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ProForm Hybrid Rower / Recumbent Bike

ProForm Dual Trainer
proform dual trainer
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Magnetic79 x 20 x 38150 lbs350 lbsLifetime frame
1 year parts
1 year labor

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Working out in the comfort of your own home is packed with advantages. Not only will you be able to regularly stick to your exercise routine, no matter what the weather is, but you won’t need to constantly try to sustain overly expensive gym fees. The good news is that the market is flooded with various types of fitness machines designed to meet your budgets and expectations. Rowing and biking, for instance, are known to provide athletes with challenging cardiovascular training sessions while enhancing your overall fitness level. With these machines, you can also tone up any wobbly area while optimizing fast weight loss. Both machines easily take your body weight off the knees and joints, which means that you can use it with very little or no impact on your body. By this token, these machines can also be used by overweight or obese people.

proform hybrid trainer rowerIf you want to invest in a high-quality piece of fitness equipment, you might want to check out the ProForm Dual Trainer Rower and Recumbent Bike. It will only cost you between $500 and $600, which is quite a bargain considering the wide range of features that this particular model offers. Indeed, it can be easily switched from rowing to cycling option, which literally presents you with a case of two for the price of one. Both the rower and the bike do include all the features and programs required to enhance your weight loss. In fact, according to fitness trainers, this machine can help you lose up to 1000 calories per hour on rowing mode and 800 calories on bike mode.

About the Company

Globally acclaimed for the exceptional quality of their machines, ProForm Fitness boasts of a firm commitment to excellence. ProForm items are very often sourced by gyms and other such training bases since these machines are known for their longevity and superior build quality. This is also one of the rare companies that offer two pieces of fitness equipment for the price of one, allowing you to save quite a bit of money in the long run. Along with rowing machines and stationary bikes, the company also manufactures other fitness supplies like treadmills, steppers, elliptical trainers and the likes.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Built-in Programs: 24
  • Dimensions: 79 x 20 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 150 pounds

In both the bike and rower mode, the Dual Trainer allows users to choose between no less than 24 onboard workouts, allowing you to fully customize your training session. With such an extended choice of preset training programs, you will also be able to work on your metabolism and stamina, allowing you to gradually add additional hours to your training session in the long run. Training your metabolism also allows your body to burn quite a lot of fat and calories; something that’s largely enhanced by the item’s two types of exercises. The dual feature has also been shown to prevent your muscles from adjusting to the same motions and hence continue to burn just as much fat- if not more- in the long run.

proform hybrid trainer recumbent bike

With this product, athletes can also enjoy the 20 resistance levels that will give you the option of increasing the difficulty as you gain stamina. By this token, the Dual Trainer is entirely suited to larger families with different fitness level. This particular model also features a handy LCD screen that will help you easily track any data that’s relevant to your training session. From the number of calories burned, number of rowing strokes, pulse, distance covered, overall distance and the likes, you can be sure to always benefit from regular and accurate information.

The Dual Trainer is also equipped with a weighted flywheel that not only keeps the machine stable and rooted to the floor but it also makes for a smooth motion while engaging your entire body into the workout.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Several beginners are intimidated by this model’s dual feature. However, they should feel discouraged as switching the machine from one function to the other is quite easy. Also it should be noted that, since the rowing machine can easily convert into a recumbent bike, it can be used by people with mild disabilities or by athletes who are undergoing light physical rehabilitation. Indeed, the recumbent bike allows you to sit back as you pedal away, hence taking the pressure off the lower back, knees and joints.

When it comes to comfort, in its recumbent bike mode the machine boast of padded seat and headrest, minimizing discomfort while encouraging you to add some extra time to your training session. Similarly, when used in rower mode, users can benefit from this model’s extra-wide footplates with adjustable straps.

The fully-adjustable leveling feet that are positioned at the very base of the machine enable you to use the hybrid trainer in any desired room of the house, including uneven surfaces- an option that’s quite rare on other home exercise equipment. It also comes with transport wheels for easy mobility and storage.

The SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance is devoid of any whirring or similar mechanical sounds. This provides you with a perfectly soothing environment to work out in. The lack of excessive noise also allows you to watch your favorite film or listen to some music during your workout.

proform dual trainer recumbent bikeAssembly and Parts

The assembly process does require a bit of time, especially because of the dual feature. However, users do receive an illustrated instructions manual as well as all the tools and accessories that they’ll need to join the different pieces together. The main frame comes partially assembled, which can facilitate the assembly process for many. All in all, most customers claimed that they only required around one to two hours setting the machine up.

Two Machines for the Price of One

With an impressive maximum weight limit of 350 pounds, especially compared to other hybrid models such as the Stamina Deluxe Conversion II and Avari Conversion II, this particular model is entirely suited to heavier individuals. Its priced coupled with the unique dual feature makes it a highly recommended buy, especially for anyone who wants to enjoy different types of workouts without having to purchase two machines.

The ProForm Dual Trainer is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of one year on parts and labor and lifetime on the frame.