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What Is a Spinning Bike?

spinning proform 300 spxOften considered as the celebrity workout by excellence, spinning has drastically grown in popularity, especially in gyms and training bases. However, considering the ever-increasing gym fees, it may not be a bad idea to invest in your own spinning bike. Especially designed to help you meet your weight-loss goals, these machines provide a full-body workout while drawing most major muscle groups into the motions.

Indeed, not unlike regular stationary bikes, spinning bikes provide quite an intense workout in the hips, thighs, calves, waist and shoulders. Moreover, these bikes have the added advantage of allowing users to stand up as they train, something that has been shown to maximize weight loss. By this token, they come with reinforced pedals that can easily sustain users of various weights and heights. Spin bikes also tend to have a more Spartan design than regular stationary ones: indeed, the seats are rarely padded because standing up is quite an important part of the routines. On the other hand, the handlebars are often textured to maximize your comfort and protect your fingers from sores and blisters. This can also be a motivating factor and encourage you to add some extra minutes- if not hours- to your workout.

The intensity of your spinning bike workout is determined by several factors, including- but not limited to- your cycling position, cadence, tension level and the likes. However, most hour-long training sessions will provide a deficit of approximately 750 to 1000 calories, with the exact amount depending on various factors such as the athlete’s individual weight, age, fitness level and gender. These machines are also appropriate for interval training sessions, whereby users alternate between high intensity and low intensity workouts, which is known to drastically improve your metabolism. This also allows your body to burn more calories, even when you’re not technically training.

Most Common Features

Spinning bikes come in a variety of models and sport various features. The most advanced models, such as the Keiser M3, come with display consoles to allow users to keep an eye on their fitness-related data such as calories burned, distance covered, number of pedal strokes, time elapsed and the likes. These machines are also equipped with large, solid frames that keep the bike from wobbling, no matter how vigorously you pedal. More advanced models even come with amenities such as water bottle holders. As far as the user weight capacity is concerned, spin bikes can normally accommodate up to 350 pounds, but some models are reinforced to sustain heavier athletes. You can learn more about the specific features of the most popular models reading our reviews.

Athletes will be pleased to know that this particular piece of fitness equipment can very easily tone up problem areas. In fact, several users reported quite a dramatic weight loss after just a few weeks of continuous use. Best of all, this machine is readily available and comes in various price ranges, allowing most people to purchase one even if they are on a limited budget. As far as maintenance goes, this bike requires very little attention except for the usual dusting and oiling. Be sure, however, to go for a machine with a heavier flywheel because heavier wheels will automatically draw more energy, which means that you’ll burn more calories without having to elongate your training session.