which means that you can easily purchase it even if you like in an apartment or if you have a cramped living area.

About the Company

Featuring state-of-the-art manufacturing, Merit Fitness is a well-established brand name in the Health and Fitness industry. This is actually one of the rare companies that offer solid machines at competitive prices, without once compromising on quality. Quite on the contrary, each Merit item undergoes full quality inspection to always enhance the performance of your machine. By this token, this company can guarantee customer satisfaction with every purchase, and this is why we also took the time to review the newer model Merit Fitness 725T. Merit Fitness even comes with a reliable aftersales support staff as well as exceptional product warranties to help you if you ever encounter any issue with your machine.

merit fitness 715t consoleProduct Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Preset Programs: 4
  • Motor Horsepower: 2.5 HP
  • Maximum Speed: 10 MPH
  • Running Surface: 18 x 47 inches
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Dimensions: 30 x 64 x 56 inches
  • Weight: 108 pounds

The Merit Fitness 715T Plus is equipped with a 3-window LED console. This handy gadget is perfect for athletes who want to monitor their progress. For example, through this console, users will be able to gauge information such as the number of calories burned, workout speed, workout time, total distance covered, incline level and other data. This gadget can come in especially handy to new users who are working on their stamina to gradually add more minutes to their training session.

With this particular model, athletes will also be able to benefit from no less than 10 miles per hour of speed, which is perfect for light and heavy walking as well as some moderate jogging. As far as the incline levels are concerned, users will be able to choose between three different positions thanks to the incline level of 5%. According to fitness experts, working out on an inclined angle has been shown to help users lose weight in common problem areas such as the waist, hips, thighs, stomach and glutes. Thanks to the 715T’s incline feature, you’ll even be able to explore different terrain types without even leaving your home.

As far as the motor is concerned, the machine comes with a 2.5 horsepower motor. While this is by no means the most powerful motor on the market, it’s still quite impressive considering its fairly affordable price. Both inexperienced athletes and more experienced ones will be glad to learn that the console comes with four preset programs to help you add some extra variety to your training session. This also enables you to protect your muscles and boost your weight loss by preventing your joints from adjusting to the same motions. Therefore, not only do the programs prevent you from suffering from the dreaded fitness plateaus, but they also enable you to benefit from specialized intervals, rolling hills, manual and weight loss programs.

This machine does emit a little bit of noise but this can be considered as insignificant when compared to other units. Therefore, you’ll be able to work out while you watch your favorite movie, listen to music or even chat on the phone. To save up on floor space when you’re not exercising, you can even fold up the treadmill and rest it against the wall. When folded up, the unit only measures 29 by 56 by 26.5 inches.

merit fitness 715t plusSize and Safety

The running deck measures 18 by 47 inches, which is entirely suited to shorter users since it enables them to very comfortably embrace a spacious training session without feeling locked in between the handlebars. However, the deck’s size can be a slight issue for taller-than-average athletes who have a longer stride.

In spite of its compact size, the deck is ergonomically cushioned to guarantee your safety. This is to absorb the shock and impact of your motions while drastically decreasing the risk of injuries to your joints and knees.

Assembly and Parts

While a few users claimed to have found the machine difficult to put together, most people found it very easy to assemble. This is largely due to the fact that the 715T Plus arrives partially assembled which means that you only have few parts to join together. If you’re in doubt, you can also consult the included instructions manual. Novice users won’t have to worry about finding the right tools since the boxed packaging does include all the tools and accessories.


A couple of users were less than satisfied with the deck size which they found to be too short for them. Some people also complained of the noise level and reported that this model occasionally emitted some mechanical noise while in use. More experienced athletes might also be more satisfied with a model that comes with a wider range of preset programs.


With a weight limit of 250 pounds, this machine will certainly help you adopt a fitter and much healthier lifestyle. Easy to use, comfortable and- more importantly- extremely efficient, the Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of a lifetime on the frame, 5 years on motor and 90 days on labor and parts.