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Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle

Flywheel Weight
Reebok 510
reebok 510
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48 lbs47 x 20 x 55130 lbs300 lbs2 years limited

Compare with other spinning bikes

reebok 510 indoor cycleWith the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle, veteran and less experienced athletes will be able to push through their normal boundaries and burn more calories within a shorter amount of time. Indeed, this particular machine has been conceived to help you experience a professional-quality workout without going to the gym. With spin bike, you can be sure to enjoy a low-impact training session that will engage all your muscles without leaving you at the brink of exhaustion. By this token, the bike can easily be used by elderly or overweight people since it takes quite a large deal of weight off your knees.

Fairly affordable, the bike is also enhanced by several features such as the heavy flywheel, heart rate monitor, LCD console and water bottle holder. Hence, users can be sure to be greeted with a highly enjoyable training session as soon as they climb on the machine. Best of all, the indoor cycle is entirely designed to keep discomfort at bay while helping you burn between 300 to 1200 calories per hour.

About the Company

For several years now, Reebok Fitness has produced an extensive line of fitness-related machines, equipment and accessories designed to help athletes efficiently lose weight and maintain a perfect level of health. The company is especially reputed for the solid built and affordability of their machines. Along with several types of indoor cycles, Reebok Fitness also produces a series of treadmills, elliptical trainers, floor mats, treadmill accessory kits, heart rate monitors and the likes.

Product Specificationsreebok 510 monitor

  • Product dimensions: 47 x 20 x 55”
  • Product weight: 130lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 48lbs
  • Heart rate Monitoring: Polar Telemetry
  • Display: LCD console
  • Seat Adjustments: Yes
  • Cooling fan: Yes
  • Storage: Transport wheels
  • Workout programs; Yes
  • Water bottle holder: Yes

Ease of Use and Features

The Reebok 510 is equipped with several professional features such as the 48 pounds inertia-enhanced, heavy flywheel, which is the same than what the- more expensive- commercial model Sole SB700 comes with, and definitely more than what you’ll get with the similarly-priced Diamondback 510Ic and the Horizon Fitness M4. Now considering that quite a few fitness gurus recommend to go for weighted flywheels because these normally tend to engage the entire body into the workout instead of simply focusing on the legs and lower body as is the case with other lower-quality machines, this is indeed a nice feature. With the flywheel, athletes can easily expect an exceptionally smooth and fluid cycling motion which will undoubtedly bring to mind the sensation of outdoors biking.

Several users- especially older people- also appreciated the addition of a handy heart rate monitor which perfectly complemented the attached chest pulse strap. Contrary to what most people believe, heart rate monitors are also designed for younger and healthy athletes since it allows them to track their long-term progress according to how quickly their heart rate recovers from the training session. Another handy feature is the display LCD monitor conceived to provide users with accurate, data-related statistics. Example of LCD readouts include, but are not limited to, distance, calories burned, heart rate and speed.

A very convenient water bottle holder is also included with the machine to keep users perfectly hydrated during the entire duration of your exercise session. More importantly, athletes will even be able to make the most out of the super-smooth felt resistance system which will allow them to set their own pace and gradually build their stamina towards more challenging and demanding movements. Indeed, thanks to this feature, the bike can even be used by new users who still haven’t developed the strength needed for more intense sessions. The felt resistance will also allow users to improve their individual metabolic rate, hence encouraging the body to burn quite a lot of calories even when you’re not on the machine.

When it comes to the user weight capacity, this model definitely delivers, as it comes with an amazing 300 pounds of maximum capacity, which is again the same than the offered by more expensive models Sole SB700 and Diamondback 510Ic.

Assembly and Parts

The Reebok 510 is extremely simple to assemble. In fact, since the frame is nearly completely assembled, all I did was consult the instructions manual to find out how to put the display console, seat and handlebars together. I have to say that I was quite appreciative of the clear and step-by-step instructions delivered by the booklet. To make things even easier for users, Reebok includes all the necessary tools, Allen keys and a plethora of other accessories required to set the machine up. Personally, I needed around half an hour to forty minutes to put this bike together.

Drawbacksreebok 510 spin bike

Because of its exceptionally affordable price combined with the numerous features that it presents, the Reebok 510 barely has any downside to its name. In fact, the only issue reported was related to the assembly process whereby a user found this task to be too difficult for her. Otherwise, the large majority of users claimed to have been quite happy with their purchase.

Final Opinion

There’s no doubt about the fact that the Reebok 510 indoor cycle is a great investment to anyone who wants to embrace an active and healthier lifestyle. Solid, packed with features and extremely comfortable to use, this machine can be bought on Amazon. It is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.