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Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Cycling Bike

Flywheel Weight
Sunny P8100 Pink
sunny pink
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22 lbs32 x 22 x 4561 lbs240 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts

Compare with other spinning bikes

sunny health and fitness pink cycleWith a bright, eye-catching design and a plethora of features to enhance the user’s comfort, there’s no doubt about the fact that the Sunny P8100 Pink is designed for efficient fat-blasting. Indeed, several athletes have claimed to have lost quite a lot of weight within a short amount of time, thanks to this efficient exercise machine. Best of all, in spite of its features, it remains quite an affordable product that can easily suit both beginners and more experienced users. In spite of its budget-friendly price, this item does stand out in stark contrast to other spin bikes, notably in terms of longevity, durability and efficacy.

With this model, users will be able to enjoy a full cardiovascular workout that draws all the major muscle groups into the motions. According to experts, this sort of workout has been shown to improve both the heart and lung function while toning any bulge or wobble. In fact, spin bikes can easily create a deficit of up to 1200 calories per hour, with the exact amount depending on the user’s individual age, weight and gender.

About the Company

A well-established company in the Fitness Industry, Sunny Health and Fitness aims to provide customers with a wide range of affordable gym equipment that can easily sustain quite a lot of wear and tear. In fact, most of their machines can very easily last for years- if not decades- with the proper care and maintenance. More importantly, their fitness equipment are quite user-friendly, which is exactly why their products are often considered as being the best starter machines for beginners. Because of this, we also took the time to review other best-seller models that are also quite affordable, such as the Sunny SF-B1203, Sf-B1001, and the Sunny Pro and Sunny Premier.

Product Specificationssunny p8100 handlebars

  • Materials used: Steel
  • Product dimensions: 32 x 22 x 45”
  • Product weight: 61lbs
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Maximum user capacity: 240lbs
  • Product Model: P8100
  • Adjustability: Seat height

Product Features and Ease of Use

The Sunny P8100 is equipped with a heavy duty steel frame that can easily take quite a bit of wear and tear while ensuring that the bike remains completely steady even during more energetic workouts. Its 22 pounds flywheel does ensure a smooth and virtually noiseless motion.

Despite its affordable price, the spin bike also come with an LCD screen which displays helpful exercise-relevant data in the likes of calories burned, ODO, time, distance covered and speed. This handy accessory can also help users keep track of their weight loss process, which can be quite encouraging to anyone. In fact, along with the display console, athletes will even be able to make the most out of the fully adjustable resistance setting that can easily be adjusted at the mere turn of the dial knob. The resistance setting is actually designed to gently ease your body into the workout without shocking your system while protecting your muscles from any excessive strains or wears. The various tension levels are also conceived to enhance your stamina and metabolism.

The pedals are quite wide to accommodate even the largest shoe sizes. They are equipped with large straps that provide quite a snug and firm hold around your shoes. The same easy-grip feature is mirrored in the handlebars since these are quite textured and padded to provide quite an ergonomic hold while preventing sores and blisters.

As was to be expected of such an affordable model, this particular bike comes with a limiting 240 pounds of maximum capacity, which can be restrictive for some users, and must be taken well in consideration.

Assembly and Parts

This particular product does require quite a little bit of assembly. In fact, while most of Sunny’s products are quite easy to put together, I personally found this bike to be quite time-consuming to assemble. An instructions manual is included but it still took me close to two hours to join the different parts together. On a more positive note, however, users will receive all the required parts, accessories, screws, wrenches and bolts needed to assemble the bike.


Users did claim to have had a problem with the assembly process and quite a few people said that they found the instructions manual hard to follow. Other people stated that they found the seat to be quite tough but this particular issue was resolved after a few weeks of continuous use. Lastly, a couple of people thought that the maximum capacity of 240lbs limited the spin bike to just a few categories of users.sunny p8100

Final Word

Brightly colored and, more importantly, enhanced with club-quality features, this particular item does provide everything you need to quickly get into shape and keep the weight off. Perfect for both active athletes and beginners or even old people, this machine also has the added advantage of claiming very little floor space.

All in all, we really liked this cute bike’s performance and quality, although what we didn’t like is its restrictive maximum capacity, though we must point out that you won’t find anything better for such a price. However, if its maximum capacity is indeed restrictive for you, we recommend you to check the Marcy Club Revolution, which for a still affordable price offers an amazing 300 pounds of maximum capacity.

The Sunny P8100 Pink is readily available on Amazon. It is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days on the parts and 1 year on the frame.