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Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews

Upright bikes have been shown to provide one of the easiest and most effective workouts. It should therefore come as no surprise that more and more people are choosing to wisely invest in their own bikes instead of trying to meet overly expensive gym fees every month. Fortunately, though, the Health and Fitness industry is brimming with a plethora of items that are designed for people of just about any budget: whether you’re looking for something cheap and lightweight or a more expensive albeit reliable bike designed for heavy-duty use, you’re bound to find something of your liking among the vast array of choices presented by fitness shops.

Best By Price RangeComparison Chart

However, by the same token, this wide assortment of upright bikes can very easily deter the customer from making the perfect choice. Therefore, to make sure that you don’t get confused by the numerous models and features, it is important to properly analyze your budget, personal needs and overall fitness capacity before investing in a stationary bike. Users should also take the time to compare as many bikes as they possibly can before narrowing their choices to a more feasible number and then taking their final decision.

So with the purpose of helping you choose the best upright bike for your particular needs we’ve compiled and reviewed the upright bikes that we consider the best in the market nowadays.

Best 10 Upright Bikes Overall

Exerpeutic 1200
exerpeutic 1200
Read Review / 8300 lbs1 year limited4.5
Schwinn 170
schwinn 170
Read Review 29 25300 lbs10 years frame
2 years mechanical
1 year electrical
1 year labor
FitDesk FDX 2.0
Read Review / 8250 lbs1 year limited4.5
Mag Cycle
mag cycle
Read Review / 8300 lbs2 years limited4
Schwinn 130
schwinn 130
Read Review 22 20300 lbs10 years frame
2 years mechanical
1 year electrical
1 year labor
Velocity Exercise Bike
velocity chb-u2101
Read Review / 8250 lbs5 years frame
90 days monitor
30 days parts
Marcy Foldable
Read Review / 8250 lbs2 years limited4.5
Schwinn AD6
airdyne ad6
Read Review /Infinite300 lbs15 years frame
3 years parts
6 months labor
Body Rider Bike
body rider bike
Read Review /Infinite250 lbs1 year frame
90 days parts
Gold's Gym 290 C
gold 290
Read Review 38 16275 lbs5 years frame
90 days parts/labor

Types of Exercise Bikes

The market is brimming with several varieties of exercise bikes that offer different level of comfort and resistance settings. To make the most adequate choice, you should therefore familiarize yourself with the all kinds of exercise bikes before choosing the right one for you. These include:

  • Recumbent: With a laid-back position, recumbent bikes are designed for optimal comfort and allow users to pedal without having to lean forward. This type of bike is recommended to anyone with back issues because it takes all the weight off the lower back to deliver a very low-impact workout. On the other hand, recumbent bikes burn slightly less calories than regular upright ones. Indeed, studies have shown that while upright bikes may burn up to 500 calories per hour, recumbent ones only burn around 475.
  • Spinning: The most popular type of bikes in gyms and Health Centers, Spinning bikes provide quite a high calorie deficit, with a loss of up to 750 calories per 45 minutes. These are normally equipped with a chain drive system to mimic the highly realistic sensation of riding on an actual road. Most spin bikes also come with a resistant pair of pedals which allow users- of various weight- to stand up and cycle. This bike is best suited to experienced athletes who don’t mind a highly energetic workout. This type of equipment is also more result-inducing than recumbent or upright ones but they tend to be on the pricier side.
  • Upright: By far the most popular model for home use, Upright bikes come in several price ranges, which makes them the perfect gym equipment for users who are on a restricted budget. While older models have been known to impact the lower back, most new models are now ergonomically shaped to provide a virtually pain-free and enjoyable workout. Because of its realistic structure and features, this bike burns as many calories as an outdoor one. Most of them also feature a display screen to help you keep track of relevant data such as distance covered, calories burned, time and much more. Now this is a highly versatile stationary bike that packs a variety of comfort features such as built-in programs, and a great example of this is the best-seller Schwinn 170.

