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Schwinn 220 Recumbent Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Schwinn 220

Schwinn 220

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1016 levels300 lbs-5 years frame
-1 year mechanical
-1 year electrical
-90 days wear parts
-90 days labor

Best recumbent bike comparison

Schwinn 220 Recumbent bikeThe Schwinn 220 Recumbent Bike offers its users a remarkable workout at a quite affordable price. This ergonomically designed bicycle offers various seat, handle bar and pedal positions, making it easily adaptable to a wide arrange of users, even if they’re suffering from conditions such as ankle, knee, hip, or back problems. The padded seat and back rest provide great comfort and support and are also very easy to adjust to accommodate various heights. Offering 16 different levels of resistance, eight diverse workout programs, and an in console fan and MP3 music port and speakers, this bike has all the bells and whistles and transforms exercising into something far more enjoyable and entertaining. As a nice addition, this model also offers heart rate pads so the user can monitor and track his/her heart rate and ensure they are achieving their goals. It also comes with large transportation wheels which make it perfect for in home use and allows to be easily transported from room to room.

Comfort Level

Schwinn 220 SeatWe consider this bike to be an especially good investment for athletes, or other persons, who are rehabbing from a recent injury or who are looking to strengthen his/her legs without the added stress walking and running puts on joints. Indeed, thanks to its extra padded seat and back rest that fully support and embrace the riders back, users will be able to get the best of their workout in a comfortable and safe way while enjoying an exceptional lower body and cardiovascular workout.

Features and Specifications

  • The Schwinn 220 offers a plethora of amazing features, such as:
  • 16 different levels of resistance
  • 7 preset workout programs
  • Eight different pre-programmed workouts
  • An easy to use and read heart rate monitor
  • A crystal clear LCD display monitor which displays time, RPM, distance, speed, pulse, calories burned, and more.
  • A conveniently placed and easy to reach water bottle holder.
  • A two speed in console fan to cool the rider down during the workout.
  • Product dimensions: 55x 25 x 38”
  • Product weight: 111lbs

This model’s heart rate sensor is especially easy to use since it’s located on the bike’s grips, so the only thing you’ll have to do to get information regarding your heart rate is place your hands on the grip. It’s instantly displayed on the monitor afterwards.

Ease of Use

Schwinn 220 MonitorThanks to its preset programs this model is extremely easy to use. Indeed, on its display monitor you can easily choose between the preset workouts or customize your own, and as soon as the rider begins to pedal, the different workout programs are clearly labeled and displayed. The big display monitor is also very easy to read and manipulate and it’s located within easy reach, thus you don’t need to interrupt your workout to change the settings. The user can easily change the resistance levels any time during the workout with the push of a single button as well as pause or stop their workout routine. Additionally, the fan and MP3 player can also both be easily controlled and require very little effort to turn on or off.

Assembly and parts

This bike comes semi-assembled and so it does require a very small amount of effort to put the parts together. However, it comes with a very helpful illustrated instruction manual that shows how to properly assemble and operate the bike. Now, even though it will take some time to get the bike up and going, with a simple screw driver and a small amount of patience anyone should be able to do it in 20 to 30 minutes just by following the instructions and pictures.


A lot of customer reviewers have complained that their bike box was delivered damaged. While this may be a common occurrence, the bike itself has always been delivered unharmed and the box damage can easily be attributed to the post office or delivery driver. Also, the fan is not very strong and doesn’t do a good job of cooling the rider off while working out. Now this is a valid complaint and could be viewed as a potential drawback, however, we have noticed that recumbent bikes never come with a potent fan, as they don’t usually have the power to support them, unless they’re plug-in models. Even so, this model’s fan is a great addition since it does offer a nice cool breeze and is also extremely quiet.


The Schwinn 220 seamlessly incorporates exercise and comfort, making it a great addition for any home gym. The bike is also ideal for any users that cannot run or walk long distances as it offers a low impact workout, and is also great for anyone suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery or with bad joints. This model is extremely quiet when in use and offers the rider a solid comfortable frame, resulting in maximum comfort and enjoyment, and all this for an affordable price.

Now although we consider this a good bike, and it certainly offers a better array of features than the cheaper model Schwinn A20, it’s also worth mentioning that Schwinn has more advanced models to offer- even for the same price range such as the Schwinn 230– thus we’d recommend you checking out those too before making any decision.

The Schwinn 220 comes with a five year warranty on the frame, one year on all the electrical and mechanical parts, and a 90 days warranty on labor and wearable parts.