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Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 470
schwinn 470
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2529300 lbs20"10-year frame
2-year mechanical
90-day labor

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With the ever increasing gym fees, more and more users are investing in their own exercise equipment to keep fit and enjoy the multiple benefits of a challenging cardiovascular workout. Elliptical machines, for instance, have been shown to drastically improve your lung and heart function while regulating your blood pressure. If you’re looking for a professional quality machine without the price tag, you’ll certainly appreciate the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer. Efficient and highly durable, this particular machine has been shown to help users lose up to 1000 calories per hour, with the exact amount depending on various features such as their age, gender, weight, resistance level and the likes.

schwinn 470 elliptical machineThis particular model, despite its wide array of features, also has the added advantage of being exceptionally easy to use, which makes it entirely suited for both advanced athletes and beginners. In fact, this product is commonly purchased by large families since it can be adapted to each person’s individual height, while sustaining a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds. More importantly, it can accommodate heavy-duty use, allowing you to use it for several hours per day, every day. It even features a plethora of programs and features designed to render your training much more enjoyable and motivating.

About the Company

With over 100 years of experience to its name, Schwinn Fitness is one of the leading suppliers of exercise machines on the market. Indeed, this well-established boasts of a plethora of award-winning gym equipment that will help you drop those extra pounds in no time at all. This company is reputed for its emphasis on comfort and efficiency, hence ensuring that customers are always motivated to train. Schwinn Fitness also provides a reliable and solid after-sales service.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Eddy Current Brake
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Adjustable Incline: Yes
  • Adjustable Stride: No
  • Stride Length: 20 inches
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Built-in Programs: 29
  • Dimensions: 70 x 28 x 63 inches
  • Weight: 186 pounds

The Schwinn 470 boasts of a stride length of 20 inches, which makes it suitable for users of various heights. Best of all, its incline can be easily adjusted to a 10 degree, thanks to the fully-motorized ramp range, which adds some extra motivation and variety to their training session. The incline feature is also a great way to indulge in more challenging workouts since you will encounter more resistance.

As far as the drive system is concerned, athletes will be able to enjoy the benefits of working out with a high-inertia, high-speed weighted flywheel designed to draw every major muscle group of your body into the motions. This ensures toning up in common problem areas like the abdomen, glutes, thighs, hips, waist and calves. If you’re fond of interval training, you’ll be able to make the most out of the 25 levels of Eddy Current Break resistance that will add some extra panache to your exercise session. By this token, both veterans and beginners will be able to make the most out of the machine. The 25 levels of resistance are also suitable for interval training, whereby customers alternate between low and high intensity to burn more calories.

schwinn 470 consoleThe Schwinn 470 also boasts of the much-coveted Schwinn Connect dual LCD window System to help you consistently track your progress by providing accurate fitness-related readouts. Therefore, you’ll be able to track the number of calories burned, distance, speed, time, heart rate and the likes. The screen is blue-backlit and large enough to be viewed from a distance. It also features easy-to-reach buttons that won’t require you to strain your back just to reach it. The trainer even comes with no less than 29 preset programs, including custom ones. This perfectly complements this model’s 4 user profiles.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Contrary to most exercise machines, the Schwinn 470 is quite comfortable to use. For example, it’s equipped with extra-large articulating pedals with cushioning for added comfort. The footplates are also ridged to provide you with a safe and steady grip even during highly energetic training sessions. Similarly, the handlebars are foam-padded and textured to prevent sores and blisters when your hands get too sweaty and slippery. The handlebars can also be adjusted to suit your height.

schwinn 470 ellipticalThis is one of the rare exercise products that come with a built-in USB charging port. Athletes can use this port to connect with the company’s website and export their fitness-related data to Schwinn for safekeeping. You’ll also receive a water bottle holder that enables you to remain completely hydrated during the entire duration of your training. This completely eliminates the hassle of manually jotting down your data.

Elderly users will appreciate the grip sensors found on the handlebars. These, as well as the chest strap, allow users to train in all safety, without overdoing it. Another luxurious amenity that comes with this machine is the three-speed fan designed to keep you cool during your training session. Lastly, with this model you can also enjoy some music from your iPod or MP3 player, thanks to the built-in speakers.

Assembly and Parts

If you’re not handy with manual labor, you will be glad to learn that this product comes nearly completely assembled. Therefore, you only have to put the pedals, arms, LCD screens and other minor parts together. The boxed packaging even comes with all the tools and accessories you’ll need to assemble the Schwinn 470l. These include, but are not limited to, wrenches, screws, bolts, screwdrivers and the likes. According to most customers, only forty-five minutes to an hour are required to join the various parts together. This step is also simplified thanks to the detailed and illustrated instructions manual.


Priced between $700 and $900, this machine will certainly assist you on your way to fitness. It includes every amenity you need to enjoy a luxurious and in-depth workout, without having to worry about sores, aches and strains the following day. Easy to use and exceptionally efficient, the Schwinn 470 is protected by a solid manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years on the frame, 2 years on mechanical and one year on labor.