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WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

WaterRower Classic
waterrower classic
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Water82 x 22 x 20104 lb1000 lb5 years frame
3 years parts

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The WaterRower Classic is a versatile water-resistant rower designed to provide an intense, full-body workout. Completely handcrafted with a visually pleasing design, this machine features a solid and dense walnut construction to absorb any excess vibration and sound, hence guaranteeing an ultra-comfortable workout. Thanks to the water tank, users will be able to benefit from a highly realistic experience which is quite similar to rowing on actual water.

The machine is manufactured by WaterRower, a leading company in the fitness industry. Indeed, this company is acclaimed for its reliable and long lasting rowers, and because of this we also reviewed the models Natural, A1 Home, Oxbridge and Club.

Most importantly, rowing is suitable to just about any individual, regardless of their age and fitness levels. While most rowing machines do not cater to such a broad audience, the WaterRower has been especially designed to suit novices, experienced athletes, and old people alike. In fact, this is one of the rare models that have been conceived to support a user capacity of 1000 pounds.

Assembly and Parts

I found this model’s assemble process to be extremely easy. Indeed, according to the booklet, users require around half an hour to put the parts together but I only needed around fifteen to twenty minutes. The fact that this rower comes in three loosely separated parts largely facilitates the assembly process. Best of all, all the required parts, tools, knobs and screws were included, which means that you won’t have to dash to the store to get any additional equipment. The only issue users might have is with the water tank, which can be a little more complicated to set up, but the booklet does provide illustrated instructions to facilitate things.

Product Features and Specificationswaterrower

  • Product dimensions: 82.5 x 22.25 x 20”
  • Product weight: 66.5lbs (dry), 103.5lbs (with a full 17 l water tank)
  • Resistance type: Water
  • Power supply: Self-Generating
  • Screen: Monochrome
  • Materials used: American Black Walnut
  • Storage: Upright storage
  • Footrests: Fixed
  • Maximum user capacity: 1000lbs

Like most products from this company, this rowing machine features a patented WaterFly Wheel which is located right in the water tank. This system provides an extremely realistic rowing motion which several users have compared to being quite similar to actual outdoors rowing.

This wooden machine delivers a maximum efficiency by drawing your entire body into the workout while laying particular focus on the legs, arms, abs, shoulders, back, thighs and calves. The water feature also ensures a virtually silent and relaxing workout because of the realistic splashes emitted by the machine with each row. The wooden surface is extremely resistant to wears and tears of various kinds and can certainly sustain more intense workouts.

Water resistance is actually considered as the best out there because it provides a fully customizable resistance setting. In fact, a hard, deep pull on the handle provides a higher resistance level while a lighter pull provides a lower tension. This way, inexperienced athletes can very easily set their own pace and allow their bodies to build up enough strength and stamina before moving on to the next level. Users who find the initial resistance hard to begin with can lower the water level to provide a less challenging resistance.

The S4 display window is a quite user-friendly albeit highly sophisticated gadget which is split in six programming and information windows. The console will allow you to attain your fitness objectives by keeping track of various data such as distance, duration, zone bar, stroke rate, heart rate and resistance level. Users can also use a chest strap to keep an eye on their heart rate as they train.

Ease of Use and Comfort

waterrower seatSurprisingly easy to use, this WaterRower Classic is completely ergonomically designed. From the textured handles to the padded seat, you will be able to train in all comfort. The rowing motions are smoother and quieter than with an air or magnetic resistant machine, which allows the user to enjoy a movie or listen to music during training. Also, since the seat is placed a few inches above the ground, it’s quite easy to climb on and off the machine, something which elderly users are undoubtedly going to appreciate.

This machine also requires very little maintenance. All users have to do is adjust the chlorine level in the water tank every once in a while and occasionally dust and lube the machine. Moreover, while it does have a large footprint, this product is also practical to store: you only have to release the catch to set it upright and place it against a wall or any other solid surface.


Very few users had a negative experience to report with this model. The only downside reported was some difficulty with setting up the water tank, an issue that was rapidly solved thanks to the instructions manual. People who live in a smallish space can also have a problem with the large footprint.

WaterRower Delivers Quality

This WaterRower model, as expected, is an extremely solid machine that- far from just looking nice- also delivers a very enjoyable and effective workout, just as outdoor rowing does.

Indeed, with a capacity to accommodate up to 1000 pounds of user weight, this machine manages to cater the biggest variety of users of all rowers. At the same time, it provides a complete workout which will tone up your body while increasing your stamina.

Available on Amazon in brown and black, the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is protected by a 5 years warranty on the frame and 3 years on the parts.