Benefits of Using an Upright Bike

The main advantage of training on an this kind of bike is that you can very easily work all the major muscle groups in your body without being limited by time or the weather. Quite on the contrary, an indoor bike will allow you to plan your own training hours- whether you want to train at two in the morning or eight at night.

Upright bikes have also been shown to elevate the heart rate, improve lung capacity and encourage weight loss with minimal efforts.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Upright Bike

Other than the manufacturer, warranty and features, there are a few other things that users should consider before investing in an upright bike in order to find one that harmoniously blends into their own personal situation.

Comfort level: Don’t be tempted to ignore the bike’s comfort level in favor of its features. On the contrary, comfort should be one of the determining factors of your purchase, because as professional as the product might be, it will end up quite useless if you’re not able to spend more than 10 minutes on it. Factors to look out for include a padded seat- preferably foam-and wide footrests with Velcro straps. If you plan on reading while you’re cycling, it’s also a good idea to look for a bike which comes with an attached desk to hold your book or laptop. If possible, try to favor padded handles for a more ergonomic and comfortable feel.Exerpeutic 1200 female

Available Space: Space is the one factor that most users seem to neglect when they shop for their upright bikes. You should, however, keep in mind that your exercise bike’s footprint plays quite a crucial role in your purchase: after all, it would be quite pointless to invest in a bike which won’t even fit in your house or apartment. People who live in smallish spaces will be glad to learn that there are quite a few varieties of upright bikes that can be folded up for easy storage, such as the Exerpeutic 1200.

Workout Effectiveness: A proper bike should provide an all-body workout without straining any muscle or joint. However, cheaper and much less reliable models tend to provide a lackluster workout which, by straining your joints, give you the impression that you’re energetically working out when in reality, your ankles are doing all the work. Be sure to analyze your bike reliability and features prior to purchasing it because this will ultimately affect your workout effectiveness and training results.

Pricing: Of course, it goes without saying that your budget also plays an important role in determining the sort of bike that you wish to go for. Unfortunately, several customers tend to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of gleaming products in fitness shops and end up exceeding their budget for something which they might not even use on a regular basis. A recommended tip is to draft up an exercise plan even before setting foot in the shop: if you’re planning on training on a daily basis for extended periods of time, don’t be afraid to splurge on an expensive but more solid and reliable model.

Best Upright Bike by Price

Upright bikes come in several prices, ranging from less than 100$ to over 3000$. Each one of them is equipped with special features that users may- or may not- need. So, to help you select the product that will match your needs, budgets and expectations, here is a list of the best bikes, according to their different prices.

Price Range: $100-200

Our Choice: Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

exerpeutic 1200 uprightWith a user weight capacity of 300lbs, the Exerpeutic 1200 is the perfect home exercise equipment for your cardio workout thanks to being foldable, and hence, easy to store. This particular model features an oversized padded seat which can very easily accommodate people of various ages and sizes. The seat can be adjusted to fit users between 5’3 and 6’3 inches.

It is equipped with a handy space saver design which allows you to fold it when not in use. Best of all, it also comes with transportation wheels, hence allowing the users to move it to their desired room. The bike boasts of a magnetic tension system with 8 resistance setting, hence making it perfectly suitable to both novice and more experienced athletes.

Thanks to the leg stabilizers, this bike always remains completely stationary, even during the most intense and energetic workouts. People with cardiovascular disorders will be glad to learn that this gym equipment even comes with a hand pulse monitor, allowing you to keep a close eye on your heart rate as you work out. This product is fairly affordable and runs between 100$ to 200$ on Amazon.

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Price Range: $200-300

Our Choice: FitDesk FDX 2.0

fitdesk 2.0The FitDesk FDX 2.0 is quite a solid investment because it has been built to last for decades- if not for life. Boasting of an extremely handy non-slip surface, this is the perfect equipment for any busy individual who claims to have no time for training because he or she has too much work to do. Indeed, this exercise bike features a solid laptop desk which will allow you to easily type away as you exercise.

