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Reebok 610 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Reebok 610
reebok 610
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2422350 lbs-Lifetime frame
-2 years parts
-1 year labor

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A well-established name in the Health and Fitness industry, Reebok is particularly reputed for the exceptional quality of their products. The Reebok 610 Exercise Bike, for example, is one of the most popular recumbent bikes on the market. Priced between $500 and $600, this particular machine may not be the most affordable on the market, but it is certainly worth every cent, and a good alternative to the popular Sole R92. Indeed, it boasts of superior, gym-quality features as well as an extremely solid build that can easily sustain everyday use. In fact, this apparatus has been known to last for several decades, if not for life. Best of all, with this bike you can very easily expect to lose approximately 1000 calories or more per hour, depending on your age, weight and gender.

Fitness gurus very often recommend recumbent bikes to anyone who’s striving to lose weight or simply adopt a much healthier lifestyle. Since you simply have to lie back and pedal, with this kind of machine you won’t feel the strain, soreness and aches that usually come with other types of fitness equipment. By this token, the Reebok 610 can be used by obese, overweight, elderly or mildly disabled individuals. This product will even help you avoid numerous medical complications like type two diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and the likes. It also provides an improved cardiovascular and lung function.

reebok 610 pedalsComfort Level

This recumbent bike has been entirely designed for comfort. The fiber seat, for example, is ergonomically designed to comfortably curve around your body, which makes the machine comfortable enough to use even during lengthy workout sessions. As far as the backrest is concerned, it’s large and padded enough to provide adequate comfort, while largely minimizing the risks of biking-related injuries such as slipped discs. In fact, the seat and backrest design have often been compared to a rather comfortable armchair: a feature that is very rarely found in recumbent bikes. Users who are worried about their height will be glad to learn that the seat can be adjusted to ensure that your ankles reach the pedals. This feature can also be used to help you enjoy various stride lengths. All athletes have to do is push and pull on the handle to move the saddle back and forth on the main frame.

The armrests are also padded for extra comfort, while providing a secure grip, even if your hands get sweaty and slippery. The pedals are equipped with wide straps designed to hold your ankles firmly into place. Because of their oversized design, the pedals are wide enough to sustain several shoe sizes. Also, thanks to the one-piece pedal crank, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy a smooth and extremely fluid ride.

Features and Specifications

This machine is packed with features designed to help you derive the most from your training sessions. For example, it comes with an impressive 22 digital resistance levels that can deliver anything from an easy to a grueling Olympic-level training session. This is why the bike is very often recommended to larger families since it can accommodate various fitness levels. Because of its magnetic resistance, this particular machine is extremely smooth and quiet, hence allowing you to enjoy your training session in front of the television, while listening to your favorite music or simply while chatting on your phone.

reebok 610 monitorThe bike is also equipped with a widescreen display console that allows you to control anything from your fitness data to your resistance. For instance, users will be able to keep an eye on the number of calories burned, distance covered, time goals, pulse and the likes. Through the console, you can also use the pulse option to personalize your workout. Alternatively, the monitor can also be used to navigate between the twelve preset programs designed to add some extra variety to your exercise session. While these features are bound to please advanced users, a few inexperienced athletes found them difficult to navigate through at first.

Users can benefit from the iFit Live Module that allows them to download extra features from the Reebok website and transfer these features to their recumbent bikes. The monitor is also designed for interactive purposes, allowing you to easily connect and race with other users who are using this same model. This machine includes the following specifications:

  • Machine dimensions: 47 x 20 x 55 inches
  • Machine weight: 150 pounds
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Number of resistance levels: 22
  • Preset programs: 24
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 350lbs
  • Power: Electrical, with power cord and adapter included

Ease of Use

This machine is extremely efficient but some users- especially inexperienced ones- found the numerous features to be too overwhelming at first. On the plus side, however, you won’t need to manually adjust anything since all the features are digitally-programed. Hence, users can change their resistance or select their workout program at the mere flick of a finger.

reebok 610 recumbent bikeAssembly and Parts

Most users found it extremely easy to assemble this machine. In fact, it comes partially assembled, which largely facilitates this step. More importantly, you will also receive all the different tools and accessories, as well as a handy instructions manual that will guide you through the assembly process. The majority of customers did find the booklet easy to understand but a few people complained about the lack of illustrations. Overall, the assembly process took around forty-five minutes to one hour.


While the machine received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, a few users did bemoan the fact that the programs and varying resistance levels were quite difficult to navigate through. However, this issue quickly dissipated after several days of continuous use. Other than this minor complaint, the Reebok 610 was mostly well-received.


One of the sturdiest fitness machines on the market, the Reebok 610 will help you shed those stubborn pounds in no time at all. The programs and varying levels of resistance will undoubtedly add some extra flair and panache to your exercise sessions, enabling you to keep your metabolism and stamina active. This machine is protected by a one year warranty for labor, 2 year warranty for parts and lifetime warranty for the main frame.