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Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101 Upright Exercise Bike

Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101
velocity chb-u2101
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/ 832 x 22 x 49250 lbs5 years frame
90 days monitor
30 days parts

Compare with other upright bikes

velocity exercise upright bikeFor the best price out there, the Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101 will certainly help you enjoy an efficient workout from the comfort of your own home. While this model is quite basic and doesn’t come with any of the fancy features expected on a top end model, it does come with the necessary ones to make for a workout that users will certainly enjoy.

Best of all, this product will help you avoid abusive and excessive gym fess, while helping you lose quite a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Indeed, upright bikes have been shown to encourage an all-body toning without adding excessive strains or pressures on your knees and joints.

Most importantly, this product is practically brimming with comfort which can be quite a motivating factor for most users. From the seat to the ergonomically shaped pedals and handlebars, this bike will prevent athletes from suffering from any fitness-related aches and strains.

About the Company

Reputed for their solid warranties and aftersales services, Velocity Exercise manufactures a plethora of fitness-related equipment that are designed to sustain heavy-duty use. With a rigorous quality control on each and every product, this company always ensures that their products are comfortable and storage-friendly, hence making them appropriate for various types of users.

Product Specifications and Featuresvelocity exercise CHB-U2101_4-270 display

  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 49”
  • Product Weight: 51lbs
  • Battery Type: No battery
  • Maximum User Capacity: 250lbs
  • Materials Used: Plastic, Metal, Steel
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Seat: Vertically adjustable
  • Storage: Transport wheels for easy mobility

The upright bike is equipped with a weighted 2-way flywheel that’s designed to produce an extremely smooth workout with very little or partially no noise. Thanks to the flywheel, users will be able to avoid any extract impact on their muscles and joints whenever they pick up their pace or brake. Additionally, thanks to being practically silent, users will be able to engage in other activities while working out, like listening to music or watching a movie.

This model comes with the standard 8 levels of resistance, which can be adjusted to your personal fitness level, health condition and stamina. To boost your motivation and help you track your progress, the bike also comes with a wide console display which users can comfortably view without having to constantly pause their training session. Through the console, you will be able to keep track of fitness-related data such as distance covered, calories burned as well as your workout duration. While the console is not backlit, athletes won’t have a problem viewing the displayed information because of the large format. The console also allows you to monitor your hand pulse, a feature which will undoubtedly come in handy to heart patients or elderly people.

Ease of use and Comfortvelocity exercise CHB-U2101_4-270 pedal

This upright bike comes with a quite comfortable seat that automatically molds itself to your body shape within just a few days. The seat is thickly padded which can be quite advantageous to users who suffer from arthritis or other such conditions. The saddle can also be adjusted to the user’s height, making the machine perfect for large families.

The pedals are ergonomically designed, again guaranteeing ease of use and comfort. In fact, it even comes with resistant Velcro straps that provide an extremely firm grip around your shoes, no matter how big or small they are. The bike is also enhanced with oversized stabilizers, to keep it steady even during highly energetic training sessions, reflecting also the dense frame quality, courtesy of the materials used to build this machine.

As far as storage goes, the upright bike doesn’t have a folding option, but the footprint is quite compact and doesn’t claim much floor space. It is also equipped with transport wheels, hence providing users with the option to carry it to any room they want.

Assembly and Parts

Some assembly is required for this bike, but this is fortunately quite an easy process even for athletes who aren’t used to such tasks. Personally, I’m not normally handy with manual work, but I did find the machine quite easy to put together. However, it took around one hour to join the different pieces, even if the illustrated manual claimed that it would only take half an hour. Users won’t have to purchase their own parts as well since the boxed packaging includes all the knobs, wrenches, screwdrivers and other such tools required to assemble it.


Some customers claimed to have had some issues with the assembly process, especially since they had to attach the handlebars to the monitor. According to them, the wires on the handles made the assembly process more time consuming. Another user claimed to have had some problems with a faulty resistance knob but this was an isolated case which was quickly resolved after contacting the company’s aftersales team. Obese people may also have an issue with the 250 pounds of maximum capacity, as it does largely limits the bike to a certain category of individuals.CHB-U2101_3-280 upright bike

A Budget-Friendly Bike the All the Necessary Features

While it does have some downsides, this machine still remains a recommended option for anyone who wants to lose weight or simply lose some extra bulge, without having to spend a fortune on home gym equipment. Indeed, compared to other models, this upright bike is quite affordable but still offers for an effective and enjoyable workout. We definitely liked this model just as much as same-price models Mag Cycle and Marcy Foldable, as well as the dual-action model Body Rider Fan Bike.

The Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101 Upright Exercise Bike is sold on Amazon for an amazing price. You certainly won’t find it any better! It is also protected by a 30 days warranty on the parts, 90 days on the monitor and 5 years on the frame.