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What Is an Upright Bike?

gold's gym upright bikeDesigned to drastically enhance your fitness goals, upright bikes have become staples in gyms and fitness centers. Indeed, more and more people are turning towards cycling to lose weight and improve their lung and cardiovascular capacities. Comfortable and extremely easy on the joints, indoor cycling is one of the lowest-impact exercises which can individual can indulge in. Therefore, this particular form of exercise is also extremely suitable- and recommended- to overweight and elderly people.

With an upright bike, you can easily expect an impressive calorie deficit ranging between 500 to 1000 calories per hour session. This, of course, depends on your resistance level, age and gender. This particular piece of fitness equipment has also been shown to eliminate cellulite and tone up problem areas. Best of all, upright bikes require very little space, allowing you to place them in just about any room of the house. In fact, most of them are equipped with transport wheels that guarantee mobility and ease of use.

Upright bikes also come with different resistance types, with the most common being air and magnetic. Air resistant machines are often quite noisy but at the same time, they’re enhanced with infinite number of tension levels. These machines are also cheaper than magnetic ones. Magnetic resistance, on the other hand, are much quieter and provide a smoother workout. These bikes also come with flywheels designed to create resistance, hence allowing you to work most major muscle groups in your body.

In fact, according to fitness experts, the heavier the flywheel, the more effort you’re going to put in. While upright machines tend to come with lighter flywheels than spinning bikes, it is still recommended to go for wheels that weigh around 30 pounds or more. In several cases, upright bikes are also equipped with several features designed to make your workout more enjoyable and hence more motivating. Advanced models such as the Life Fitness C3 include handy convenience amenities such as water bottle holders, MP3 docks, in-console fans, customizable workouts, pre-programmed workouts and the likes. Therefore, inexperienced users will be able to choose a training session that entirely suits their own fitness levels.

However, if you’re on a limited budget, it’s better to go for a machine basic model that skips these amenities such as the Schwinn A10. Reliable upright bikes normally come with solid frames that remain completely motionless, no matter how vigorously you pedal. A good upright bike also includes at least some basic level of comfort such as padded seats to keep you motivated during the entire duration of your training session. Good machines also come with thickly textured handlebars to prevent callouses and blisters.

All in all, upright bikes are highly effective machines that can radically boost your weight loss. Not only are they extremely easy to operate but these machines are also quite cost-friendly, which means that you can easily afford to keep fit in the comfort of your home without having to spend a fortune on overly-expensive pieces of equipment. Upright bikes are also often covered by solid manufacturer’s warranties that can go up to 5 years, but with the proper maintenance, they can easily last for life.