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Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle

Flywheel Weight
Spinner Fit Exercise Bike
spinner fit indoor cycle
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31 lbs44 x 18 x 3890 lbs250 lbs1 year limited

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The Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle is a highly efficient and comfortable spin bike to workout on. Perfect for anyone who wants to avoid excessive gym fees and set their own pace, this bike is guaranteed to help you lose quite a lot of weight without any of the regular aches, burns and strains that normally accompany vigorous exercise sessions.

For a mid-range budget, this particular spin bike boasts of a sturdy frame and ergonomic design that can be adjusted to the user’s body shape and size to make it even more comfortable. Extremely versatile, the bike even comes with a series of weight loss and spinning DVDs to enhance your workout and maximize fat blasting- something that can come in quite handy to anyone who’s never indulged in a spinning training session before.

About the Company

Acclaimed as being the creators of some of the most efficient spinning programs, Mad Dogg Athletics is committed to excellence and quality. This company manufactures some of the most affordable gym equipment on the market, without however compromising on quality. Founded in 1994, this company holds an extended variety of indoor cycles to its name.spinner fit indoor cycling bike

Product Specifications

  • Materials: Steel with rubber and plastic components
  • Product dimensions: 44 x 18 x 38”
  • Product weight: 90lbs
  • Maximum user capacity: 250lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 31lbs
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Seat: Vertically and horizontally adjustable, padded
  • Resistance: Adjustable

Features and Comfort Level

Since this spin bike is made up of steel, it can very easily sustain wear and tear as well as scratches. By this token, the bike is designed to sustain heavy-duty use and can easily last for decades if properly cared for. This feature also enables veteran users to indulge in more energetic workouts without any risk of wearing out the flywheel. In fact, the 31 pounds flywheel weights the bike down and even prevents it from wobbling during lengthy cycling sessions. Thanks to the flywheel, athletes will be able to experience smoother and more realistic workouts that closely mimic the sensation of biking in the great outdoors. This particular feature also creates quite a bit of momentum to ensure fluid pedaling strokes which, in return, minimizes impact on the knees and joints. By this token, this exercise bike is entirely suited to old people or athletes who often suffer from such problems.

Additionally, since the spin bike comes with several tension levels, users will even be able to choose their own resistance setting according to their individual capacities. More importantly, athletes can very easily use the ergonomically-situated resistance knob to adjust their tension level without pausing or interrupting their workout. Also, this machine is entirely designed to keep discomfort at bay, hence enabling you to enjoy your exercise session in all serenity. For example, its tickly padded handlebars yield a firm, non-slippery grip even when your hands become sweaty. Similarly, the seat quickly adjusts to your body and is padded for extra comfort. The saddle is also larger than average and easily caters to overweight users.

With this particular bike, users will also receive a Spinning Fitness packaging which includes the following DVDS:

  • Ultimate Energy: A challenging workout which demands quite a lot of energy.
  • Train and Tone: A rhythmic spin cycle pattern with global music mixes.
  • Turn and Burn: A strength training workout.
  • Spinning Ireland Road Tour: A terrain-type training featuring an energetic tour of Ireland’s most scenic streets.
  • Spinning 8 Week Weight Loss Program: A weight-loss scheme developed by Jennifer Ward, Dietician-Nutritionist.

Assembly and Parts

The Spinner Fit exercise bike comes nearly fully disassembled which means that some manual work is required to join the different pieces. This step is fortunately quite easy, although somewhat lengthy. Personally, I did require around forty-five minutes to fully assemble the bike. An instructions manual is included, which will enable even inexperienced users to make the most out of the step-by-step instructions. Along with the booklet, athletes will also receive all the required tools, knobs, screws and other parts needed to set up the machine.


There weren’t a lot of drawbacks reported with this item. One user found the bike to be on the noisier side. However, this issue was soon found to be linked to a poor assembly process and reassembling the brake system put a stop to the noise. Another customer had problems with one of the pedals but was immediately sent a replacement by customer service.spinner fit exercise bike

Overall Opinion

All in all, this exercise bike is a recommended purchase for any novice or veteran athlete. Solid and efficient, this product and included DVDs will allow you to experience professional spin classes in the comfort of your very own home. However, although the added DVDs somewhat make up for the lack of more advanced features, it’s important to note that for the same price you could get a more advanced model such as the Sunny Pro, Sunny Premier, ProForm 300 SPX and even the Exerpeutic LX9, which comes with an amazing 350 pounds of maximum capacity.

Available on Amazon, the Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.