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WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine

WaterRower Oxbridge
waterrower oxbridge
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Water82 x 22 x 20104 lb1000 lb5 years frame
3 years parts

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Carefully handcrafted in solid Cherry wood, the WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine is a professional-grade piece of equipment that is often seen in high-end gyms. Indeed, with a water flywheel and water-immersed paddles, this machine is considered as one of the best- if not the very best- on the market.

This rower operates with a water-resistance feature, which is the most recommended and efficient resistance type for an all-body workout. Most importantly, Cherry wood is reputed for its stunning engineering properties and very easily absorb any excess vibration and noise which makes your workout even more comfortable and effective. The rower is finished with a generous coating of Danish Oil to improve its longevity and aesthetics.

WaterRower has been manufacturing gym equipment of exceptional durability and quality for decades now. Their products are acclaimed by professional athletes and trainers. In fact, their wide range of fitness equipment are all ethically produced, with materials sourced from replenishable Appalachian forests.

Product Specifications

  • Machine dimensions: 82.25 x 22.25 x 20”
  • Product weight without water: 66.5lbs
  • Product weight with water tank: 103.5lbs
  • User capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Material: Cherry wood
  • Resistance type: Water
  • Display console: Series 4 performance monitor
  • Seat: Padded

Assembly and Parts

There’s nothing complicated in assembling this rower. In fact, it didn’t take me longer than half an hour to put it together. The boxed packaging actually comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions and an Allen Wrench to help you quickly assemble it. In fact, compared to other models, this product does not arrive fully disassembled, but rather in a few loosely attached pieces which you have to put together. This item comes in two separate packaging containing the water tank, middle section, seat and rails. Since the water tank is empty upon arrival, the unassembled pieces are quite light and easy to handle.


water tank oxbridgeThis machine is globally acclaimed for its highly efficient water resistant. Thanks to the paddles suspended in the actual flywheel, users experience quite a great deal of resistance whenever they pull on the handle. The intensity of your workout therefore depends on the force that you’re exerting on the handle, so the users certainly have full control over their trainings.

Best of all, the water level can easily be adjusted to your liking and stamina. Water resistance is actually the most result-inducing type of resistance on the market and several rowers did report a considerable loss of body weight after a few months of using this machine. In fact, the water resistance engages all the important muscle groups in the body, and provides an in-depth workout of the upper arms, thighs, calves and hips.

Any person who’s used a fitness machine will know the importance of keeping a close eye on the progress and stamina levels. While most rowers are equipped with an ordinary digital console, this particular product is equipped with a professional-quality, state of the art S4 multifunctional performance monitor. This handy apparatus provide a variety of information about your workout such as:

  • Distance
  • Workout Intensity
  • Target Fitness Zone
  • Stroke Rate
  • Duration
  • Heart Rate

To make things even easier for novice users, the monitor also presents separate windows, with each window dedicated to one particular fitness-related data. This monitor is also equipped with 9 buttons that are quite easy to manipulate without interrupting your workout.

Users will also appreciate the exceptionally luxurious and study built quality of this apparatus. Because it has a dense and low center of gravity, it doesn’t move at all- no matter how furiously you row. Some users are understandably worried about the water tank breaking, but this can virtually never happen since the tank is built from indestructible, heavy-duty polycarbonate.

Ease of use

oxbridge rower

WaterRower Oxbridge

This rowing machine is designed for comfort and is also extremely easy to operate. The solid stability is enhanced by the four corner wheels which also limit sweat accumulation. Users will undoubtedly appreciate the light and ergonomically shaped handle which provides an easy grip without any blisters. I was personally quite fond of the softly padded heel rests which feature fully adjustable nylon straps. The best thing about this machine is that everything, from the footboards to the straps, can very easily be adjusted in a few seconds without disrupting your training. Maintenance is also simple with this machine because of its build quality: indeed, cherry wood is an extremely resistant material which protects your rower from any wear and tear.

Because of the water tank, the rower also provides a soothing and silent glide which lends the impression of rowing across an actual stretch of water. In fact, some users find the gently splashing sounds of water to be a deeply relaxing part of their workout.


As one of the most coveted items in the Health industry, this rower barely has any drawbacks. The one downside that was reported was that some novice users found the initially full-water tank to be too hard for them to handle. An easy solution to this problem would be to start off with only a half-tank of water before moving on to full capacity.

A solid investment

All in all, the WaterRower Oxbridge is an absolute investment for your health. Few machines ever receive such an overwhelming percentage of positive reviews, but this product certainly lives up to its excellent reputation. Furthermore, the water resistance makes the rowing experience, apart from effective, quite enjoyable and relaxing, which will help you keep your resolve of working out continuously. Same than most WaterRower models, this machine boasts of an impressive 1000 pounds of maximum capacity.

We consider this model to be the very best rower of this company, although it is also one the most expensive, and for that reason we recommend to also check our reviews of the less expensive models- though also top quality- Classic, Natural and Club. However, if you’re on a limited budget then it’s also worth checking the cheaper, but still great quality model First Degree Newport Challenge.