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Top 3 Commercial Upright Bike Models

Upright bikes come in several models, each with varying features. Easily among the most recommended forms of exercises, cycling has multiple health benefits, with the most popular being rapid weight loss as well as enhanced stamina and metabolism.

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s more budget-friendly to invest in your own machine in a bid to save up on overly expensive gym fees. If you can afford to splurge, you can even purchase a commercial upright bike for maximum efficacy. Here are three of the most recommended models on the market:

Our Choice: Life Fitness C3 Go

c3 go uprightPacked with features, the Life Fitness C3 Go is a self-powered machine that does not require any power outlet or cord. With this machine, athletes will be able to benefit from numerous features designed to make your workout even more enjoyable and motivating. For example, the machine comes with extra amenities such as thickly cushioned deluxe seats to prevent aches and soreness after your training session.

Cardiovascular patients will be glad to learn that the bike also comes with a wireless heart rate monitor to guarantee your safety during the entire duration of your training. The machine also sports ergonomically-shaped handlebars as well as a built-in reading rack which will undoubtedly act as a major motivating factor. Best of all, the machine is exceptionally quiet, which provides quite a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for your training session.

Our Choice: Sole B94

sole fitness b94With its ergonomic design, the Sole B94 has especially been conceived to provide you with highly challenging and motivating workouts that will keep you going- even on lazier days. More importantly, athletes who value their comfort will be far from being disappointed with this particular machine. Indeed, it comes with handlebars and seat that can be both vertically and horizontally adjusted. Because of these particular features, you won’t have to strain your body towards the handlebars and consequently pull a muscle in your lower back.

This particular upright bike is also equipped with other features such as two programs to be customized, six standard workout programs and two heart rate programs. By this token, both beginner and more experienced users will be able to benefit from the machine’s numerous amenities. It even sports a built-in fan to keep you cool during your training session. Not unlike the above-mentioned model, Sole B94 also comes with a grip-positioned heart rate monitor and a water bottle holder. It can sustain a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

Our Choice: Life Fitness Club Series

club series bikeEspecially designed for comfort, the Life Fitness Club Series is entirely self-powered, allowing you to place it in just about any desired room of the house. To ensure that you remain properly motivated during your training session, the machine also comes with a reading rack as well as an oversized accessory tray to place your tablet or any other gadget. The deluxe forearm support protects you from soreness and blisters while the solid frame is especially designed to remain completely steady, no matter how vigorously you pedal.

This racing-style upright bike is also light enough to be moved anywhere you want- including the great outdoors. It is equipped with several resistance levels as well as an interesting variety of preset programs.