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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

WaterRower Club
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Water82 x 22 x 20104 lb1000 lb5 years frame
3 years parts

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Made from pure Ash wood, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is another reputed addition by WaterRower. This machine provides an exceptionally smooth and silent row, courtesy of its water resistance feature. Extremely durable, this machine has been built to withstand wears and tears in order to last for years, if not decades. Best of all, this product has originally been designed for commercial and heavy-duty use which guarantees ease of use and durability. Extremely pleasing on the eyes, this rower boasts of a rosewood finish which contrasts beautifully with the styled black rails.

WaterRower is internationally acclaimed for its use of Ethically Sourced wood from Appalachian forests. As such, the company strives to provide quality products that are especially designed to help you lose weight and maintain a good health. Due to the quality and popularity of the rowers made by this brand we also reviewed the models Natural, Classic, A1 Home and Oxbridge, which you can check if you want more price choices.

Product Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Water
  • Product dimensions: 83 x 21 x 19”
  • Product weight without water: 66.5lbs
  • Product weight with water tank: 13.5lbs
  • Materials: Ash wood with a Rosewood finish
  • Maximum user capacity: 1000lbs

Assembly and Parts

An overwhelming majority of users- including novices- found it fairly easy to assemble this model. The instructions manual was highly detailed and equipped with illustrations designed to help you easily put the rower together. All the tools and parts were included, including a handy Allen Wrench. Thanks to the booklet and illustrations, it only took me around forty-five minutes to assemble the product. Like all rowers from this brand, this item comes in two or three detachable parts which make it even easier to handle and assemble.

Product Features

waterrower clubThe WaterRower Club is well-known for its water resistance feature which has been shown to provide a full-body workout with minimal impact on the joints. Indeed, this type of resistance operates through the water paddles that have been suspended in the provided tank of water. The paddles are designed to spin whenever the user pulls on the handle, hence providing a fully customable level of tension, a feature which new users are undoubtedly going to enjoy. In fact, users who find the rower hard to begin with can easily subtract some water from the tank to lower the resistance level and make the handle even easier to pull on. The water resistance system also provides a highly soothing splashing sound which enhances the overall rowing experience.

This machine is equipped with an S4 multifunctional performance monitor that tracks your target fitness zone, stroke rate, workout intensity, distance, calories and time. The display can even be split into several windows, hence allowing you to read all your data at the same time. The battery operated monitor features 9 buttons including 3 navigation and 6 quick select buttons. These are large enough to handle without interrupting your workout.

Athletes can even use the display software to compete with other users and participate in one of the dozen races that usually occur on a daily basis. A fantastic accessory for competitive rowers, this software also acts as a motivator which will help you push yourself more than your usual boundaries and put in more effort into your workout.

Ease of Use

Since the rower is built from Ash Wood, it can easily sustain intense workouts and is solid enough not to budge even during lengthy and intense training sessions. This product is coated in urethane and Danish oil which gives it a sleek look while maximizing its longevity.

club rower

WaterRower Club

Because of its ergonomic build, this model is also perfectly suitable for inexperienced users and elderly. A common problem which rowers have to face is that the foot rests are much too close to the seat, hence making it uncomfortable for taller individuals. However, this product comes with ergonomic footrests and adjustable nylon straps to suit any shoe size. Users who like to indulge in longer workouts will also appreciate the softly padded seat which guarantees comfort and ease of use during the entire training session.

While the machine has quite a large footprint, it’s also very easy to store away. In fact, the base is quite light in spite of its dense build, and can easily be stored vertically. A few users even claimed that while standing-up it barely claimed more floor space than a kitchen stool. The dual caster wheel also allows you to move the rower.


With such a wide plethora of features, this rowing machine barely has any drawbacks to report. A customer claimed that he had some problems with the plastic pump in the desk while another user was confused by the numerous buttons on the display console and had some trouble programming it at first. However, this user admitted that a quick read through the instructions manual quickly resolved his problem.


All in all, this machine will certainly provide a full body workout while drawing energy from the entire body instead of a specific group of muscles. Since it is solidly built and features a commercial-grade system, this piece of equipment can last for several years with minimal maintenance. The urethane and Danish oil finish gives it a beautifully glossy look which fits into just about any interior decoration.

The WaterRower Club is one of the rare gym equipment suitable to just about any age and fitness level. In fact, most users can lose an average of 300 to 500 calories on a moderate setting and up to 800 calories with a full-tank tension level. Rowing has also been shown to improve posture as well as lung and cardiovascular capacity and this particular product delivers just that.