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ProGear 190 Compact Space Saver Recumbent Bike with Heart Pulse Sensors

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
ProGear 190

ProGear 190

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/8 levels275 lbs1 year limited

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ProGear 190 Space SaverThe ProGear 190 is a compact, lightweight recumbent bike that for a very affordable price offers comfort and quality build. This model’s strongest point is- without a doubt- its folding feature, which makes this space-saving bike especially great for those that live small apartments but still want to enjoy of the benefits of indoor exercising.

Ease of Use and Comfort

With its semi-reclined seat and side positioned handlebars, you can get on and off the bike safely and with ease. This model is ideal for anyone suffering from leg, knee, or joint pain as not only is it easy to mount and dismount, but it also offers an extremely fluid pedaling rotation. Its seat and seat back can be easily adjusted to the user’s height and body shape, hence offering a customized, comfortable workout.

As a very basic model, the ProGear 190 doesn’t come with a wide array of features, though it still includes the necessary ones to make for a varied, effective workout. Its 8 resistance levels can be easily adjusted through a well-positioned tension knob. Also the display monitor is extremely easy to use, as it doesn’t need any handling, just get on the bike and start pedaling and it will automatically show you your progress on time, distance, speed and calories burned.Progear 1900 monitor

Features and Specifications

  • Frame Materials: Steel
  • Heart Rate Sensor: Yes
  • Maximum Capacity: 275lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 44”

The ProGear 190 comes with an easy to read LCD monitor displaying fitness data such as distance, estimated calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate. The hand pulse monitor will allow you to keep track of your heart while exercising, thus you’ll be able to measure your progress and stay within the safe and targeted heart rate.

If you enjoy listening to motivational music as you’re going about your exercise or simply prefer to watch movies/TV, you’re going to enjoy this model as it’s very quiet, and its monitor is positioned as to not block the user’s view.

This model’s eight resistance levels will allow the user to start on a low difficulty setting and gradually increase it as he/she builds strength and endurance. Now while the highest setting might not be considered challenging enough for the advanced user, it will certainly offer enough challenge for the novice and intermediate user.

foot strapsWhen it comes to its build, for such a lightweight and compact model it is quite sturdy thanks to its solid steel frame, which allows it to support a maximum user weight of 275 pounds. Additionally, its leg stabilizers keep this model from wobbling or tipping over during the more intense workouts. In terms of safety, you will also find useful its safety straps that will keep your feet from slipping from the pedals while riding.

The ProGear 190 comes with up to 275 pounds of user weight limit, which is nice for such an affordable model and certainly more than what comes on same-price model Phoenix 99608, although less than the 300 pounds offered by the best-seller Exerpeutic 900XL.

The best thing about this bike is, without a doubt, its folding feature, which makes it a great model for those that live in cramped spaces, or just want to keep it out of the way when not in use. The bike also comes with transport wheels, so you won’t even have to carry it to move it from room to room.

Assembly and parts

The ProGear 190 is delivered semi-assembled so just a few pieces need to be assembled at home with a screwdriver and Allen wrench. This model does come with an easy to read and follow instruction manual, which clearly depicts how to properly assemble the remainder of the bike. Personally, by just following the explicit manual, it took me less than 30 minutes to have the bike put together and ready to go.


The complaint most often received about this particular model is that the seat and seat back can become uncomfortable especially during long exercise sessions. This is a very valid complaint as the seat is narrower than on other recumbent bikes. However, this problem can be easily attenuated by adding an extra cushion. In fact, this shouldn’t be considered a deal breaker for those interested in this model, as it offers other remarkable features that compensate.

Overallprogear 190 bike

The ProGear 190 Compact Space Saver receives far more positive reviews than negative. Users really enjoy the ease of use and variety of resistance levels offer from this bike. The biggest selling point does seem to be the fact that it can be folded in half its original size with the simply removal of a pin. The folded bike can easily be stored in a closet or other area when not in use to keep it hidden and out of sight.

This is the perfect bike for those who like to exercise from the comfort of their own homes. The eight different levels of resistance offer adequate difficult for the beginner or for those who suffer from knee, ankle or joint pain. The heart sensor is a nice addition as being able to constantly check and track your heart rate while riding is a very nice feature which is not found on other recumbent bikes at this price.

However, if you are a looking for a more challenging and entertaining workout then you should consider other models that offer built-in programs and more resistance settings such as the Stamina 4825.