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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Flywheel Weight
Sunny SF-B1002 Chain Drive
sf-b1002c indoor cycle
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49 lbs50 x 20 x 44115 lbs275 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts

Compare with other spinning bikes

sunny sf-b1002cWith a whisper-quiet and exceptionally smooth drive mechanism, the Sunny SF-B1002C is undoubtedly a solid investment. Best of all, thanks to professional-grade features such as a 49 pounds flywheel, fluid chain drive and heavy duty crank- among others- this machine is designed to support up to 275 pounds user weight, hence making it perfect for the vast majority of athletes. This particular item is also designed for daily use, which means that it can very easily sustain quite a great deal of wear and tear.

Additionally, the machine is virtually rust-free and, if properly cared for, and can even last for several decades. Best of all, with easy-to-use features, it is built for both novices and more experienced athletes. According to fitness gurus, this type of machine can very easily yield a deficit of up to 1200 calories per hour. Of course, the exact amount depends on the user’s age, weight and gender but all in all, this spin bike is guaranteed to help athletes lose a staggering amount of weight within a short amount of time. More importantly though, spinning is also a highly efficient exercise for any person with health complications because it largely improves both the lung and cardiovascular capacities- and this spin bikes delivers just that.

About the Company

There’s no doubt about the fact that Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the most recognized- and respected- fitness companies on the market. With a solid aftersales service and a firm, unflinching commitment to quality, this company has been established to help users safely lose weight in the comfort of their very own homes. In fact, thanks to the quality of its products, this company has managed to position several of its most resent spin bikes as best sellers, such as the Sunny Pro and Sunny Premier.sunny sf-b1002c flywheel

Product Specifications

  • Frame material: Steel
  • Product dimensions: 90 x 44 x 20”
  • Product weight: 115lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 49lbs
  • Drive System: Chain Drive
  • Adjustability: Seat and Handlebars
  • Maximum user capacity: 275lbs
  • Water bottle holder: Yes

Features and Comfort

The Sunny SF-B1002C is practically brimming with a plethora of features designed to maximize your workout efficiency. For example, unlike lower-quality and rather flimsy models, this bike does come with an impressive 49 pounds flywheel to engage the entire body into the motions, instead of merely focusing on the hips and thighs. Now this is certainly more than what’s offered by the two times more expensive model Diamondback 510Ic.

The bike is also known for its exceptionally smooth and quiet chain drive system which is completely devoid of any of the annoying mechanical and whirring noise, and puts this model apart from its counterpart Sunny SF-B1002 Belt Drive. This enables athletes to enjoy a rather calming and highly relaxing atmosphere while they work out and leaves the room quiet enough to watch a movie or listen to some music.sf-b1002c seat

Both the saddle and handlebars are completely adjustable to prevent discomfort and motivate athletes to train for longer periods of time. In fact, the Sunny SF-B1002C comes with even textured handlebars to provide a better grip and prevent your fingers from getting sore and blistered. This also eliminates the use for athletic gloves that can be quite uncomfortable for longer training periods. The platform pedals are just as comfortable, with wide albeit extremely firm straps that can wrap around practically every shoe size.

Since the Sunny SF-B1002C also boasts of a heavy duty crank and solid steel frame, it remains completely steady, no matter how energetically you cycle. The steel frame is nearly completely resistant to rust, which largely improves the bike’s longevity. Thanks to the transport wheels, users will be able to drag it to any desired room of the house, hence adding some versatility and panache to their training session. By the same token, athletes can largely benefit from the easily-adjustable manual resistance designed to prevent their bodies from adjusting to repetitive workouts.

Assembly and Parts

I personally did not encounter any problems while assembling the Sunny SF-B1002C. In fact, since I can’t usually find my way around the different types of tools and wrenches, I have to say that I was quite appreciative of the fact that this boxed packaging did come with all the required accessories and parts needed to mount up the bike, so it took me around forty-five minutes to an hour to set up the bike. Customers also receive an illustrated and extremely clear instructions manual to facilitate this task. Also, novices will be glad to learn that the main frame comes nearly fully assembled which means that they only have to set up the handlebars, saddles, transport wheels and flywheel.sunny sf-b1002c indoor cycling bike


No drawbacks have been reported about this item. The only issue that users might have is with the 275 pounds weight limit that can be restrictive to obese athletes but otherwise, most customers seem to be quite happy with the machine.

A powerful albeit budget-friendly machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Chain-Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is, without doubt, a recommended investment for anyone who wants to embrace a healthier and much more active lifestyle. Not only is this product extremely easy to use, but it is also quite budget-friendly which means that you can experience gym-quality exercise sessions without even leaving your house.