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Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS Air
stamina air
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Air78 x 32 x 2073 lbs250 lbs3 years frame
90 days parts

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Built with a metal pull-chain and an oversized ergonomic chrome seat rail, the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine is one of the most recommended gym equipment on the market, and for good reason. Acclaimed by fitness gurus and trainers worldwide, this machine boasts of several handy features that are guaranteed to enhance your health, help you lose weight and keep several health-related disorders at bay.

This rower is certainly an investment because it has been built to last for several years, if not decades. In fact, most users reported to have been quite impressed by its solid built and durability despite its kind of cheap price.

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 31.5 x 19.75 x 78.5”
  • Machine weight: 73lbs
  • Resistance type: Air
  • Frame material: Metal
  • Storage: Foldable
  • Maximum user capacity: 250 lbs
  • Built-in programs: 6

Assembly and Parts

While this is not the easiest machine to assemble, the instruction manual is very detailed and clear. Inexperienced users will certainly appreciate the step-by-step illustrations which are designed to help you quickly put the different parts together. The boxed packaging also includes a tool kit to facilitate the assembly process.

Product Features

stamina ats rowerOne of the most striking features of this model is the metal pull-chain. Indeed, unlike other low quality and commercially oriented rowers, this product boasts of a specially enhanced chain which has been designed to promote durability while engaging every main muscular group in your body. In fact, the metal pull chain delivers extra strength to boost up your stamina, hence allowing your body to get used to intense workouts in a short amount of time.

The ATS Air also features an efficient air-resistant workout which encourages your body to work against a spinning fan attached to the very end of the machine. This ensures that you receive a full body workout to speed up the weight loss process and tone up any problem areas. Several users claimed to have seen a noticeable difference in their physique within just two to three months of using this machine, three times a week on moderate intensity.

As far as the intensity levels go, the 6 tension settings are quite suitable for both inexperienced and veteran athletes. The rower also features an electronic display console enhanced with a LED backlit screen conceived to let users view their progress even in minimal lighting. This device displays a variety of fitness-related data such as strokes per minute, calories burnt, time, number of strokes as well as your rowing speed.

Ease of Use

This rower is one of the most comfortable gym equipment that I’ve ever used. Now I usually tend to abandon a workout whenever I feel it’s getting too uncomfortable sitting on a tough and unyielding surface. However, this was far from being an issue with this product: quite on the contrary, the foam padded seat provided a quite comfortable experience. Thanks to the easy seat and low-impact motions, even old people will be able to enjoy a leisurely albeit healthy workout.


Users will also appreciate the large padded footrests as well as the caster nylon cords that wrap themselves firmly around your shoes- no matter how large they are. The built cord provides an ergonomic grip which allows quite a few wrist movements while protecting your hands from callouses.

The ATS Air Rower is fairly easy to stow away since it was originally conceived for both commercial and home use. It comes with an oversized front wheel and built-in casters that provide an easy folding option. Users can even stand the rower in an upright position and place it against a wall, ready for the next time you’ll use it again.



This machine is equipped with a large fan at the very front that provides its air resistance and because of this, as happens with most air-resistance rowers, this model tends to be a bit noisy. This caused a few sensitive users to complain about the whirring noise, though most of them found that watching in a movie or plugging their audio player helped to tune any noise emitted from the fan. Still, if you believe that a bit of noise will prevent you from having an enjoyable workout then you should consider a quieter model with hydraulic resistance, such as the Kettler Favorit, which is also in same price range than the ATS Air Rower.

A budget-friendly albeit professional machine

This rower is in a mid-range budget and as such, it manages to offer a quality built while still being quite affordable. Indeed, this machine is so sturdy and effective that it’s recommended as a good alternative for those users that can’t afford a top end model such as the Concept2 D. All in all, we were very pleased with the resistance level offered by this machine, which is sure to challenge even the more advanced user.