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Spinner Pace Spin Bike by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

Flywheel Weight
Spinner Pace
spinner pace indoor cycle
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31 lbs51 x 18 x 3880 lbs250 lbs1 year limited

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spinner pace spin bikeEspecially designed for home use, the Spinner Pace Spin Bike has been conceived to promote weight loss while enhancing your comfort. Indeed, with this spin bike, there’s barely any risk of strains or injuries since the bike features adjustable parts to fit various body shapes, combined with a weighted flywheel to create momentum thus making for a non-impact workout. Best of all, this particular machine is entirely shaped for home use which presents users with a less bulky model that can suit just about any floor space. In fact, you won’t have to worry about repeatedly having to clean underneath the bike since it even presents an elevated design to facilitate maintenance.

This indoor cycle also suits any amateur or veteran athlete who wants to indulge in an intense spinning workout. In fact, according to most trainers and doctors, spinning can easily be considered as one of the most effective types of exercise because it promotes abdominal and lower body fat, while engaging all the major muscle groups into the movements. Contrary to popular belief, cycling can very easily promote fat-blasting since it creates a stunning deficit of up to 1200 calories per hour, with the exact number depending on the user’s age, gender and weight, among others.

About the Company

Mad Dogg Athletics Inc. has established a solid reputation for itself thanks to the exceptional quality of its products. Reputed for their longevity, these machines are also backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranties to provide optimal support to customers. Because of this, we also took the time to review the similar-priced model Spinner Fit, as well as the commercial Spinner Blade, which is one of the best spin bikes you will find on the market nowadays.spinner pace seat

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 51 x 18 x 38”
  • Product weight: 80lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 31lbs
  • Maximum User Capacity: 250lbs
  • Adjustability: Seat and Handlebars
  • Resistance: Manually adjustable

Product Features and Comfort

As far as comfort is concerned, there’s no doubt that the Spinner Pace has been conceived to keep aches and burns at bay. The saddle, for instance, features an oversized design that can very easily accommodate most body shapes and sizes. It is even padded to prevent the much-dreaded biker’s burn after lengthier workouts. This can also be quite a motivating factor for lazier days. More importantly, the seat can be both vertically and horizontally adjusted which makes it perfect for athletes of varying heights.

The handlebars can also be angled to the desired position, preventing bikers from constantly having to lean forwards. In fact, this indoor cycle features a new racetrack steel frame that not only promotes comfort but also enhances ease of use- which is exactly why it’s recommended as a starter spin bike to beginners. Because of the 31 pounds heavy flywheel, which is the same than what the best-seller model Schwinn IC2 offers, the indoor cycle remains constantly stable and does not budge by an inch, not even if the user indulges in more vigorous motions. Weighed flywheels are also recommended by fitness gurus since they tend to promote fat-burning which, in return, helps you slim down in a mere few weeks.

To suit several fitness levels, the spin bike also features several resistance settings that can be adjusted by an ergonomically-located dial knob. This way, users can adjust the tension level without having to pause or interrupt their training session. This particular item also requires very little maintenance since it has been especially conceived for home use. For example, athletes can very easily give the ergonomically-designed frame a quick wipe-down after use without having to bother about the bulkiness, nooks and crannies that accompany other machines.

Assembly and Parts

The Spinner Pace comes with a partially assembled frame, which means that users have to join the flywheel, handlebars and saddle together. The best thing about this step is that the boxed packaging includes all the tools and accessories that you’ll need to join it, which certainly saves users a trip to the store. Along with the tools, athletes will also receive an illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions to facilitate this particular task. However, while the manual stated that users would need around half an hour to join the different parts, I found that it took me around 1 hour to 1.30 hours to assemble it, even if it turned out to be quite an easy task.spinner pace


A couple of customers did claim to have had some issues with the assembly process, which they found to be quite time-consuming. However, most of them did manage to resolve these difficulties by consulting the instructions booklet or by contacting the company’s customer service. No other downsides were reported with this spin bike and most users were quite happy with their purchase.

Final Word

The Spinner Pace Spin Bike by Mad Dogg Athletics is quite a recommended purchase especially if users consider its affordable cost coupled with the solid features. Available on Amazon, this indoor cycle is protected by a reliable manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.