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First Degree Fitness Pacific Challenge AR Rowing Machine

Pacific Challenge AR
pacific challenge ar
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Water78 x 21 x 2066 lbs300 lbs5 years frame
2 years parts

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One of the most coveted items of First Degree’s “Horizontal Series”, the Pacific Challenge AR is a water resistant rower which has been conceived to provide an intense head-to-toe workout. Fairly compact to economize space, but with a solid and sturdy base, this product is shaped to bring a highly realistic sensation of outdoors rowing thanks to its always appreciated water resistance.

Known for its unique use of fluid technology in exercise equipment, First Degree Fitness is one of the most reputed rower suppliers in the market. Now, we think this company offers rowers as solid and reliable, as WaterRower, whom we’ve already said we love, and because of this, we took the time to also review the Full Commercial E-520 model.

Comfort and Ease of Use

pacific AR seatWe really liked this model’s comfortable seat as well as its fluid motion and the fact that it doesn’t wobble no matter the intensity of your exercise. Indeed, with its anodized aluminum and steel materials yielding an extremely sturdy base, the Pacific AR is designed for heavy-duty use, which means that you can row as hard and intensely as you want without any risk of it buckling or moving.

The handles are also thickly textured and padded to keep callouses at bay. I was also quite appreciative of the wide footboards that can be easily adjusted around any shoe size. Additionally, since the water tank is made of polycarbonate, there are virtually no chances of it splitting or breaking.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 78 x 21 x 20”
  • Storage dimensions (upright): 21 x 20
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Maximum user capacity: 300lbs
  • Materials used: Anodized aluminum and steel

This rowing machine is equipped with a water resistant feature which has been proven to yield a much more effective and enjoyable workout than other types of tension. The rower produces resistance through a set of paddles that have been attached in a water tank. Therefore, the harder you row, the more tension you have to face, which is an easy way for the user to control his or her own level of resistance. This is also helpful for inexperienced users to set their own pace while gradually building enough strength and stamina to reach the next level.pacific foot straps

Tension can also be adjusted by adding or subtracting water from the tank. However, compared to other machines where users have to unlock the tank and empty the water, this particular model provides an adjustable resistance in the form of the extremely helpful siphon system, whereby you only have to turn a knob attached to the tank to adapt the water level to your needs. This feature is extremely rare, and a great improvement of this model from other water-resistant rowers.

Most importantly, its water resistance makes the Pacific Challenge virtually silent, thus allowing the user to enjoy a movie, listen to music or simply chat to someone while exercising. In fact, the only sound that users will hear is a gently splashing sound which is designed to mimic the sensation of rowing across actual water. This also provides a highly realistic and relaxing sensation.

pacific monitorThis machine also comes with a multifunctional performance console that will allow you to keep track of your workout data such as: distance, time, heart reception, interval training, strokes per minute, and calories per hour.

Users will be glad to learn that this data is displayed in large fonts, which can be read from a distance without having to pause the workout. The monitor is also equipped with three buttons to adjust the resistance level. Best of all, this item is one of the rare rowers which come with a built-in USB interface, for easily transferring data to a computer and then uploading it to As a great addition, with this model users will also be able to use the race other users from all over the world through a special program in the monitor.

Assembly and Parts

The product is shipped in detachable parts which you have to put together but most users did not encounter any problem with this step. Personally, I found the assembly process to be fairly straightforward thanks to the clear and concise booklet which is largely enhanced by step-by-step diagrams. The boxed set comes with Allen wrenches, screws, knobs and all the different parts needed to put the rower together.


With such a versatile product, very few users had something negative to say about this machine. The only issue reported was a problem with the siphon system in the water tank but this turned out to be related to a poor assembly process.

A heavy duty machine to help you lose weight with minimal effort

pacific challenge arMost users commented on how easy it was to train for hours on this machine without getting fatigued. Indeed, the First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR is a reliable investment to anyone who wishes to lose weight or maintain a healthy standard of living. Easy to use, solid and highly durable, this machine also oozes comfort. Equipped with cutting edge technology, it is also extremely easy and practical to store, thanks to its upright storage option.

This machine is covered by a solid manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on all wearing parts, 2 years on the mechanical components and 3 years on the seals and tanks. It can be purchased from the First Degree Fitness website or on Amazon.