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Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

Stamina 1205 Precision
stamina 1205
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Hydraulic48 x 32 x 2847 lbs250 lbs5 years frame
90 days parts

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The Stamina 1205 Precision Rowing machine is a home exercise machine that was designed to engage the whole body in the workout without having a high impact on the joints and bones of the user. It comes equipped with a thickly padded seat and pivoting footplates that provide a maximum of comfort for the user.

Its deluxe ball-bearing rolling system allows the user to exercise without loud annoying noises. The multifunctional fitness monitor that is delivered with this machine is capable of recording the rowed distance, speed and strokes as well as other categories. This rower is quite easy to use even for beginners thanks to the different levels of exercise intensity that it offers.

Product Specifications

  • Machine measurements: 32.5 x 27.75 x 48”
  • Maximum user capacity: 250lbs
  • Materials: steel and aluminum
  • Resistance type: Hydraulic


The user manual suggests the assembly should be done by two people, though if there is no other way you can also assemble it by yourself; keeping in mind that while with two people the assembly should take around 30 minutes, assembly by one person may take more than twice that amount of time.

The user manual isn’t very explicit, which doesn’t simplify the much the assembly process. However, the assembly is quite intuitive so even without the manual you should be able to do it without problem, especially if you’re familiar with the setup of rowing machines.

Product Features

1205 precisionThis rowing machine is based on a hydraulic-piston system. It has shocks that provide the necessary resistance for the exercise effect to take place. While rowers based on this kind of system are very quiet and sturdy, the shocks can easily get hot during long exercises.

A common problem with some rowing machines is a rather rough motion pattern which can significantly increase the impact of the exercise on the joints and bones. The 1205 rower features a very fluid motion that, thanks to its fluidity, has a low impact level, which makes it appropriate for people elderly people or those who have previously suffered joint problems.

One of the absolute top features of this exercise machine is the extremely comfortable seat. While many other rowing machines feature hard and uncomfortable seats, the seat of this machine is highly cushioned offering a great level of sitting comfort.

The handlebars are another upside of this workout instrument. They are covered in thick foam, making them easy to grip, even as the hands begin to sweat. There is no need for gloves, as it may be the case with many other rowing machines. The foot rests are rather small and yet provide plenty of support for the users feet. With the help of the foot straps, nearly all shoe sizes fit and can be properly secured for the most effective and secure workouts.


The fitness monitor that comes with this machine has a one-button system that keeps you updated on your progress during the workout. It records strokes, speed, distance and the amount of calories burnt during the workout. Any movement of the seat starts the measurement, thus keeping track accurately and without any need for further modifications and programming prior to the workout. It displays the different functions automatically and switches between them every few seconds allowing the user to keep track of his progress.

The function that calculates the amount of calories burnt during the workout is unfortunately not programmable. It calculates the burnt calories based on a preset average athlete, without giving the user the chance to set it for his own body and fitness type. However, it is still a great tool that can be used for comparing the intensity of workouts with one another. Another problem of the monitor is the fact that it isn’t backlit. This makes it difficult to see the measurements in dimly lit rooms. Having light on is therefore a necessity if the user wants to be able to keep track of his progress by using the monitor.

Moving and storage

Lifting and moving this rower is easier than it may look at first glance. Even though its frame is made of sturdy steel and aluminum, it only weighs 47 pounds, which makes it relatively easy to carry. Unfortunately it does not fold which can present some challenges when it comes to storing it, although due to its relatively light weight, it can be easily removed after its use and leaned against a wall in order to save space. Also, after removing the easily detachable seat, the rowing machine can comfortably be stored underneath the bed, so long as it’s 8” high.

Ease of Use

stamina rower

Stamina 1205 Precision

Stamina 1205 comes with 5 different resistance levels (from 1 to 5, with 5 being the easiest), making it a great home exercising machine for both experienced rowers and absolute beginners who haven’t previously rowed. This can easily lead to confusion of the first time user; however, once the resistance levels are known they will lead the user to gradually improving its fitness level thus being able to increase the resistance level.

The handles can be also easily adjusted, making it possible for the user to have a higher resistance on one handle than the other. This feature can be used by those rowers who have previously worked out wrong and achieved greater strength in one arm compared to the other.


The Stamina 1205 has a maximum user capacity of 250 pounds, which can be restrictive for some people, in which case other products with a higher user capacity would be recommended, such as the LifeSpan Fitness RW1000.

Also, not being foldable results in an inconvenience for people with limited space and this is the major complaint that users have on this rowing machine; although it should be considered that for a machine that offers such an improvement in your health it is well worth the space it takes.


Being one of the most affordable rowers on the market, we didn’t have high expectations of this rower. However, we found it to be quiet sturdy and effective, while at the same time very comfortable and quiet.

Indeed I found myself finishing a long workout without the usual discomfort, which made me look forward to my next workout session. Nevertheless, we want to mention that you can find rowers with better rating than this one and for the same affordable price, such as the Orbital, Easy Glide and Stamina Air Rower, as well as the less-known also two-oar HCI Fitness rower, and they should also be considered before making a decision.