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Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Max. Speed
Sole Fitness F80
sole f80
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22 x 60"1012 MPH375 lbsLifetime frame & motor
5-year electronics
2-year labor

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Designed to provide maximum convenience and efficiency during your workouts, the Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill will help you enjoy your workouts without even having to leave your home. Indeed, with this machine, you can say goodbye to long, tedious and often boring hours of jogging aimlessly on the street or in an overly expensive gym, surrounded by strangers. With the F80, you can plan your own workouts and train at your own pace. Having a treadmill at home is also more motivating since you can train in front of the television or in rhythm to your favorite music. If you’re busy, you can also workout in intervals across the day, which means that you’ll never skip a workout session again.

About the Company

A premier brand in the Health and Fitness industry, Sole Fitness has over a decade of experience in this field. Working in close collaboration with various international users, this company strives to provide affordable products without compromising on quality. Best of all, this company even focuses on cutting-edge technology to provide users with a challenging training session. Because of this company’s impeccable repute, we also took the time to review the Sole F85 and F63.

sole f80 reviewProduct Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Capacity: 375 pounds
  • Preset Programs: 10
  • Motor Horsepower: 3.5 HP
  • Maximum Speed: 12 MPH
  • Running Surface: 22 x 60 inches
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 58 inches
  • Weight: 265 pounds

The Sole F80 boasts of a long list of handy features that will make your training session much more enjoyable. For example, as far as storage is concerned, this model boasts of a practical folding-unfolding system that requires no effort at all. Therefore, you can very easily store this machine in just about any room of the house without having to worry about wasting valuable floor space.

If you’re fond of vigorous walking sessions, you will be glad to learn that this machine can attain a speed of up to 12 mph. This is perfect for some brisk walking, jogging, power walking and light running. The deck can effortlessly be moved to an incline of up to 15 degrees, enabling you to experience different terrain types. Elderly athletes can also make the most out of the machine’s chest strap to keep a close watch on their heart rate during their training session. You can even track your fitness data through the large 7.5 inch console display. Backlit and very easy to read, this gadget provides accurate readouts of your pulse, number of calories burned, distance covered, speed, total workout time, incline level and the likes.

sole f80 consoleThe cooling fan provides you with a fresh breeze to keep you cool and motivated as you train. You can also benefit from various types of pre-set programs such as six standard, two heart and two fully customizable programs. These are designed to add some extra variety to your exercise session. The programs also cater to various fitness levels, which makes the treadmill a worthwhile investment for users of varying stamina. Best of all, thanks to its wide array of programs you can also work on your metabolism, which will enable your body to burn quite a lot of calories, even if you’re not technically working out. Because of the ergonomically-shaped Easy Access Buttons, you can adjust anything from the speed to the incline level in no time at all. The 2.75 CHP motor will provide you with gym-quality exercise sessions. To keep you motivated and pumped-up, the unit is also equipped with an MP3 port as well as in-built speakers.

Size and Safety

Since the running deck measures 22 by 60 inches, it can be used to comfortably indulge in various types of motions, including running and power walking and the machine is even long enough to accommodate more energetic workouts. This model also boasts of a cushion flex whisper deck to ensure your safety by minimizing the impact on your knees and joints. Since you won’t suffer from the usual aches and soreness after your session, you will be more motivated to elongate your training session and consequently lose weight in less time.

As far as safety is concerned, the Sole F80 boasts of a solid deck as well as texted handles that you can hold on to, with no risk of slipping. Like all good-quality machines, this item also comes with an emergency stop button and pull cord.

sole fitness f80Assembly and Parts

The boxed packaging includes a detailed and illustrated instructions manual which made it easy for users to join the different parts together. Very few users had issues with the assembly process since they found the booklet simple and straightforward to understand. In fact, most people found that they only required around half an hour for this step. Since it comes with all the tools and accessories needed, you won’t even have to purchase your own equipment. These include the bolts, washers, and screws, Allen Key, safety key and the likes. Customers found that they required around one to two hours for the assembly process.


As far as drawbacks go, the Sole F80 received mostly positive reviews on most major websites. A couple of people found the motor to be on the noisy side. A few other customers found the storage area to be on the smaller side since it couldn’t easily accommodate his phone or tablet. Other than that, most people seemed satisfied with their purchases.

Overall a Great Investment

This machine is often considered as an extremely worthy investment, especially because of its wide range of features. Solid enough to sustain even the most energetic of workouts, this model will help you enjoy club-quality features without even stepping out of your house. The Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill is protected by a warranty of 5 years on electronics as well as lifetime on the deck, frame and motor.