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Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn 130
schwinn 130
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222041 x 21 x 56300 lbs10 years frame
2 years mechanical
1 year electrical
1 year labor

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schwinn 130 maleThe Schwinn 130 is a highly innovative upright bike that boasts of cutting edge technology as well as a variety of fitness-related features designed to improve your overall health. Acclaimed by trainers and fitness gurus, this is also one of the most stylish and easy to use models on the market. Best of all, with a user capacity of 300lbs, this upright bike is suitable to just about anyone, including overweight athletes. Since it is so comfortable to use, this model is even recommended to old people who are looking for a very low impact but largely effective workout with each training session. From the solid frame to the angle adjustable handlebars, the upright bike will undoubtedly help you train without any discomfort whatsoever.

About the company

A leading figure in the fitness industry, Schwinn Fitness is known for its extensive range of both outdoors and indoors bikes. In fact, the company also carries a plethora of distinguished awards linked to the exquisite comfort and reliability of their products. And because of its high quality products, we took the time to also review the cheaper model A10, same price models 120 and 150, as well as the more expensive 170.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 58 x 41 x 22
  • Product weight: 59lbs
  • Maximum user capacity: 300lbs
  • Programs: 22
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Power option: Powered
  • Grip Pulse Sensors: Yes
  • Resistance: Eddy Current Magnetic

The Schwinn 130 is mainly known for its dual track LCD console designed to help you closely monitor your exercise progress while analyzing up to 13 fitness feedbacks including calories burned, time, distance covered, heart rate, resistance level, and others.schwinn 130 monitor

This can be quite a motivating factor for anyone who’s trying to stick to a particular workout goal because it’s very easy to use the data export and goal tracking feature to have a detailed visual of your daily or weekly progress. In fact, thanks to the handy USB port, all your information can be transferred directly from the console to your computer and uploaded to Schwinn Connect or Now this is a cool feature that you’re not likely to find on many other models!

As a nice addition, athletes can also use the USB port to charge their tablets or smartphones. Through the display console, you will also be able to make the most out of the 2 user settings that can be adjusted to various members of the family.

The upright bike operates through an Eddy Current Magnetic System which makes for a very smooth and quiet workout, so if you prefer to keep entertained with music or a movie while exercising you will certainly going to appreciate this bike’s silent feature. To enhance your motivation, this item is also equipped with mp3-compatible acoustic chamber speakers.

The bike allows you to choose between no less than 20 levels of resistance which can be as mild or challenging as you want them to be. This versatile feature makes the bike perfect for both experienced and less experienced athletes.

Comfort and Ease of useschwinn 130 seat

The Schwinn 130 is fairly comfortable and easy to use, notably because of the ergonomic handlebars that can be adjusted to your preference. This largely minimizes the risks of shoulder strains and upper body aches while putting your body in optimal position for a comfortable workout.

The 130 also comes with oversized crossbar tubing which provides some extra stability, no matter how vigorously your pedal. The solid steel and aluminum frame prevents the bike from budging, something which can be advantageous to anyone who likes to indulge in intense training sessions.

Personally, I was extremely fond of the large pedals and firm straps that can very easily accommodate shoes of various sizes. Users are also going to appreciate the cooling fan which prevents you from breaking into a sweat during lengthier workouts, and thanks to being powered by a plug-in this model’s fan does actually work.

Assembly and Parts

The assembly process with this particular product is easy but quite time consuming. The upright bike arrives nearly completely disassembled and requires quite a lot of time and patience to be set up. Fortunately, though, it does come with a detailed assembly manual. The booklet stated that users might need around 45 minute to 1 hour to assemble the bike, but it took me nearly 2 hours to put it together. However, users won’t have to scramble around trying to find the proper tools, knobs and screws because they’re all included in the boxed packaging, along with all the different bike parts.


The one issue that quite a few users reported was the rather hard seat. While it is padded and contoured to fit several body shapes, customers found that it only become comfortable after a few weeks of constant use.

Overall Opinion130 upright bike

All in all, we really liked the Schwinn 130. It comes with some really nice features that aren’t usually found on exercise bikes of this price, such as a wide array of resistance levels and- the always cool- my compatibility.

While it does have a couple of downsides, the upright bike’s numerous advantages do win over the cons, hence making it quite a solid investment for anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up or simply maintain a good health. Indeed, cycling is one of the rare exercises that provide an all-body workout by drawing energy from most of your muscles, without however putting any additional strain on your joints. An hour-long medium resistance workout can easily yield a deficit of around 400 to 500 calories while a higher resistance level can burn up to 900 or even 1000 calories, depending of course, on the user’s weight, fitness level, gender and age.

Users will be glad to learn that the Schwinn 130 upright exercise bike is protected by a solid manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days on labor, 1 year on electrical, 2 years on mechanical and 10 years on the frame.