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Stamina 1350 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Stamina 1350

Stamina 1350

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No programsMagnetic250 lbs-1 year frame
-90 days parts

Compare with other recumbent bikes

stamina 1350 recumbentThe Stamina 1350 is an entry-level exercise bike that doesn’t pack nearly as many cool features as the more high end models produced by its manufacturer and other brands – such as best-sellers Schwinn 270 and 250– but it has quite a few unique advantages that make it a prime choice for users that don’t like the gym scene (or spending membership fees) and would rather have a simple and effective home exercise bike instead.

Some of this model’s biggest selling points would include its lightweight design (at a remarkably low 57 pounds), as well as its remarkable quietness even during the most intense workouts at the highest resistance level. Its tickly padded recumbent seat design is also a nice feature, as is its relative ease of assembly, especially when compared to other similar bikes.

Ease of Use

As an entry-level bike, it makes a lot of sense that the Stamina 1350 should be easily accessible to even the least fit set of users (that probably don’t want to be performing acrobatic feats to mount the bike every time), hence this model features a neat walk-through entry design that makes mounting the bike as easy as walking through the space provided and sitting back. Users that plan to ride the bike multiple times per day will appreciate this even more.

The LCD screen is pretty basic and doesn’t require any user interaction once the workout has started – it just cycles through all your fitness. This makes it quite easy to use even for newcomers to this kind of exercise (though you may want to do your homework and find out how many calories you want to be burning so you know what to look for).LCD Monitor

All-in-all, it’s an easy machine to use.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Product Weight : 57 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 50 x 24 x 33.5”
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Frame Material: Steel

Like most exercise bikes, the Stamina 1350 comes with an LCD display that provides useful information during workouts including heart rate, calories burned, time elapsed, distance travelled, etc., and also cycles between these numbers automatically so users don’t need to interrupt their workout or let go of the handle-bars to see different bits of workout data.

The tension knob makes it simple to adjust the resistance levels, and the magnetic resistance design minimizes the effect that increasing the tension has on the noise generated by the bike. In fact, this type of design makes the Stamina 1350 exceptionally quiet and makes watching TV or listening to music while working out a real viable option (unlike other bikes that tend to drown out the sound of everything else when the resistance is turned up higher).

The recumbent seat design with its strong lumbar support makes riding the bike far more comfortable than what I’ve ever experienced with a typical gym bike. It puts the user’s body into semi-horizontal position that might sound uncomfortable on paper but actually works out to be a very relax and stable position that distributes both the user’s body weight and the impact of the exercise motions more evenly. This, in turn, translates to reduced strain on sensitive areas like the lower back and reduced risk of injury or pain that some users associate with regular bikes.

Apart from being a lightweight model, it also comes with handy transport wheels that will make it very easy to roll the bike form room to room whenever you’d like to store it away.

All-in-all, this recumbent bike comes with a pretty decent set of features for an entry-level model and will be more than enough for most users.

Comfort Level

The recumbent seat design mentioned earlier keeps the user’s posture just right and the strong lumbar support maximizes comfort and allows the user to focus more on the workout and less on things personal trainers nag about like sitting up straight. The aches that come with prolonged use of some other exercise bikes should be almost non-existent with this recumbent bike.

Additionally, thanks to its magnetic resistance, you’ll find that this bike is extremely smooth and quiet even at the highest of tension.Adjusting Stamina Bike It’s actually so quiet that you’ll be able to exercise late at night or early in the morning without disturbing your family members.


Assembling the Stamina 1350 is, in my opinion, the easiest by far among similar stationary bikes that I’ve become familiar with. Whereas assembly times for these bikes often average somewhere around one hour, the typical time taken to put this model together from its individual shipping components is roughly 20 minutes. This is due to a combination of clear instructions provided and the fact that the bike itself is made with a relatively simple design – being an entry-level exercise bike.


The main drawback of this model is the relatively limited range of user sizes that it supports. The vast majority of users will have no trouble at all with it, but particularly large users (six feet two inches or taller) or extra small users (five feet or below) might find it slightly awkward and uncomfortable to use. This would, of course, be a matter of opinion and many people won’t be fussy about that when they’re exercising. It’s still something to consider before buying though.


Overall, the Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike packs as much of a punch as its very long name (bad joke?). It punches well above its weight as an entry level bike and manages to be comfortable, quiet, and convenient – while staying on the affordable end of the exercise bike price spectrum. It’s also very lightweight (at less than half the weight of larger, more common bikes you’ll find) and this makes for an easier set-up process when it ships and makes it easier to move the bike around the house as necessary. Anyone other than a fitness buff who’s ever tried to move a typical exercise bike after setting it up will tell you that the lightweight design of the Stamina 1350 is something to be appreciated.stamina 1350 stationary bike

It does well on a whole and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a simple entry level bike with more than enough features to keep most people happy without breaking their budget. The recumbent seat design makes for a comfortable exercise machine and the magnetic resistance technology will keep the ride smooth and quiet for users that like multi-tasking or enjoying a TV show while they work out.

However, it doesn’t come with any preset workout program, and on this, as well as its maximum capacity (250 pounds) stays short compared to the Stamina 4825, which offers an impressive 300 pounds of maximum capacity and 6 preset programs for the same price.

The Stamina 1350 comes with a 1 year warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts and is available on Amazon for an amazingly low price.