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The Erg Rowing Machine as Home Exercise Equipment

outdoor waterrowerPresent in most gyms and readily available in most fitness stores, Erg rowing machines are especially renowned for their excellent data-gathering capacity. The perfect machine for both advanced and less experienced users, it will easily allow you to monitor your progress and help you to make the most out of the exceptional accuracy of their readouts. This kind of machines are very often considered as being some of the most challenging pieces of equipment in terms of fat-blasting. Indeed, these particular products have been known to promote rapid weight loss and full-body workouts. By this token, the rowers can radically improve your overall quality of life while enhancing your cardiovascular and lung capacity.

Using an Erg rowing machines can be a little daunting at first, particularly for beginners, but the good news is that most models are quite easy to operate. In fact, these rowers often ask for more effort while drawing every single muscle of your body into the workout, which once again promotes weight loss in just a few days. Rowing especially targets problem areas such as the hips, glutes and abdomen.

As far as comfort goes, these machines usually come with padded seats, textured handle and other such amenities to render your workout even more enjoyable. Best of all, although top-end models are on the expensive side, as is the case with the popular Concept2 Model E, there are also very good models for an affordable price such as the Body Trac Glider and Stamina Orbital.

Ergs are often considered as some of the most efficient forms of exercises because rowers operate at approximately 8METs, contrary to some other equipment like treadmills. In fact, athletes will have to run on a 3% incline at 6mph on a treadmill to achieve 8METs. Best of all, Erg rowing machines will even help you keep a close eye on your progress without the help of a professional trainer. For example, you can very easily monitor your strokes, calories burned, distance covered and other such information.

Using this kind of fitness equipment at home is also quite simple when it comes to care and maintenance. All you have to do is pay particular attention to the chain and seat frame lubrication. Occasional dusting may also be required to ensure a smooth glide. Erg equipment is quite recommended to avid athletes who aren’t able to train outdoors during winter or harsh weather conditions. This way, you’ll be able to keep your practice and maintain your stamina until summer arrives again. If you’re using an Erg rower at home, it’s also recommended to go for interval training to burn more fat: therefore, don’t hesitate to row for 10 minutes on high intensity, 10 minutes on moderate and 10 minutes on low to prevent your body from adjusting to the same motions and reaching the much-dreaded fitness plateau.

All in all, Erg machines are quite recommended for home use: not only will you be able to easily avoid gym fees but you will also be able to choose a piece of equipment which entirely suits your personal requirements. Bear in mind that you should pay particular attention to the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure that it provides at least one year protection on the parts and frame.