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Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Nautilus R514c

Nautilus R514c

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2016 levels300 lbs-10 years frame
-2 years mechanical
-1 year electrical
-6 months wear parts
-6 months labor

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The Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike takes advantage of advances in ergonomic design for exercise bikes that seek to maximize user comfort and workout efficacy while minimizing risk of injury due to poor body positioning. The recumbent seat design used in the Nautilus R514c is the primary factor in making it one of the top exercise bikes for people that suffer from discomfort or pain when using normal gym equipment.

For a mid-range budget, the R514c comes with a wide array of workout programs and resistance settings that are usually found in more expensive models. In fact, its 20 programs and 16 levels of resistance can also be found in the Diamondback Fitness 510sr, which is sold for twice the price!R514c seat

Ease of Use and Comfort Level

The Nautilus R514c is about as easy to use as any comparable fitness bike and features a pretty standard set of features – accessible via its LCD screen. Navigation is very straightforward and should be no trouble at all for anyone to figure out (even with no prior gym experience).

The recumbent seat design is complemented by strong lumbar supports and thickly padded seats that provide maximum support to keep your body stable and controlled as you exercise. This allows users to get more out of their workout by focusing more on the actual exercise and less on distractions like trying to maintain good posture and body position (or the aches that come with not doing so).

The R514c is also easy to mount and dismount – which is always helpful for users that aren’t as fit as they’d like to be yet and don’t enjoy the acrobatic balancing act it takes to mount some standard exercise bikes. As a bonus, the pedals are also quite large which makes it easy to get a firm footing on them for an optimum workout without your feet slipping off or feeling uncomfortably cramped as is the case on some gym bikes.

The reading rack is also a nice little comfort bonus for people that like to read while they exercise. Reading helps to keep workouts from getting boring and monotonous (which in turn makes people more likely to stick to their regimen) and can make exercising feel like much less of a chore.nautilus r514c

Product Specifications

  • Maximum User Weight : 300 pounds
  • Flywheel : 20 pounds
  • Seating design : Recumbent
  • Display Type : Extra Large LCD
  • Product Weight : 120 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 67 x 25 x 52”
  • Number of Programs: 20
  • Resistance Levels: 16

The Nautilus R514c comes with a pretty nice feature set. It has the recumbent seat design that gives it its name and allows users to settle into a more comfortable semi-horizontal seated position during their exercise session. This position puts the minimum amount of pressure on trouble spots that can often ache after workouts on typical exercise bikes (especially the lower back). This, in turn, allows for longer workouts that derive maximum benefit from the time spent exercising without any aches and pains, hence users can follow through with their workout regimen long enough to see real results.r514c monitor

The recumbent bike also comes with a 5 x 2.25 inch multi-color LCD screen where users can either choose between the preset programs or customize their own. The LCD screen displays fitness-related data such as heart rate, workout time, distance traveled, speed, calories burned and others. It also comes with 6 heart rate programs of varied difficulty for those that are interested in improving their endurance in a safe way.

With 16 levels of resistance, this model will prove useful for people of different fitness levels and goals. Indeed, the highest levels will certainly prove challenging even for the advanced athlete. Additionally, users will have the option of pedalling backwards, which is a nice and not common feature that puts a new spin on workouts – no pun intended.

Topping off the features are some standard attachments found on lots of gym equipment such as a water bottle holder, a reading rack, and a cooling fan to keep you from over-heating while you exercise.


Like most exercise equipment that ships via courier, the Nautilus R514c will arrive in detached pieces that will require some amount of effort to put together. The good news is that the process of assembling the bike is very well documented within the packaging and the necessary tools to get the job done are provided – making this little chore a lot less tedious than you might first expect. A few minutes to an hour should have you all set and ready to start your first workout.

The R514c is a bit on the heavier side when it’s fully assembled so if you plan to move it to an upstairs room for regular use it would be a good idea to do that before putting it all together.


The main drawback to the Nautilus R514c is that exceptionally tall users – well over six feet – sometimes find it a bit too cramped for their liking. It’s not an overly small exercise bike by any means but it’s understandable that taller folks would want more leg room to manoeuvre as they work out and they might feel more comfortable on a larger and roomier bike. It’s a matter of preference, though, and many people might prefer to have slightly less space and a more comfortable ride overall and still go for this one in favour of larger but less ergonomically designed models.r514c side


Overall, the Nautilus R514C is a great recumbent bike that provides a comfortable and ergonomically sound seating position, strong lumbar support, and ample seat padding to keep users comfortable and focused on their workout. It also includes a host of other features including 20 preset workout programs, 16 levels of resistance, a cooling fan, monitors for heart rate, calories burned, speed, and distance traveled – as well as holders for water bottles and reading material. Although this model does comes with a wide array of preset programs, it doesn’t come with as many as the newer version, the Nautilus R614, or the best-seller Schwinn 270.

The reading rack, in particular, allows for some multi-tasking which can be quite helpful for users who might otherwise forgo their workouts in favour of studies or work while the cooling fan and convenient water bottle holder should keep you cool and well hydrated (very important) as you exercise.

All in all, this is a well-rounded machine on a whole that gets its main purpose done while throwing in a few extra perks to make that road to fitness a bit more fun and comfortable.

This model comes with a 10 years warranty on the frame, 2 years on mechanical parts, 1 year on electrical and 6 months on other parts and labor.