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Stamina 5325 Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise Bike

Stamina 5325
stamina 5325
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6 839 x 20 x 52300 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts

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stamina 5325 uprightA surprisingly affordable piece of gym equipment, the Stamina 5325 Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise Bike is a firm favorite in gyms and health clubs because of its plethora of features and longevity. Indeed, this machine has been built to last for years, if not decades, with minimal maintenance, hence making it the perfect investment for anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain their figure.

From the numerous preset programs to the sculpted, oversized seat, this upright bike comes with a wide variety of options designed to enhance your comfort while keeping a realistic sensation of outdoors cycling. Unlike some other lower-quality models on the market, this particular item is also entirely suited to any inexperienced athlete while remaining challenging enough for veterans. In spite of its highly affordable price, the bike even boasts of cutting-edge technology including pulse sensors that have been installed directly into the handlebars for your convenience.

About the Company

Stamina Fitness is mainly known for its highly affordable albeit stellar-quality products which have helped legions of people from all over the world lose weight and maintain a good level of health. Most of their items are designed to provide a cardiovascular and very low-impact workout to protect your joints and muscles from any unnecessary strains during the entire duration of your training.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Product dimensions: 39 x 20 x 52
  • Maximum user capacity: 300lbs
  • Materials: Steel
  • Product weight: 68lbs
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Number of programs: 6
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Storage: Transport wheels for easy mobility

The Stamina 5325 is equipped with a magnetic resistance which will provide the user with an extremely smooth and efficient workout. Its magnetic resistance also makes this exercise bike very quiet even on the highest setting, so users will be allowed to enjoy of some music or watch TV while exercising, thus being able to stay motivated and workout for longer periods of time.

With its 8 resistance levels, you will also be able to warm up on the lowest settings and then move up as you gain strength, while at the same time, even the more experienced users will find the highest setting challenging enough.stamina 5325 monitor

Additionally- and this is something that you won’t find on other models of the same price- the Stamina 5325 comes with 6 preset programs that are destined to both novice and more experienced users. This also takes full control over the workout which means that you don’t have to constantly fumble with the resistance knob to adjust your tension level since the upright bike does all the work for you. The different programs will also help the cyclist to avoid plateaus whereby the body gets used to the same routine training session: on the contrary, the preset programs present a plethora of tension settings and terrain types to add some variety and challenges to your workout, hence encouraging your body to build up more stamina while burning more calories.

While being a highly affordable model, this upright bike still manages to offer grip-placed pulse sensors, designed for those that want to keep an eye on their heart rate either for health requirements or just to keep track of their progress. In fact, it is even possible to set a target heart rate!

The display console is also large and clear enough to be viewed from a distance without having to continuously pause your workout. It displays quite a few workout-related data such as speed, distance covered, calories burned, workout time and heart rate.

Ease of Use and Comfort

The Stamina 5325 is enhanced by several features which will keep discomfort at bay while maximizing results, allowing you to see changes in your body shape within a mere few weeks.stamina 5325 bike

This bike is extremely comfortable to use, especially because of the oversized and padded seat that easily adjusts itself to your body shape. Indeed, users can be confident that with this model they will avoid the dreaded biker’s ache- even after lengthy workouts- thus being able to train for longer periods of time, all because of the exceptionally comfortable seat. It is also wide enough to accommodate users of all sizes and shapes, and the pedals are weighed, which prevents your ankles from constantly slipping during more energetic workouts.

Additionally, this upright bike comes with leveling stabilizing caps that prevent the bike from moving no matter how vigorously you cycle. It does not sport a folding option, but, the machine does come with transport wheels that facilitate mobility and storage.

Assembly and Parts

Personally, I was quite surprised by how easy it was to put the Stamina 5325 together. It comes nearly completely disassembled but the boxed packaging does include an instructions manual conceived to help users rapidly and efficiently put it together. The packaging also includes all the necessary tools, wrenches and screws. In fact, users need to set aside only thirty minutes or less for the assembly process because it is such an easy task. Personally, the only problem I encountered during the assembly process was when I was attaching the tension cable, but otherwise, most of the parts were easy to join.


Although this model has received mostly good comments from its users, some have regretted the lack of a water holder, and the fact that the monitor automatically resets after few minutes of non-usage, which makes it hard to track their progress.

Overall Rating

In spite of these very minor downsides, we really liked the Stamina 5325, especially considering the extra features- like 6 preset workout programs and 300 pounds of maximum capacity- that are not found on other models of the same price-range, such as the Exerpeutic 1200 and the Schwinn A10.

As far as performance is concerned, numerous studies have in fact shown that stationary bikes can help athletes loose between 300 to 1000 calories per hour session while largely improving their stamina, metabolism as well as heart and rate functions, and this model is certainly not the exception.

The Stamina Magnetic Upright 5325 Exercise Bike is available both on Amazon and on the Stamina website, and is covered by a solid manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days on the frame and 1 year on the parts.