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Stamina InMotion Rower

Stamina InMotion Rower
stamina inmotion
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Hydraulic56 x 24 x 1929 lbs250 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts

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Users who are looking for an affordable machine without compromising on performance will certainly thrive in the numerous features of the Stamina InMotion Rower. Indeed, this machine is priced between $100 and $200, making it entirely suited for beginners who want to invest in a starter model before purchasing a more expensive one. With this particular rower, you will be able to benefit from a full-body workout. In fact, rowing machines have been shown to provide challenging cardiovascular training sessions that will help you avoid various types of medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, certain forms of cancer and clogged arteries, among others.

stamina inmotion rowerUsing a rowing machine can also provide a deficit of around 1000 calories, something that dieters will certainly appreciate since this can amount up to a loss of around 10 pounds or more in just a couple of weeks. Novice athletes will be glad to learn that this particular model is also extremely easy to operate.

The best thing about this model is that you’ll be able to exercise with very low impact on your joints, hence making it entirely suited for obese or elderly people. Indeed, unlike other fitness machines, this rower takes the weight of your body off the joints and knees which largely minimizes the risks of aches and soreness after your training session.

About the Company

Founded in 1987, Stamina Fitness is the leading force behind major infomercial products such as the InStride Walker, Aero Pilates Performer, Body Doe, Tony Little, Denise Austin and the likes. In fact, Stamina is very often considered as one of the main companies that boosted the sales of home fitness equipment. This company thrives on commitment to excellence and is known for its exceptional customer support. The company also has a broad distribution base that includes catalogs, sporting good dealers, mass merchants, TV shopping networks and internet retailers, among others. Along with a variety this model, Stamina also has other popular rowers such as the Body Trac Glider and the Easy Glide.


  • Hydraulic resistance
  • 5 resistance levels
  • Multi-function monitor
  • 250 pounds of maximum user weight
  • Model number 35-0123

Product Features

The InMotion Rower comes with a rather small but easy-to-read LCD screen that will help you track your overall progress while keeping you motivated. For example, the screen will provide accurate readouts of fitness-related data like calories burned, distance covered, workout time, number of rowing strokes and other such information that will help you keep a close eye on your exercise session.

Along with the LCD screen, users will also be able to benefit from five levels of resistance. This allows you to indulge in different types of workout instead of limiting yourself to the same tension levels. Since your muscles won’t be restricted to the same motions over and over again, you can be sure to enjoy a varied workout that will boost both your stamina and metabolism, providing you with the required muscular strength to easily elongate your training session.

inmotion rowerInstead of a regular pull-handle, you will be able to enjoy oar-like arms that closely mimic the motions of rowing across an actual stretch of water- which you will undoubtedly appreciate if you’re an avid rower.

Ease of Use and Comfort

With a super-solid steel body, this rowing machine has been constructed for comfort. For instance, it boasts of pivoting, extra-large footplates to very easily accommodate various shoe sizes, including larger sizes. The plates come with fully adjustable closure straps to provide you with a firm grip, allowing you to indulge in vigorous training sessions without slipping. In fact, athletes who are fond of more energetic rowing motions will be glad to learn that the machine also comes with an adjustable shock-resistance that keeps the rower completely stable even if you decide to adopt more forceful motions. This also extends the longevity of the product, allowing you to benefit from its features for several years, if not decades. To prevent skidding, athletes can also make the most from the floor protectors.

Quite a few users have also praised the comfortable and ergonomically-shaped seat that comes with an easy-glide feature as well as an angled seat rail. The Stamina InMotion is enhanced by a fully-foldable option to guarantee easy storage. Its compact footprint will allow you to place it in any desired room of your house, while guaranteeing easy mobility. Since it can very easily accommodate a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, this item can easily suit obese or overweight athletes.

Because of its smooth feature, this machine boasts of a very fluid stride to closely mimic the motions involved in outdoors rowing. It’s also devoid of the usual mechanical and whirring noises that often come with lower-quality pieces of fitness equipment. By this token, you can use the rower while you’re watching a movie or work out to the rhythm of your favorite music. If you’re fond of lengthy workouts, you’ll be glad to learn that the oar is also thickly padded with foam to prevent blisters from forming on your fingers.

Assembly and Parts

stamina inmotion rowing machineAssembling the Stamina InMotion is extremely easy, especially considering its compact size. The primary frame is also partly assembled which means that users only have to set up the oar, monitor and footplates. Most customers claimed that they only required around twenty minutes to half an hour for this step. With the boxed packaging, users also receive all the tools, equipment and accessories required to join the different parts. A detailed illustration manual is also included to facilitate this task.


Its budget-friendly price coupled with the wide range of features provide excellent value for money as far as the Stamina InMotion Rower is concerned. Easy to use and extremely durable, the machine can sustain quite a bit of wear and tear, making it perfect for everyday use. You won’t even have to worry about storage since it boasts of quite a compact footprint, unlike bulky and much heavier rowing machines. Guaranteed to provide rapid albeit safe weight-loss, the rower can also be used by athletes of all ages.

With a floor size of 58.5 x 42.5 x 18.1”, the rowing machine is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days on the parts and 1 year on the main frame.