This particular product is also fully adjustable, allowing for both semi-recumbent and upright use. Thanks to its lock folding frame, you will be able to move it from room to room at your convenience. With a powder coated steel frame and an ergonomic base, this bike remains completely stable during more energetic workouts. The stability also protects your laptop from vibrations during your training. With a maximum user capacity of 250lbs, this bike operates through a magnetic resistance.

Because of its numerous features, this item is slightly more expensive than other models but still manages to remains below the $300 on Amazon.

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Price Range: $300-500

Our Choice: Schwinn 170

schwinn 170 uprightCompared to other models, the Schwinn 170 is equipped with two LCD window system which will allow you to keep a close watch on your fitness-related data. Other than the 13 feedback displays, this bike also features 4 user settings, 29 programs and no less than 25 levels of resistance which can very easily be adjusted to your fitness level and stamina. It is also equipped with a weighted flywheel which yields a silent training session, hence allowing you to enjoy a movie or listen to some music.

With a contemporary, cutting-edge design, this item also features a charging USB port to provide an easy data exchange from your bike to your computer. One of the most professional products on the market, the bike is equipped with an oversized crossbar, as well as a fan and speakers to make your training much more enjoyable. The seat post system provides a very fluid seat exchange. This product delivers a magnetic resistance system, which is considered the best on the market. Because of these features, the Schwinn bike is on the more expensive side, straying close to the 500$ mark.

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Price Range: $500-1000

Our Choice: Sole Fitness B94

sole fitness b94A tad more expensive than other models, but still under the 1000$ mark, the Sole Fitness B94 is conceived to provide a challenging workout without compromising on comfort. It is, however, completely worth its price because it offers quite a few professional-grade features to produce better results. For example, the seat can be both vertically and horizontally adjusted, depending on your height. This bike provides a variety of helpful features including: built-in fan, 9-inch display console, 2 custom programs as well as 6 standard programs.

This piece of fitness equipment is ergonomically shaped and is equipped with a gel saddle to maximize your comfort and motivate you to train for longer periods of time. This bike is also unique because of its special pedal design which comes with a 2 degree inward designed to protect your feet and knees from any excessive strain. The solid frame is also conceived to withstand overly energetic workouts and does not move during training. This bike can accommodate up to 300 lbs of user weight.

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Price Range: $1000-2000

Our Choice: Life Fitness C3 Go Upright Lifecycle

c3 go uprightA self-powered bike which frees you from any unnecessary outlets or cords, the Life Fitness C3 Go is very often found in gyms and fitness centers. Originally designed for heavy-duty and commercial use, but adapted to personal use, this is among the most expensive models on the market, but for good reason. Under the 2000$ mark, this piece of gym equipment is enhanced by a thick deluxe upholstery and cushioning which guarantees comfort and ease of use during workout.

With a manual resistance, this product also features a built-in reading rack as well as a dual accessory tray, hence allowing you to catch up on some work or reading during your workout. Elderly users will be able to make the most out of the wireless heart rate sensor which will enable them to keep a close eye on their overall health and fitness level as they train. The Life Fitness bike also comes with a large backlit display console, allowing you to view it from a distance without having to pause your workout.

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Price Range: $2000+

Our Choice: Life Fitness Club Series Upright Lifecycle

club series bikeThe most expensive, albeit the more reliable and long-lasting upright bike on the market, the Life Fitness Club Series is certainly worth the price. An absolute investment for serious athletes, this product provides an optimal comfort and guarantees a quick weight loss with minimal effort. Since it is completely self-powered, users can place the bike in any room their wish and move it to their convenience.

In typical racing-bike manner, it also features ergonomically-shaped hand bars as well as a softly padded forearm support which keeps aches, burns and blisters at bay, both during and after your training session. Since this product is low-impact, it is quite suited to old or obese people and minimizes any strain on the joints and muscles. With a club-level, highly professional built, this bike offers a quiet and extremely smooth training session which leaves you free to enjoy some music or a movie during the entire duration of your workout.

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