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Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Bike NameProgramsResistanceMaximum CapacityWarranty
Nautilus R614
nautilus r614
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2220300 lbs-10 years frame
-2 years parts
-90 days parts

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Priced between $300 and $400, the Nautilus R614 is the ideal recumbent bike for users who want to enjoy of professional features without having to spend a fortune. With this particular model, you will be able to benefit from a full body workout without straining your muscles. In fact, unlike regular upright bikes, this kind of exercise bike comes with the added advantage of positioning your body in a laid-back angle, allowing you to literally sit back and exercise. In spite of its exceptional level of comfort, however, the machine has been shown to be extremely efficient and will help you lose an astounding amount of weight in no time at all.

While this model is not a commercial recumbent bike, it still remains packed with features. Its varying intensity levels and programs will help you lose up to 900 calories or more per hour. Best of all, this particular apparatus is designed for challenging albeit low-intensity exercise sessions. Therefore, it has very little to no repercussions on your knees, which enables you to train for longer period of times.

nautilus r614 seat

Comfort Level

Indeed, because of its excellent comfort level, the Nautilus R614 is quite suited to elderly users or individuals who suffer from mild disabilities. In fact, recumbent bikes are very often spotted in rehab centers since they can easily help injured athletes regain the use of their muscles and knees. According to fitness experts, recumbent bikes are also recommended to clinically obese users who aren’t used to physical activities: since it literally takes the weight of your body off the knees, it will enable you to train for longer periods of time, without feeling the usual strain that comes with high-intensity workouts.

Its comfort level also makes the machine quite suited to beginners. More importantly, you won’t even have to face the much dreaded saddle soreness that notoriously accompanies upright stationary bikes. A machine with such an excellent comfort level is also bound to lower the number of lazy days when you don’t feel like training.

Features and Specificationsnautilus r614 recumbent bike

  • Dimensions: 68 x 28 x 12 inches
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Preset Programs: 22
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Weight: 93 pounds

With the Nautilus R614, users will be able to very easily benefit from a wide range of features. For example, while most recumbent bikes only have one modestly-sized display console, the R614 boasts of two high-dimension LCD window displays that are designed to provide you with various types of fitness-related information. For instance, the console will enable you to view relevant data such as the number of calories burned, distance covered, level of intensity, current workout program and the likes. Through the display consoles, athletes will also be able to view their pulse thanks to the included heart rate sensors. This gadget can come in extremely helpful to elderly users or people suffering from cardiovascular issues since it lets you know when you’re overdoing it.

Along with the LCD windows, athletes can also benefit from a variety of workout programs that have been carefully crafted by some of the world’s leading fitness gurus. The machine features no less than 22 programs, two user profiles and 20 levels of resistance to enhance your training session. Since it boasts of several interactive features, the recumbent also comes with a charging USB port, enabling you to share your data on or Nautilus. To keep you motivated, the recumbent bike is also equipped with a pair of acoustic and chambered speakers, allowing athletes to train to the rhythm of their favorite music.

This recumbent bike is also on the more silent side. In fact, an overwhelming majority of users found it to be so quiet that they could easily watch a movie or talk on the phone while they exercised.

nautilus r614 monitorEase of Use

Because of its numerous preset programs, however, a few beginners did report to have found this machine slightly complicated to use. Still, most of them claimed that they managed to find their way around the bike once they got used to the features. An instructions booklet also comes with the boxed packaging to help you easily understand the more difficult features.

The Nautilus R614 is also extremely comfortable to mount because of its adjustable seat, which will come in quite handy to anyone who suffers from any form of mobility limitation. To enhance both your comfort and the efficiency of your workout, the machine even sports textured handle grips and oversized, fully-adjustable pedals.

Assembly and Parts

This model comes partially assembled which makes it easier to put together. If you’re a complete novice to the world of home fitness, you will be glad to learn that the boxed packaging also includes all the tools and accessories that you will need to join the different parts together. Users also received a detailed booklet with illustrations on how to join the remaining parts together. All in all, most people found that the only needed around forty-five minutes to one hour for this step.


As far as drawbacks are concerned, a few beginners did find the machine to be complicated to navigate at first. In fact, one beginner claimed that the 22 preset programs were confusing and not suited to novices. While it does come with transport wheels, other customers found the machine to be quite tall and heavy, which meant that they needed additional floor space simply to accommodate the machine. One customer complained about the assembly process and found it to be too tedious. However this was an isolated complaint and not reported by other users.

nautilus r614 riding


If you want to enjoy an excellent-quality workout without spending a lot of money, this recumbent bike will undoubtedly help you enjoy a much fitter and healthier lifestyle. From various preset programs to different levels of intensity, the bike can help you shed around 10 pounds, if not more, per week. Entirely suited to both experienced and less experienced users, this particular machine has also been designed to tone up any flabby bits.

The Nautilus R614’s wide array of programs and resistance levels make it a good alternative to the best seller Schwinn 270 and definitely a better investment than the likes of the Sole R92 .This model can accommodate up to 300 pounds of user weight and is protected by a 2 year manufacturer warranty on mechanical.