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WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

WaterRower A1 Home
waterrower a1
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Water84 x 22 x 2098 lbs275 lbs5 years frame
3 years parts

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The WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is conceived to provide the user with a quite realistic sensation of rowing across actual water. With a sturdy built designed to accommodate a user capacity of 275lbs, this machine is also aesthetically pleasing and will fit in just about any interior. Indeed, the rower can easily be set upright to economize space. Surprisingly affordable for its long-lasting quality and variety of features, this machine is made from Ash wood, a material which has been known to be quite resistant to wear, tears and scratches.

rower a1 indoorDesigned to meet your specific workout needs, this machine has the advantage of being slightly more affordable than its predecessors. Particularly reputed for its water resistance system, this product uses a special paddling feature which not only provides greater resistance while engaging the whole body, but it also allows you to find the perfect rhythm, according to your personal stamina.

This rower is manufactured by WateRower, one of the giants in the fitness and health industry. Since 1988, the company has rapidly crafted a name for itself as one of the most solid and reliable fitness suppliers. From home fitness to institutional and commercial equipment, WaterRower provides a plethora of products designed to gradually boost up your stamina while improving your overall health, and because of this, we took the time to review other models as well as this one, such as the Classic, Natural, Oxbridge and Club.

Product specifications

  • Machine weight: 98lbs
  • Dimensions: 84 x 22 x 20”
  • Resistance type: Water
  • Weight capacity: 275”
  • Storage: Upright
  • Material: Aluminum and Ash wood finished with Danish Oil

Assembly and Parts

Like most water resistance machines, this rower is surprisingly easy to assembly. Users might only need 30 minutes or less to put the different parts together. In fact, since I used the provided Allen Wrench, I found that I was able to assemble this product in only twenty to twenty-five minutes. A manual is attached with the boxed packaging, but first-time users might find the instructions rather confusing to begin with. Fortunately, the rower comes in two or three loosely assembled parts, which makes it even easier to put together.


The WaterRower A1 presents an impressive plethora of features which have been included to yield greater results in less time and with maximized comfort. The water resistance system provides a full-body workout and draws energy from all major muscle groups of the body including but not limited to the core, back, shoulders, glutes as well as the quadriceps. The resistance level ultimately depends on the amount of water in your tank: a full tank demands quite a lot of effort, so novice rowers might want to start off with half a tank of water.


WaterRower A1

WaterRower A1 Home

Thanks to the ergonomic design, the resistance level also depends on the rowing strokes. Indeed, the harder you pull on the handle, the harder the resistance, which means that you can very easily customize your own workout and set your own pace. This rower is also equipped with an handy control panel which keeps track of your training sessions and overall progress. Innovative and multifunctional, the monitor allows users to track data such as your workout duration, distance covered, total strokes, workout intensity as well as the stroke rate. To keep you from getting confused, the display is separated in different windows, with each window displaying a specific piece of information.

This machine also elevates your heart rate during workout, hence improving your overall cardiovascular health. Several users have reported a considerable improvement in the fluidity of their bodies as well as their lung capacities after using this rower for around two to three months on moderate intensity.

Ease of Use

This rower is quite easy to operate and most importantly, you don’t have to be an athlete to be able to use this piece of equipment: quite on the contrary, the rower is perfect for novice users because it gradually eases your body into the workout without putting any additional strain on your muscles.

The seat is thickly padded and easily adjusts to your body shape, hence enhancing your overall comfort. Since it is a few inches above the ground, users won’t have any difficulty climbing on and off the machine. Personally, I quite appreciated the textured and easy-to-grip handle: the main problem with most rowing machines is that, after a while, the handles tend to get slippery, causing blisters and a poor grip. However, this handle on this machine is ergonomically shaped and designed for lengthy workouts.

The great majority of users also reported to be satisfied with the large heel rests that can easily accommodate various shoe sizes. The nylon straps are durable and provide quite a firm grip over your shoes.


Some novice users might initially have a few issues with the instructions manual at first, but that shouldn’t be a problem because the machine can easily be put together without consulting the manual. Otherwise, most users were nearly completely satisfied with their purchase and didn’t have any downside to report.

Should you invest in this machine?

Considering the fact that this rower is one of the rare- if not the only one- without any major downside to report, it certainly is worth the purchase. Individuals who want to get into shape in a short time are really going to be satisfied with the overall performance of this machine.

Additionally, the water tank gives off a pleasant wave-like sound which is bound to please any fan of outdoor rowing. Best of all, other than the sound of water, this rower provides a virtually silent workout, hence enabling you to indulge in a movie during your training. Rowers who wish to lose weight will be pleased to know than a 60-minute workout on moderate intensity can burn up to 500 calories, while a higher resistance can burn up to 800 calories.

The WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is protected by a 3 years warranty on the parts and 5 years on the frame.