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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Schwinn 270

Schwinn 270

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2925 levels300 lbs-10 years frame
-2 years mechanical
-1 year electrical
-90 days labor

Compare with other recumbent bikes

From one of the best reputed fitness companies nowadays, the Schwinn 270 is among the most technically advanced bikes out there, and will serve as an amazing addition to your home gym. Indeed, with its wide range of resistance levels this bike is designed to give the user a challenging and efficient workout that will satisfy even the advanced user. You’ll find that it’s extremely effective in terms of exercise programs, and can also be easily customized to your workout preferences.

Schwinn 270 SeatComfort level

In comparison to upright bikes, recumbent bikes are known for giving priority to comfort, and this model is certainly not the exception. Indeed, this modern bike comes with an enhanced lower back support that guarantees a high comfort level, as well as a comfortably padded seat bottom.

The padded seat can be easily adjusted in the aft/ fore positions, thus providing a customized posture perfect for those that share the bike with a family member. As a great addition, this model also offers a vented bottom and back that allows the user to stay cool while working out, and this feature in addition to the 3 speed fan will keep you cool as you’re working out even in the hottest of summer months.

Assembly and parts

Now when it comes to assembling the bike, even if you’re not the most mechanically talented person out there, you should be able to put it together within an hour or two. I know, assembly is not fun, but then the good thing is that you only have to do it once. I found the manual to be very explicit, and even though there was no one to help, I managed to put it together in 90 minutes.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent BikeFeatures and Specifications

We were really impressed to find out what this bike incorporates as far as workout programs, especially when you take in consideration that it’s a mid-range model. Indeed, it comes with 29 programs including 12 profiles, 9 heart rate controls, a recovery test as well as a quick start program and 4 custom users that you can define.

The Schwinn 270 comes with up to 25 resistance levels (an improvement from the Schwinn 230) meaning that you’ll be able to experience a full range of workouts as you advance, and there will be space for growing since the highest setting is kind of insane. As an addition, it includes 10 resistance “quick keys” that basically make possible to go through the resistance levels on an easier way, and while I didn’t find this very useful it might be for other people, since it lets you take your session from the lightest to the most exhaustive of workouts with the press of a button. The good news is that you won’t ever have to manually adjust anything by turning knobs, since this bike is completely digital.

There’s also a DualTrack technology monitor on this model, providing for all the feedback you could possible need as you’re exercising, as it shows 13 different statistics in real time. Some of the statistics shown include profiles, time elapsed, overall distance, rpm, number of burned calories, speed, pulse, intensity, goal achievement, resistance levels, etc. Although you probably won’t focus on this as you’re exercising, it can certainly prove useful to visually take note of how far you’ve come with your exercise.

In addition, if you take your workout extremely seriously there’s an USB transfer feature letting you connect to the SchwinnConnect website thus you can fully personalize your workout and then use it to achieve certain goals. Overall, the feedback in relation to this machine tends to remain positive. Most people rave about how easy it is to connect it to devices such as an iPad or a Kindle without the need to purchase accessories. There’s also a water bottle holder and speakers for your music.

Some of its other features worth noting include the convenient transport wheels you can use to transfer or store it with ease. The dual display lets you watch movies on the device while keeping progress of your workout. One great feature is that as soon as you’ve finished your workout, the bike shuts off by default so you don’t have to bother with it. It’s outstanding at that price point.

Another great feature this bike includes is the ergonomically placed grip heart rate that allows users to keep track of their heart rate while exercising for extended periods, and even better, if you prefer riding hands-free you can use a chest strap heart rate monitor with this bike, thought you may have to buy it separately. Now this is especially great for people that have had heart problems or simply want to keep track of their workout progress.

Schwinn 270 MonitorEase of Use

This recumbent bike was definitely designed with user-friendliness in mind. I liked that it was very easy to alternate between user profiles, thus it’s great as a family bike. Also, adjusting the resistance can be easily done by just clicking a button up or down, although, it also comes with higher increases buttons and those can be a bit confusing at first. As for the seat, when it comes to adjusting it to different positions it also can be easily done thanks to its single leveler.


You’ll have to keep in mind that there isn’t a perfect recumbent bike, and although we liked the Schwinn 270 a lot, it also comes with its share of drawbacks. For instance, the fan can turn out to be a bit weak even at the strongest settings. Also, while I didn’t have problems with it, some users have complained that the LCD monitor is too bright. Now this is a fun fact about fitness equipment and its users, either people find the monitors too dark or they find them too bright! In this case, this model takes power from a plug-in and not from batteries so Schwinn didn’t mind adding a brightly lighted monitor.


The Schwinn 270 is a mid-range budget recumbent bike that offers the majority of its features are actually expected on commercial bikes considered the most expensive. Indeed, if you compare this model to pricier recumbent bikes (even way above its price range) you’ll find that there isn’t such a big difference. The Schwinn 270 is packed with impressive features, as well as a solid and comfortable build, hence why it’s one of the most popular recumbent bikes at the moment, and surely a great investment for any home gym.

However, if you’re on a restricted budget, a good alternative to this model is the Body Rider Trio Trainer, which also comes with a wide array of workout programs and resistance levels, but for a more moderated price.