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Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Schwinn 250

Schwinn 250

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1616 levels300 lbs-5 years frame
-1 year mechanical parts
-1 year electrical parts
-90 days wear parts
-90 days labor

Compare with other recumbent bikes

In case you’re familiar with the quality Schwinn exercise equipment is characterized by, you’d be right in your assumptions that the Schwinn 250 recumbent bike provides a lot of value for its price.

SchwinnIndeed, the Schwinn line is basically in competition with itself because it exceeds other recumbent bikes in terms of features and technological advances, and because of this, we took the time to review not just this model, but also the 270, 230, 220 and A20.

Like all other Schwinn products, this bike’s build is awesomely good, as well as its quality and durability, which has over the years made Schwinn one of the market leaders in the health and fitness industry.

As one of the few award winning bikes, the Schwinn 250 is an excellent choice for those looking for a low impact type of workout, and it’s particularly great for people trying to recover from injuries as well as pregnant moms trying to achieve a good heart rate.

Now the fact that this bike lets you customize your workout programs as per your endurance level makes it an appealing choice for many, and is surely going to motivate you to exercise. Price wise, Schwinn 250 is a mid-range piece of exercise equipment that ensures that you get all those features you desire in your perfect workout bike without costing you a fortune!

Comfort levelSchwinn 250 Seat

This bike comes with a sculptured seat base and a comfy back rest that completely takes all the back pressure, effectively reduces joint swellings and while at the same time allowing the user to achieve great results. It has an extra-wide ergonomic seat that you can adjust to your preference, as there’s a range of options. The seat pad is made out of firm, rubbery material that is characterized by durability and comfort.

The bike also features a console that can be adjusted on the fore, aft and angle position to accommodate a wide range of users, and also comes with integrated bottle holder, utility tray, and a blower fan to keep you cool while exercising. This model also boast of an oversized pedal design to accommodate and secure different shoe sizes.

Assembly and parts

Schwinn 250 is delivered in a nice package, with all its parts well protected and labeled. The assembly process is not complicated though it can be time consuming for inexperienced users. Personally, I had no problems putting this bike together and was able to do it in just 20 minutes. However, if you experience any problem, you will find the included instruction manual quite helpful, as it even comes with pictures to make things easier. If you have never assembled a bike like this before, be sure to spend slightly over an hour with the set up to check that everything is in place. Here Schwinn does a great job of ensuring that each and every tool is available in the package during delivery, which is nice. Lastly, consider that this bike is quite heavy and you might need some help when moving it to your house.

Features and Specifications

I won’t go into all the individual aspects regarding its features but the most notable ones are its 16 workout programs to pick from, 16 resistance levels, mp3 music input port, speakers and both contact heart rate and telemetry monitoring. The Schwinn 250 comes with an exceptionally clear LCD monitor that allows the user to easily personalize his or her workout. Its perimeter weighted flywheel can provides both a trouble road feel as well as a smooth and consistent workout. It also comes with built-in oversized levelers and stabilizers to provide a solid workout platform no matter the intensity of the workout. Other features worthy mentioning include:A man riding a Schwinn 250 bike

  • Water bottle holder
  • Additional storage
  • Retractable reading rack
  • Transport wheel
  • Oversized saddle
  • Oversized deluxe pedal

Not only will you be able to completely customize your workout with this bike’s profile editor, but also

With this bike not only will you be able to completely customize your workout through its profile editor, but also, thanks to its Schwinn Advantage feature, you can keep track of your workout as to stay motivated and increase your endurance. Using the monitor, you’ll also be able to change the resistance levels and track your heart rate constantly.

In comparison to the conventional friction type resistance system, the magnetic resistance system on the 250 is far more advanced as well as completely silent, hence perfect for those that prefer listening to music or watching something while working out. and comes with rugged construction and flywheel. You’ll find the magnetic resistance to be extremely smooth, even during those lengthy, exhaustive workouts.

When you compare it to other models it’s exceptionally quiet thanks to its magnetic resistance, which makes great for people who prefer to indulge in multiple activities at once. Indeed, you’ll be able to get a full body workout as you’re watching TV, reading or listening to music.

You’ll probably consider the 2 polar Heart rate control programs it comes with as one of the best features on the bike. These programs simply let you set an approximate target heart rate, and as soon as you do that it automatically adjusts the resistance levels to match your designated heart rate, which is so great that you’ll find yourself using it all the time!. Now this great feature tends to be reserved/available on the most expensive recumbent bikes out there – commercial ones costing thousands of dollars, so the fact that its included on this model definitely makes it a great value for the money.

Ease of Use

Schwinn 250 LCDThis is a very sturdy piece of equipment that is designed to be easy to use while delivering at the same time for a good workout. Even though it has additional programs and features compared to other models, nothing will give you a headache while trying to understand how this bike works. The display is easy to use as well as clear and readable. It tracks your performance for the long term and there are two profiles to work with.

This bike’s bigger console is surely a great addition as it provides a great place to rest your kindle/ ipad or reading materials. I also like that this recumbent bike has an extended pause. When using it, one can easily get off and take a little break and then just restart it from the place you left off. And the good thing is that it will only log in your time if you are actually moving the pedals.


Some users have expressed some little disappointment on how the list of features on the manual translates to actual features on the bike. For example, the bike’s 2 polar heart rate programs do not mean there are 2 separate heart rate controlled programs. The online manual has just one program with 2 levels. So, in short, most users don’t take the argument that a level equals a program! The bike is also very quiet but when you are changing the resistance levels, you will a click sound but this most likely has to do with the motor sound which is quite normal. Finally, having an adjustable display is quite good but tilting it all the way forward gets into the way of your handle bars which are upfront. But all in all, none of these little drawbacks can take away from the topnotch quality of this bike!


Despite having some few issues here and there, I would still recommend this recumbent exercise bike to anyone who wants reasonably priced and well performing equipment. You surely can never go wrong by investing in this bike. It will provide you with the kind of workout you’re looking for, and additionally, you can easily program it as per your needs. The bike doesn’t make even the slightest noise and runs smoothly. The seat is incredibly comfortable and I also love the fact that this bike allows you to track your workouts. Schwinn 250 has a reasonably wide range of controls and programs that are easily operated. The bike has a myriad of options for different workouts and you will never get bored with the same old. In overall, this is a great investment worthy consideration and can certainly help you reach your fitness goals.