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Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent Bike and Rower

Stamina Deluxe Conversion II
conversion ii rower
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Magnetic76 x 20 x 27102 lbs250 lbs3 years frame
90 days parts

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With the Stamina Deluxe Conversion II you will be able to easily make the most out of the numerous benefits of both cycling and rowing. Indeed, this fitness equipment allows users to strengthen their body and boost their metabolism by indulging in a plethora of different movements in one single machine. Best of all, it’s extremely easy to use and even novice athletes will be able to convert the rower into a recumbent bike and vice versa.

stamina conversionThis machine has been shown to bring a visible improvement to the overall physique of the users within the space of a few months. In fact, people who wish to lose weight will certainly appreciate that they can burn up to 500 calories in an hour on the rower and up to 400 on the bike. Moreover, if you chose to go for a higher resistance setting, you can very easily expect to lose up to 800 calories per hour, on both machines.

This multi-task machine is produced by Stamina, a company renowned for its exceptional quality products since it strives to provide affordable gym equipment but without compromising on quality. Now this model is not an affordable one per se, but when you consider that it is not just a rowing machine but also a recumbent bike then it is really worth its price. As a result, we took the time to review not just this model but also the Avari Conversion II, which is another multi-task model, priced around $100 cheaper than this one.

Assembly and Parts

In spite of the fact that this product combines a rower and a recumbent bike in one machine, several users claimed to have had an easy time putting this product together. Whilst the assembly process is quite straightforward, I found that it was also time consuming. I actually needed around 1.30 to 2 hours put the different parts together. On a more positive note, however, users won’t even have to invest in their own tool kit to assemble this machine because it already comes with all the required parts, tools and equipment. The Deluxe Conversion II, as well as most of this company’s products, are manufactured using steel and aluminum for extra durability.conversion ii bike

Product Specifications and Features

  • Product shipping weight: 106lbs
  • Product dimensions: 75.5 x 20 x 27”
  • Folded dimensions: 36 x 20 x 56”
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • User capacity: 250lbs
  • Resistance levels: 8

The most exceptional feature that this model presents is its ability to easily switch between cycling and rowing at the mere flip of a button. This product is even equipped with a strength training mode which is designed to help you boost up your stamina and train your body for longer and intense workouts on both the recumbent bike and the rower.

It is equipped with a magnetic resistance setting which draws energy from a flywheel to cause enough tension for a full-body workout. Therefore, the harder your resistance level, the harder you will have to row or cycle. This feature can actually come in handy to any inexperienced athlete who wants to build up some stamina before engaging in a tougher workout session. Magnetic resistance is also considered as one of the most recommended on the market thanks to its durability and quietness.

Users can navigate between 8 resistance settings and select the one they deem most appropriate to their overall strength and fitness level. I really appreciated the ergonomic location of the resistance dial which made it easy for me to flip between tension levels without having to interrupt my training. Sadly, this model comes with a limiting 250 pounds of maximum capacity, which is less than what the ProForm Hybrid Rower / Recumbent Bike has to offer.

The Stamina 15-9093 also features a control panel to track fitness-related data such as RPM, speed, pulse, distance, time and calories burned. The display is large enough to be seen from a distance and, best of all, the screen continuously scans over various information, allowing the user to view his progress without constantly having to fiddle with the buttons.

Ease of use

Since it is a recumbent bike, this product certainly does guarantee a great deal of comfort while taking any excessive strain and stress away from your joints. Users can literally lie back and cycle as they watch a movie or simply close their eyes and relax. The rowing function is just as comfortable, with a thickly padded seat which is conceived to mold itself to the user’s body.

15-9003 monitorThanks to the magnetic resistance, this model does not emit any unnecessary squeak or purring, no matter how hard you cycle or row. The handles are also extremely sturdy, hence providing a solid feel while protecting your hands from callouses. Users will appreciate the oversized, textured footrests which have been shaped to accommodate various shoe sizes.

This machine can easily accommodate novice athletes as well as old people and more advanced users. It is actually one of the most recommended fitness equipment for the elderly because the recumbent position takes the strain away from the lower back while protecting users from any exercise-related injuries such as slipped discs and the likes.

The Deluxe Conversion II is also extremely easy to store: while it features a large footprint, users can fold it in a matter of seconds and allow it to rest upright against a solid surface. Thanks to the caster wheels, you can also move the product in any room you want to.


With such an extensive plethora of features, very few users had something negative to say about this machine. One user did bemoan the time-consuming, although not so complicated, assembly time. A few other users mentioned that the lowest resistance setting was too hard for them but their bodies easily adjusted to the training.

A two-in-one investment

All in all, the Stamina Deluxe Conversion II is a great investment, particularly because it includes no less than three different training activities in one: from rowing to cycling or strength training on one product. And although at first glance could be considered expensive, when we take into account what it has to offer then it’s same price than a cheap recumbent bike and a rower, and we don’t have to use that extra space! Therefore, it’s perfect for people with not much available space.