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Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Bike NameNumber of programsResistanceMaximum user weightWarranty
Stamina 4825

Stamina 4825

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6Magnetic300 lbs-3 years frame
-90 days parts

Compare with other recumbent bikes

The Stamina 4825 takes comfort to the next level by providing a recumbent seating design that- put simply – means that the bike is designed to seat the user in a semi-horizontal position thus greatly reducing the lower back strain (as well as aches in other areas) associated with regular exercise bikes.

This model also comes with magnetic resistance technology which is now considered superior to the traditional physical apparatus used in other exercise bikes. This is significant because (i) magnetic resistance is smoother and more comfortable than traditional physical resistance and (ii) magnetic resistance is also quieter since it doesn’t involve the same kind of friction as traditional physical resistance designs.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Product Weight: 71 pounds
  • Power Supply: 2 AA Batteries
  • User’s Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 56 “ x 26 “ x 33”
  • Number of Programs: 6
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Electronic Monitor for Distance, Time, Calories, etc.
  • Warranty : 3 Years on Frame, 90 Days on Parts

As one of the most affordable models on the market, the Stamina 4825 doesn’t come with a wide array of features, though it still includes the basic ones to make for an effective workout, and also manages to include some nice ones that aren’t usually found on models of same price-range.

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this model certainly has more to offer than same-price Stamina InTone, ProGear 190 and Stamina 1350. At the same time, this model comes with 6 built-in programs, which is another great addition for such an affordable model.Stamina LCD

This stationary bike features a recumbent seat design to minimize back strain during workouts and enhance overall comfort while also greatly reducing the risk of injury or strain. The semi-horizontal seated position is optimal for keeping pressure on sensitive areas to a minimum.

The magnetic resistance mechanism makes the ride much smoother for users and makes also makes this model one of the quieter exercise bikes around due to the lack of friction generated (as compared to typical bikes that become quite noisy as the resistance level is increased). This will make it more convenient for users to ride while watching TV, listening to music, or workout with other people in the room or nearby without disturbing them.

The recumbent bike also comes with 6 preset workout programs and built-in pulse sensors to help users keep track of how much work they’re putting in – while also measuring calories burned, workout time, distance travelled, and others, and displaying it on the large LCD screen it sports. The pulse sensors are especially useful for users that want to stay within a specific heart rate “zone” since they make it easier to keep track of it in real-time.

Comfort Level and Ease of Use

Like all recumbent exercise bikes, the Stamina 4825 is much more comfortable than its non-recumbent counterparts (thanks to the lowered back strain and improved support we talked about earlier). The ride is also much smoother due to the magnetically generated resistance and users will appreciate the firm lumbar support and padded seating to keep them comfortable so they can focus on the exercise – rather than trying to shake off aches and pains.Adjusting 4825

This recumbent bike also features large but relatively soft pedals that are firm enough to support heavy duty riding while staying easy on the feet – even bare feet.

The Stamina 4825 is quite easy to use. The LCD screen has a simple and quite intuitive interface that clearly displays all your fitness data. To make things even easier, it also comes with clear printed instructions that tell you what each button is for, and how to use each task/setting. Setting resistance level is also simple and is accomplished by simply turning the dial up, or down, to the desired level.


This model requires some assembly on delivery but this is pretty standard for exercise equipment shipped bia post/courier and the assembly process itself is by no means difficult. Clear instructions and all the necessary tools are provided in the shipping package and it shouldn’t take most users more than an hour to put the whole thing together. Some people even get it done in as little as fifteen minutes.


The main complaint about this exercise bike has to do with its assembly. Some users were less than happy with the tools included to perform the assembly and opted to use their own tools instead. It’s important to take this in context, however, and remember that the tools provided with gym equipment to aid in setting them up are not likely to be heavy duty tools for long term use. That’s what hardware stores are for.

For most users, the tools provided will probably be quite adequate and users who want more probably have their own tools for the job anyway.

The Stamina 4825 doesn’t have any noticeable drawbacks as far as use of the machine itself.

ConclusionStamina Recumbent Bike

All in all, this model is certainly a great option for people trying to reach new heights in terms of their fitness levels, and without having to visit the gym, where- apart from ridiculous fees- they can’t relax and workout however they wish. On the other hand, while exercising at home is great in terms of comfort and time, it can also be quite expensive, however that’s not the case with this recumbent bike, which is one of the cheapest models out there, and this is the other reason why we love it.

The major selling points of the Stamina 4825 are its ergonomic seating design and the smoother and quieter performance it delivers thanks to its magnetic resistance technology. It excels in both these areas and manages to simultaneously be one of the quietest and most comfortable exercise bikes around – perfectly suited to multitasking and enjoying recreational activities while exercising. A good example would be watching a television show in comfort (due to the well-designed seating) and with little to no noise distraction – even at the highest resistance level.

Some of its other perks include its ease of assembly – though the complaints some users had about the tools provided is still worth noting (even if it won’t be a problem for most people). Putting the bike together is still pretty simple and not time-consuming at all by general fitness equipment assembly standards.

Finally, the LCD screen provides the typical helpful information you’d expect (heart rate, speed, distance travelled, calories burned, etc.) – as well as access to the 6 preset workouts – and setting the resistance level to increase or decrease workout difficulty is as simple as turning a dial. The Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike delivers a high quality workout experience overall and is well worth checking out for users looking for an exercise bike that balances comfort, quietness, and ease of use very well.