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Spinning Bike Workout for Beginners

spinning workout for beginnersSpinning is easily one of the most result-inducing workouts that you can adopt. Indeed, several experts highlight the immense fitness and health benefits brought on by this particular form of exercise. From an improved lung and cardiovascular capacity, spinning has been shown to drastically improve your overall health and help you avoid medical issues like diabetes or obesity. The perfect weight-loss tool, spin bikes can also allow you to burn up to 1000 calories per hour by drawing most major muscle groups of your body into the workout.

If you’re thinking of investing in a spinning bike, you’ll be glad to know that these machines are quite readily available on the Fitness market, in several price ranges. In fact, some companies even strive to produce basic, budget-friendly machines that are easily affordable even if they’re not exactly brimming with a wide range of features. These bikes are also designed for full-body workouts and can easily help you lose a staggering amount of fat on common problem areas such as the hips, stomach, glutes, thighs and waist.

Still, like all forms of exercises, beginners should be careful when undertaking any new workout. It doesn’t pay off to be overly-enthusiastic at first and strain yourself out after just a few days. This will only wear out your muscles, which will demotivate you in the long run. According to fitness experts, it’s much better to start off with a gentle training of 30 minutes per day, and gradually build it up to more intense and lengthy sessions. It’s equally important to remember that spinning- unlike regular upright bikes- are equipped with heavier flywheels thus require more energy. Indeed, the best models come with flywheels as heavy as 48 pounds as is the case with the Sole Fitness SB700. Weighted flywheels also have the added advantage of engaging all the muscles of your body into the workout which certainly enhances weight-loss. But, by the same token, these flywheels can easily cause exhaustion among athletes who aren’t used to vigorous workouts.

What We Recommend

If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn that standing up on a spinning bike is one of the most effective ways to shed the extra pounds. Two minutes of stand-up pedaling for every ten minutes of regular cycling can drastically improve your overall strength and stamina. Riding off the saddle will also allow you to indulge in cruising, sprinting and climbing motions. However, beginners might have some trouble adjusting to standing up in the beginning. In this case, it’s best to train this way for no more than 5 minutes per workout. A good pattern for beginners would be to pedal on high resistance for ten minutes, stand up for one minute to two minutes on a lower tension level and then keep alternating until you find your own cadence.

Novice athletes should also remember that perfect positioning is absolutely crucial for a more effective workout. For example, when you’re sitting astride your spin bike, make sure to slightly lean forwards to ensure an even distribution of your body weight and hence lessen the risk of injuries. If you want to pedal in a standing position, try to keep your core muscles as well as abdomen engaged in the motions to prevent issues such as slipped discs or lower back pain.