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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower Natural
waterrower natural
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Water82 x 22 x 20104 lb1000 lb5 years frame
3 years parts

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In the midst of a plethora of rowers to choose from, the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is among the most recommended fitness equipment. Crafted in traditional ash wood, this particular item is designed to bring visible fat loss on the hips, thighs and arms area while toning the overall body. Normally considered as the perfect machine for beginners but powerful enough for experienced athletes, this product is surprisingly sturdy. Indeed, this rower is among the few- if not the only- machine that has been conceived to comfortably support individuals who weight up to 1000 pounds. Unlike most other rowers, this unit actually does require a tank of liquid to operate, hence providing the user with an extremely realistic sensation of gliding across water.

Comfort, intensity and efficacy are the pillars by which WaterRower Inc. always abides. Since 1988, this company produces a wide array of fitness equipment designed for home, institutional or commercial use. This highly acclaimed company is very often recommended by professional athletes because of their long-lasting and extremely reliable supplies, and for that reason we took the time to review not only this rower but also the models A1 Home, Oxbridge and Club.



WaterRower Natural

Assembling the rower seems like a relatively doable task, even for individuals who tend to be quite clumsy with manual labor, like myself. A great majority of users actually reported this product to be extremely easy to put together. The boxed packaging comes with all the required parts and a 10-step detailed instructions to facilitate the assembling process. According to the manufacturers, only half an hour is required to assemble the rower. All the screws and even the required Allen Wrench are provided to make assembling even easier for users. In comparison with other rowing machines, this product does not come in a multitude of small pieces. Instead, it comes in two boxes, with one containing the rails and another one with the middle section and water tank.

Product Specifications

  • Rower weight (full tank): 103.5lbs
  • Rower weight (dry tank): 66.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 82 x 22.25 x 20”
  • Storage Dimensions: 20 x 22.25 x 82.25”
  • Resistance type: Water
  • Maximum user height: 41” inseam
  • Maximum user capacity: 1000lbs
  • Material: Ash wood, Strained Honey Oak
  • Seat: Padded


The primary feature that served to make this product popular all over the world is its exceptionally solid and beautifully crafted Ash Wood texture. In fact, it is made from premium and solid wood which guarantees a great deal of stability and prevents the machine from moving during intense workouts. Indeed, an incessantly wobbling frame is one of the major complaints that is usually leveled against most rowers, but this one stands firmly on the ground and withstands even the most rapid strokes. To make it even more visually appealing, the Ash Wood texture is beautifully strained with Honey Oak and then coated with several generous layers of Danish Oil to protect the wood.

Thanks to its wooden frame, the machine also boasts of a silent feature, which is a welcome change from the usual incessant squeaks of other machines. In fact, the only noise which users might hear is the soft splashing of the water flywheel which only serves to enhance the sensation of gliding upon water. The water tank also provides greater resistance while engaging all the major muscles in the workout. The machine also involves both the arms and the legs which encourages the body to rid itself of any extra fat before easing the muscles into a gentle but highly efficient toning up process.

The water level is fully customizable and users can therefore adjust the level to set the resistance and intensity that they wish to go for. More experienced users normally use the machine with a full water tank which provides an extremely intense albeit highly efficient training session. Novice athletes, however, can start off with a quarter tank which is mild enough to prevent aches and pains while speeding up the metabolism to encourage weight loss.

The rower also comes with a monitor that displays an array of information such as stroke rate, intensity, calories burned, time, heart rate, target zone, distance and a special program feature which allows you to preselect your pace, endurance and time.

Ease of use

rowing naturalSince this product is designed to model a boat, it is completely safe for individuals of all ages and shapes to use. In fact, the ergonomic seat is padded to allow users to lengthen their workouts without suffering from any discomfort. Since the water level can be adjusted to the user’s overall health, the machine does not present any danger to the joints or heart. Quite on the contrary, it has been shown to improve joint fluidity as well as cardiovascular and lung capacity, hence making it the perfect accessory for older people.

As far as storage goes, the machine can easily be moved thanks to the dual caster wheels that have been attached at the base. Users can therefore roll it towards a wall and stand it on the base until the next time they use it.


Considered as one of the best rowers in the fitness industry, this machine has very little downsides to it. While I personally had no problem with it, some users might prefer a metal rower out of habit or simply for aesthetic purposes. Budding athletes may also find the water level challenging at first.

Is it worth the investment?

As far as rowing goes, this machine is guaranteed to deliver every health and physical benefits that this particular sport entails. Not only will users have the advantage of using a water flywheel, but they will also be serenaded by the exquisite sound of softly sloshing water which promises a deep mental relaxation even in the middle of the most intense workouts. Moreover, several users have also reported to have lost around 10 to 20 pounds in just a few months with this machine.

Overall, this machine certainly is an investment, especially since it’s built to last for years- if not decades. The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is protected by a five year warranty.